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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Long shot: Danish writing from 1816
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 16:43 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone speak Danish?! This record is from a list of 'free coloured' people in the Danish West Indies in 1816.

The first two images are column headings and the third image is some text from one of those columns.

I think the text explains how the people concerned came to be freed from slavery.

Thank you for any assistance!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1648 marriage entry
« on: Saturday 08 June 19 14:14 BST (UK)  »
Hello, can anyone read/translate the additional text after my ancestors' marriage - it's the fourth one down - Thomas Bower and Penelope.

Many thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1620s parish register
« on: Wednesday 30 January 19 23:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, can anyone suggest what the asterisked name is? I've included two examples from the parish register of Keelby, Lincolnshire in the 1620s.

This is a fairly legible document, but this name I'm not sure about.

Thank you

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin marriage licence 1690
« on: Sunday 28 October 18 09:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, can anyone translate the latin in the lower image of the attached? Thank you for any assistance.

Also, if anyone can suggest where the groom's residence 'Brunsley de Cresley' is, I'd appreciate that too!

The Common Room / Naturalisation in the 19th century
« on: Sunday 01 July 18 09:46 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I'm struggling to understand the process of foreigners becoming naturalised British subjects in the 19th century.

I have an ancestor who arrived in England from the Danish West Indies c.1824. The only reference to his citizenship is on the 1871 census where "NBS" (Naturalised British Subject) is written next to his place of birth.

Would there be any official record of his naturalisation? As I understand it, during the first two decades of his time in England the process wasn't open to ordinary people - he was a mariner.

Thanks for any advice

Lancashire / 'Cornow' in parish of Kirkham - where was it?
« on: Tuesday 20 February 18 22:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I'm looking at the Kirkham parish register in the mid 1600s.

Lots of people reside in a locality called Cornow/Cornoe - which as you can imagine, is spelled many different ways. Can anyone suggest where this was? I've looked at modern maps and one from the mid 1800s, but can't identify it.

Thanks for any help

The Common Room / Inconsistent literacy
« on: Friday 26 January 18 23:36 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone had any experience of an a person appearing to be literate at one point but illiterate at a later date?

A twice-married woman in the 1790s - in the register for the first marriage she signs her name, for the second there is only a mark. If you take my word for it that a multitude of circumstantial evidence points to this being the same person...what would you make of it?!

Did she forget after not having to write for six years? Did the clergyman presume she couldn't? Had she hurt her hand?!  ;D

Or do I need to go back to drawing board after all...

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Runcton Holme original parish register
« on: Saturday 13 January 18 20:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has easy access to the original parish register of Runcton Holme.

A widow named Margaret Goodale was buried there on 7th January 1775. Does the original register note ages, and if so, how old was Margaret?

(As far as I'm aware none of the transcriptions available online mention ages, they appear to be based on archdeacon's transcripts)

Thanks for any help

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / The name of Hamlet's wife
« on: Sunday 19 November 17 23:41 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me the name of the wife of Hamlet Broughill, the first burial in the attached image? Thank you.

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