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Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Saturday 18 January 20 00:42 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, JM. I had a feeling that might be the case. Same in NZ. Pity, as census records can include such a wealth of information. Oh well.

Can this be Kate's stepfather, William Henry Hunkin, a victim of a railway accident? Or someone else with the same name?

No, sorry, that turns out to be a man called Hankin. Kate's stepfather died in 1917, probably in less dramatic circumstances. Here's the funeral notice.

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Saturday 18 January 20 00:02 GMT (UK)  »
Great finds! That confirms we definitely have the right Catherine. You're all so good at this.
Just wondering whether there are census records for Australia c 1891 where Mary Mildred might be found with family members. Do these records exist?

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 22:57 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, JM, I'll look into that one.
I have looked for (but not found) a marriage for Mary Mildred (nee Morton) and her late husband Achon, nor indeed, a birth for MMM herself in Victoria. Nor a death in Victoria for her late husband.
However, there's a marriage for a Thomas MORTON and Ann TODD at Tynemouth (Northumberland) in December quarter 1865, which would be about the right timing to be her parents.

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
RJ137, that's outstanding. Thank you so much! Last night I was thinking it was going to be more difficult than ever, given the non-appearance of a marriage, and you pulled this rabbit out of a hat.
 :o  :o  :o
That's exciting, and the chase is on again, to find out about her early years. She was both Katherine 'A' and Katherine 'R', which is a surprise.

Information from the marriage certificate, 1901 please....what age do you see for Mary Mildred ACHON....what birthplace....what occupation.....what name for the Minister.
Mary Mildred Achon: 28, birthplace Carlton, Victoria, no occupation.
Minister was Wilfred Ernest Holtzendorff Percival, a clerk in Holy Orders. Possibly related to the witness, Annie T Percival. She also witnessed the first of the three marriages on the page, held on 5 Feb 1901 at St Thomas' church.

That's a great result all around, finding Kate's death and confirming the relationship with Mildred. Thanks to all of you.

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 10:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hey JM, I'd wondered about the placement of the steering wheel myself. I presume it would have been left-hand drive. Not sure when the steering wheel side became standard in different countries. I wonder how many cars were in NZ then? Probably not a problem with congestion, just with poor roads.
Mckha489, I've heard about the overseas funds needed for buying cars and wondered when that would have started. Before or after WW2? The government that brought it in is bound to be recorded somewhere. Must have been related to some trade agreement. Glad your Porsche driving acquaintance came away unscathed. :)

"... He did return to New Zealand in 1923 and again later."

Can you detail what you know about these visits.  He is a journalist so you might think that he would find a good local interest in NZ for his many adventures. Do you see any newspaper articles written by him in 1923 and later?
It wasn't as common then as it is now for journalists to have bylines with their stories. I have looked but don't remember finding his name down as the writer except for that obit for James N Hall. Given the scandal of his father's behaviour, and having the same name, he might have tried to keep a low profile.

His second application for a passport in 1920 says he plans to go the same year to New Zealand for family business and Australia en route. The Australia stop has greater significance now.
His father died in December 1924. Here is the son on a ship returning to SF in 1923.

And on the Sonoma again, in 1930, from Honolulu to SF, travelling alone.

He appears on a passenger list from Tahiti to New Zealand in January 1946, also travelling alone.

There will have been other trips I've missed, but so far the only one with Kate was that initial one to SF in 1903. As has been mentioned, the mother's will may be an indication that Kate was not acceptable. I wonder if she was a barmaid?

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 08:52 GMT (UK)  »
The shift to the states might have been a way to reinvent himself, as his father had done by moving to Australia. His father's original occupation was as a clerk with the gas company in Wellington, although he'd obviously been a keen musician. He played in a band at company picnics. I think WG Smith senior was in the accounts department. He was married with three young sons when he tried to make a break for it, and was arrested on the wharf at Bluff (bottom of the South Island) with a barmaid who worked in a pub near the gas company. They were ready to catch a ship to Australia but his wife alerted the police and he was arrested and charged with wife desertion. He was sacked from his job.
This all happened in 1884 and was reported in NZ papers. The first sign of him in Australia newspapers was playing the violin about 1888, so I'm not sure what happened in between.
The third son, Claude, died in Katoomba, Australia in 1907, aged 28. Not sure what happened to him. 

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 08:38 GMT (UK)  »
I'm back now.
Wivenhoe, I hadn't seen the car advertisement before. I think he probably brought it out to use while in NZ with the plan to sell it for a profit when he left again. Cars were probably cheaper in the states and more readily available. It sounds quite racy!
The marriage certificate names the bride as Mary Mildred Achon, widow 1900 [presumably the year of her husband's death]. That explains why she doesn't turn up in the birth records under Achon. They married at Moonee Ponds on 30 March 1901. His present and usual address was 44 York street, N Richmond, Victoria, while hers was 52 Canning [?] street, Carlton, Victoria. His parents are as we know, with his father's occupation as clerk (more on that shortly). Hers were Thomas Morton, bootmaker, and Ann Todd. She signed her name Mary Mildred Achon, so it appears that Mildred was her middle name. His signature is indeed recognisable from the passport application documents. Witnesses were Annie T Percival and Robert Rice.
Sue, you were sure it was the right document. How did you know? Were you able to test some of the information in the order form?

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 07:51 GMT (UK)  »
I walked down Golden Gate avenue on a stopover about 10 years ago, after spending some hours in the library, to have a look at the house. The house wasn't as big as the neighbours' as I recall, but well built as it had survived the 1906 quake. There was a pohutukawa tree in front, but planted in the 1980s, so just coincidental. I took a photo but a truck was out front, and it was rubbish day, so didn't get the best image. It looked in good repair.

Australia / Re: Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Friday 17 January 20 06:39 GMT (UK)  »
Wow! Very impressive. You've all been busy while I've been doing something else.
I concede, I've read the certificate, you're right, it's definitely him.
Have to go out for a bit, but will be back with answers to some of the questions.
His father died about 1924, which may have been the reason for the trip. It shows up in NZ passenger arrivals I think.
Back in a bit.

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