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Thank you Dave a few more pieces if the puzzle! I think you are correct that looks to be Johanna Christiane Rau ne Klemke

Is there anything of help in her death record? 

Thank you!  How have I missed that one maybe because its under Christiane but looks like her daughters name there too

I have to confess to them all giving me quite the headache trying to link them together Im sure they are linked but not knowing who Johanna and Wilhelmine parents are I cant prove they are sisters.

Im positive there is one though.

This is some information shared on one of the ancestry trees in regard to Ernst Heinrich Klemke his birthdate on those trees is the same as the baptism you transcribed.

Ernst Heinrich Klemke had been observing many people leaving their Homeland for other Countries as increased population, poor economic conditions, religious and political persecutions and reprisals were making life difficult. Along with many others Ernst also wanted to avoid conscription into the Prussion Army. Relatives and Countrymen had written letters home telling of good fortune and opportunities in Australia. So on the 2nd June 1855, 18 year old Ernst Heinrich Klemke sailed from the Port of Hamburg with 130 other immigrants on the barque (barque means boat) 'Alster', a vessel of 130 tons, bound for Melbourne. The voyage took over three months with conditions on board being notoriously bad, with poor food and accommodation. The Captain of the 'Alster' was H Piening and the cargo contained a piano and spirits.When the bargue 'Alster' finally arrived at Port Phillip on the 10th of September 1855 the port was crowded. Victoria was at the height of the Gold Rush, sailing ships, schooners, barques and steamers lay at anchor as many crews had abandoned ship deserting to the gold fields of Bendigo and Ballarat. Passengers and crew of the 'Alster' were given grim reminders of the reasons for British Settlement in the Colonies where penal hulks such as 'Deborah', 'President', 'Sacremento' and 'Success' anchored in Hobsons Bay with work parties of convicts labouring off the Breakwater on construction of a Pier and in quarries along the foreshore. A new lifeErnst first set foot on Australian soil at Williamstown where he spent his first night in the pubs and houses along the waterfront. Ernst set his compass for the German village of Germantown, four miles from Geelong. Ernst obtained work at the Mt. Duneed Flour Mill as a 'Miller' where in a paddock at the old Mt. Duneed Flour Mill site is a large sandstone block on which once stood the motor which drove the Flour Mill, a relic of the past. Eight years after starting work at the flour mill Ernst married a local girl named Annie Betts who was born in Bothwell in Van Diemen's Land in 1842. Annie's father was transported to Australia as a convict for stealing, the parents of Annies mother were also convicts transported to Australia for stealing sheep. Ernst and Annie lived in a cottage near the corner of Heyers and Torquay Roads not far from St. Paul's Lutheran Church. They began a family of 10 children Wilhelmina, Henry, Alfred, Florence, Annie, Emily, Agnus, Alice, George and Carl where all 10 children attended the Grovedale State School. The family later moved to a small farmlet of five acres in the Dennys area on the west side of Torquay road where they grazed a few milking cows, grew vegetables and owned a horse and cart. The family prospered and later acquired a further 18 acres of land. Ernst started working at the Brearley Brothers Tannery at Marshalltown where a photograph was taken of the men outside the factory that shows Ernst with a full wild beard with a strong stocky build. Ernst enjoyed a jovial and amiable disposition and loved to hunt rabbits and other game in season such as quail taking his sons with him and supplying the local hotels with their catch and enjoying a few beers after a hard days work. In 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia came into existence and Ernst received his Letters of Naturalization on 18 June 1901 becoming an Australian Citizen. Eight years later on 31 August 1909 at the age of 72 Ernst Heinrich Klemke passed away.

Thanks Dave I was looking at this so assumed it was Wilhelminas death

So sorry to bombard you Dave but Im wondering too if this is the death of Johanna Christiane Rau ne Klemkes death as she did have a daughter Emilie Alt ne Rau

Still trying to piece them together

Dave could this be her death^058046-00028?usePUB=true&_phsrc=viF8&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true&pId=4462562

Wow! Thank you Dave how very interesting.  So it does seem from the marriage translation that this is our girl and that her new husband consented to care for the illegitimate child.  So there isnt much doubt shes a Klemke and not a Rau.  Its probable then that her son just used that name as a maiden name for his mother to cover his illegitimate birth. 

Also thank you for the translation of Heinrich Julius Raus baptism wonder what a wind Miller did exactly. I am very grateful for your help as I try to understand these people and where they were from and how they lived.  Im told the Rau brothers left their home for Australia to escape forced military enlistment so Im trying to understand the times they lived in.  I am also trying to work out why some of the children were baptised in a different area and if this was where the Rau family were from or the Klemke.  I will find one of the baptisms.  Having the names of the witnesses I thought might also help uncovered other family members.

The language barrier makes it difficult so your help is greatly appreciated.

A lso if Im not pushing my luck this is my ancestors baptism are you able to translate his as well in case there is more information that might be helpful. Thank you  for your help.

Hope that link works its Heinrich Julius Rau
I tried to just upload an image but kept coming up error hes at the bottom of the page

If you dont mind translating I think shes worth investigating so I can figure out how she fits.  Another descendant sent me this but we all know the lengths people go to in order to hide illegitimacy.  So I need to perhaps work out Johanna Christianne Klemke who married Gotthilf Ernst Rau in 1826 in the same place.  Perhaps their marriage might also shine some light? See if shes a sister?

Awesome! Thank you so much Dave youve helped me before.  So thats interesting so it seems she wasnt a Rau but a Klemke so perhaps a sister to Anna Klemke who married Gotthilf Rau. I think the confusion might be on his death record Ernst Heinrich Klemke gives his fathers name as Henry Klemke  and his mothers as Wilhelmine Ran (which I think if I ordered the record it would be Rau) he names one of his sons Carl Julius Klemke which are the names of the two Rau brothers that also came to Australia. Will also check out the link you sent.

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