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Ayrshire / Re: Link between Loudoun Mortons and Ayr Walkers
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 03:43 GMT (UK)  »
On David Walker’s maternal side, is there a Morton?

Aberdeenshire / Re: OPRs
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 02:37 GMT (UK)  »
Alexander who is my direct ancestor can not find his death either, his youngest son was born 1887 and he is not on the 1891 census.
You don't say where they were living that would be helpful. I can see a few possible deaths for Alexander.
These 2 to start with.
1889  Rathven 164/ 128
1893 Banff 147/A 99

Devon / Re: Sidney George Blank
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 02:23 GMT (UK)  »
Item: KINCH, William Henry (
Wm Henry insolvent as a plasterer in 1889
Item: BLANK, Sidney George (Criminal) (shorthand) (
Sidney George BLANK had a court appearance in Qld in March 1929.
YEs I noticed those too.
The court case is for a lad of 18 years - so I discounted it.

b. about 1857
Died at Yarrawonga, Victoria in 1899
Reg. 7981

I think that death in Vic is interesting and something for Dianna to follow up on.

Aberdeenshire / Re: OPRs
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 00:37 GMT (UK)  »
 Baptism for William?

228/20 265
Old Deer

Aberdeenshire / Re: OPRs
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 00:31 GMT (UK)  »
William and Margaret are in the 1841 census at Peterhead with 2 sons George (4) and William (1)
I cannot find the parents after that date, but in 1851 the 2 boys are in Fetterangus with their grandmother Isobella BROWN (61)

Some baptisms from SP index
COWIE   GEORGE   WILLIAM COWIE/   M   25/05/1837   232/    40 83   Peterhead
COWIE   WILLIAM   WILLIAM COWIE/   M   13/02/1842   232/    40 173   Peterhead
COWIE   ALEXANDER   WILLIAM COWIE/   M   23/05/1842   232/    40 178   Peterhead
COWIE   ELIZABETH   WILLIAM COWIE/   F   25/10/1844   232/    40 230   Peterhead

These are burial records – father and daughter Elizabeth
COWIE   WILLIAM   -----   40   M   02/03/1850   232/    50 177   Peterhead

COWIE   ELIZABETH   -----   4   F   31/10/1848   232/    50 165   Peterhead

Devon / Re: Sidney George Blank
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 22:19 GMT (UK)  »
Great, I don't have access to any British newspapers to see 1874 or 1877 reports.
If the missing child is Mary E Uglow - looks like she kept that name, and was adopted by the Uglow family
1911 census
death 1955 Canterbury Kent

Devon / Re: Sidney George Blank
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 20:39 GMT (UK)  »
Q2  1875
NEWTON ABBOT  Volume 05B  Page 127

I think this might the child - I looked for her birth yesterday but missed it with that spelling.
This child Annie dies in Sept quarter 1876, age 1+ in Newton Abbot

We know that Mary came to Australia in 1883 with only 1 child, so it is probable that the other was either dead or living elsewhere. You would think if an 8 yr old child was living it would be with her.

Devon / Re: Sidney George Blank
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 07:26 GMT (UK)  »
So do we think that the ALICE Pethybridge on the various census and other records, daughter of Mary Grace Pethybridge, who remains a spinster throughout her life IS not the mother of Sydney George Blank-Pethybridge!! as that Alice died in 1945 okay.
No this person is not anything to do with the family.
I believe Sid's mother is Mary Maria A Petherbridge. You need to get his birth registration.

I believe his father is Henry Blank - you need to get Henry's death certificate.

Mary Maria married William Kinch ( you need the marriage cert.), and they come to Brisbane with Sid in 1883.
Kinch remarries in 1903, so Mary and Sid are gone. We don't know yet what happens to Mary and Sid, until we find Sid's death in NSW.

Are there any details of Mary's other child to the other man??  Wow this is a head spinner for sure. 

I hesitate posting this - 'cos it might just add to the confusion or be red herring -- but you asked so here goes ......
There was a “Sydney Alfred Petherbridge” born 28-11-1876 in the St Marys Union Workhouse Plymouth.
His death is registered in Jan 1878 Plymouth – just over 1 year old.
Sydney Alfred’s baptism on 27-12-1876 gives parents as John and Mary. The father is “a gentleman”, but the address is Saltram Villas, Laira, Plymouth – and drilling down this appears to be the Pymouth Union children’s home.

Devon / Re: Sidney George Blank
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 07:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hey, good find Sue  :)

So I see now that William Kinch marries Naomi Parsons in Brisbane on 22- 8-1903.
That means that wife no.1, Mary was out of the picture by then - where? dead? divorced? run off to find Henry Blank in NSW?

We need that death cert. for Henry

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