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Australia / Re: HEMSLEY William
« on: Today at 10:31 »
There is a death in 1895 in Blayney for an Ann Hemsley that might be worth investigating.

I believe the youngest son Thomas Hemsley lived in Blayney.

Australia / Re: HEMSLEY William
« on: Today at 10:21 »
I think this is another child of William and Ann HEMSLEY .....

Martha HEMSLEY married John WILSON in 1869 in Young NSW.
She died in 1935
Her obit mentions father William HEMSLEY and being born on Victorian goldfields

If you are trying to find COTTER links, surely it is Elizabeth Augusta COTTER that you need information on. ??

Elizabeth Augusta COTTER had a number of children with  Andrew William PATTERSON

Her death certificate,  Aug 1919 gives the following information:
Age 95. Born in Dublin, in Victoria for 62 years
Father Patrick Cotter school master; mother Fanny m.n. Power
Married to Andrew Patterson in Melbourne about 28 years.
Issue: Jane 67 yrs, William Thomas 54, David dead, Elizabeth Augusta 59, Henrietta Eleanor 54, Rebecca dead, Walter 42

Elizabeth’s 1863 birth certificate records mother as Bridget Patterson formerly PULLEN age 29 from County Cork Ireland.

I suspect Elizabeth Augusta was the result of an extra-marital affair. It appears that Andrew Patterson was already / still married to Elizabeth Cotter.
The child seems to have been raised in the Patterson family.

Thanks Carol.  :)
What a shame that Andrewp91 doesn't seem to be interested in his own post.
I see no point in posting further information.

Australia / Re: HEMSLEY William
« on: Yesterday at 22:09 »
Sands Directory 1884
Joseph Hemsley – brickmaker, Great North Rd, H. Hill
Wm Hemsley – brickmaker, Linsley St, Ryde

Sands Directory 1886
Joseph Hemsley – Bridge St, Hunters Hill
William Hemsley - Linsley St, Gladesville, Ryde

Sands Directory 1887
Joseph Hemsley – brickmaker, Cambridge St, Gladesville
William Hemsley - Linsley St, Gladesville

Australia / Re: HEMSLEY William
« on: Yesterday at 10:47 »
Sending as attachments. Hope that is ok.
Sorry, attachments are too small to be viewed.

Link to the arrival of an Ann Sinclair in Nov 1838.
Obviously she had to be in Sydney before about 1841 when children were born.,contains,Ann%20Sinclair&offset=20

Australia / Re: HEMSLEY William
« on: Yesterday at 04:37 »
Dee Bee58, it would be easier for us to help you if you supplied more detailed information. Where did the family live? What documents do you have? Please give the detail written on them. How do you know William was a bricklayer?

William could be the convict arriving in 1827 on Prince Regent, (certificate of freedom in 1834) but there are a few with the same name.

            From ancestry tree
Some background to Mary Elizabeth Hand (alias Mary Whitfield; alias Mary Calderwood)
Her mother was Elizabeth CALDERWOOD born in Dublin in 1862. The Calderwood family can be found in Newcastle upon Tyne from the 1871 census onwards.

Birth registration:
COLDERWOOD, MARY  ELIZABETH     -  no mothers maiden name   
GRO Reference: 1888  S Quarter in TYNEMOUTH  Volume 10B  Page 210

Elizabeth CALDERWOOD married Francis HAND / HIND on 17 Nov 1888 at St. John, Annitsford, Catholic Chapel, Northumberland

1891 census

Francis HAND (born 1857 South Shields) died 10 May 1898 in a mining accident. (** see below)
-   Burial 12 May 1898 Our Lady and St. Wilfred, Blyth, Northumberland.

Elizabeth HAND nee Calderwood remarried in October 1900 Newcastle upon Tyne to John WHITFIELD.

1901 census

1911 census

No marriage to John Stuart Sugden, as he was already married. After he died in 1929, Mary may have married - you would need to look into that possibility.
I have not found her on the 1939 register yet - various names she could have used. ???

Mary Elizabeth Hands possible death in 1963 in Maidenhead, Berkshire under the name Mary E SUGDEN.?


**Death of Francis Hand    "Blyth News" 13th May 1898.
FATAL ACCIDENT AT CROFTON MILL PIT.  Was anyone to Blame?  The victim was a man called Frank Hand of Cowpen Quay. There had been a fall of coal and stone and this had caught Hand about the head and shoulders, killing him almost instantly. The deceased who leaves a widow and four children had only been employed a short while at the mill pit. William Lazenby, miner, living at 17 Coburg St. Blyth said the deceased was his brother in law, and was 39 years of age and a miner living at 98 Hambledon St, Cowpen Quay. He was employed at the pit as a stoneman. John Richardson a putter lad said he was working with Hand packing stones. At about ten past midnight the deceased was packing a pillar close to the 'face' when the fall occured. Richardson saw Hand on his hands and knees unable to speak but he lived about 5 minutes after the accident. His head was seriously injured at the back and witnesses thought his neck was dislocated. A witness said as far as he could see there had been a stone overhanging the face of coal and it had fallen away onto Hand who apparently had been stooping. It was all stone that was on the deceased. The overhanging stone in his opinion should have been taken down; the stone was about 7ft long, 17ins broad and 16ins thick. A chargeman said he had just examined the place Hand was situated and thought it to be safe. The manager of the colliery said the stonemen had no right to take 'the ramble' down, this should have been done by the hewers. (There were also discussions that the hewers had not been doing their job of clearing away such 'ramble') Eventually the jury found that the fatality was down to accident and natural causes and that there was no blame attached to anyone.

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