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Death Henriette Wilhelmine Habermann nee Klemke

Schmöllen 28 November 1884

Vor den unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute der Persönlichkeit bekannt,
die Frau Mathilde Zirade geb. Habermann

Wohnhaft zu Klein Schmoellen
und zeigte an, dass ihre Mutter, die Wittwe Henriette
Wilhelmine Habermann geb. Klemke
71 Jahre alt, evangelischer Religion
Wohnhaft zu Klein Schmoellen
geboren zu Chwalim, Kreis Bomst. Zuletzt ver-
heirathet gewesen mit den verstorbenen
Müller Johann August Habermann.

Tochter des Müllers Johann Gottlob Klemke und dessen
Ehefrau. Vor- und Familienname unbekannt

zu Klein Schmoellen in der Anzeigenden Behausung
am acht und zwanzigst (28) November 1884,
vormittags um acht Uhr
verstorben sei
Before the undersigned registrar appeared today, identity known,
Frau Mathilde Zirade geb. Habermann, resident in Klein Schmoellen and reported that her mother, the widow Henriette Wilhelmine Habermann nee Klemke, 71 years old, protestant
born in Chwalim. died in her home on the 28 November 1884 at 8 am

formerly married to the deceased miller Johann August Haberman

daughter of the miller, Johann Gottlob Klemke and his wife
„names unknown“

read aloud, approved and signed

Hi Dave … I wonder if this is her fathers death seeing as when she married Johann it said her parents were dead.

Does this give his occupation as Miller?

Great photo, good looking girl

I posted a query in a Posen Forum asking for info on church books from Karge around 1800.
No luck. the only records known are from 1818 onwards.

You could try mailing the parish of Karge / Chwalim

Thanks Dave … that probably explains it if there are no records before that time the mystery may remain .. I can only guess that Johanna and Wilhelmine were sisters or cousins of some type. 

Although it has Gotlieb not Gotthilf so maybe not

Dave … would you mind translating this one … I think it’s Gotthilf Erns Rau husband of Johanna Christiane

The age is out going by the marriage but I think it’s him

Hi Dave thought I would try upload a photo of my ancestor Emma Amelia Rau daughter of Julius and Augustine Rau née Boehm.  She was my first Australian born ancestor. You just have to love the hat.

Hi Dave … I hadn’t seen that one but surely that wouldn’t be our Wilhelmine Habermann née Klemke? She would of only been 13 in 1826?

Death Christiane Rau

Unruhstadt, 26.3.1879
informing person – Hausbesitzerin (Houseowner) Emilie Arlt nee Rau
resident in Unruhstadt.
Reported that her mother, the Ausgedingerin (retired farmers wife) Christiane Rau nee Klemke
73 years 8 months 14 days old – evangelisch
resident in Unruhstadt.
Born in Chwalim, formerly married to the deceased Gottfried Ernst Rau
daughter of unknown parents
died in her home on the 25.3.1879 at 3:30 pm

Wow … I guess this at least gives us her approx birthdate and born in Chwalim like Wilhelmine
I just can’t find births for either of them

Thanks Dave for your help … surely the missing piece of the puzzle is out there.

Have you got the Rau_Klemke marriage cert?

There are no parents mentioned, but could have some other info of interest

I’ve seen it but as usual apart from names I can’t tell what’s in it … I thought I also found the death Gotthilf although his age is off going by the marriage .. will find it again.

Death Emilie
Berlin 12 April 1905

Vor den unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute der Persönlichkeit durch Familienbuch anerkannt,
Olga Schirmer, Kohlenhändler Frau

Wohnhaft zu Berlin, Ruppinerstrasse 44
und zeigte an, dass Emilie Arlt geb.
Rau, Witwe des pensionirten Grenz
aufsehers Karl August Arlt
70 Jahre alt, evangelischer Religion
Wohnhaft zu Berlin bei Ihr
geboren zu Chwalim, Kreis Bomst

Tochter des verstorbenen Eheleute
Mühlenbesitzers  Ernst Rau
und den :Vornamen unbekannt: geb
Klemke. Zuletze in Unruh-
stadt, Kreis Bomst, ersterer in Chwalim, wohnhaft

zu Berlin in der Anzeigenden Wohnung
am zehnten (10) April1905
nachmittags 10 Uhr
verstorben sei
Before the undersigned registrar appeared today, identity verified by family book,
Olga Schirmer coal merchants wife
resident in Berlin, Ruggenerstrasse 44
and reported that  Emilie Arlt nee Rau, widow of the retired border guard
Karl August Arlt
71 years old, protestant
resident in her home
born in Chwalim, Kreis Bomst

died in her home on the 10 April 1905 at 10 pm

daughter of the deceased couple: Windmill owner Ernst Rau and his wife
first name unknown“ Klemke.
Last mentioned resident in Unruhstadt
first mentioned in Chwalim

read aloud, approved and signed

So frustrating can’t find a birth record for her so it just seems I can’t quite connect her to Johanna Christiane Rau née Klemke … can’t find a birth for her either. 

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