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Berkshire Lookup Requests / Re: My Newbury/Berskshire family
« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 08:43 GMT (UK)  »
Oh thanks Stevie ... that is frustrating!  As it's probably one of the boys from that census and If we Knew who the mother was might answer a lot of questions.

I also think that maybe the Ellen Eeles from the 1841 cencus with Mary and John Grubb was an Eeles I think I found her again in 1851 as a pupil at a school.   There were further children with David Eeles in 1851 so I don't know if he was widowed more than once?


Berkshire Lookup Requests / Re: My Newbury/Berskshire family
« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 08:39 GMT (UK)  »
Yes Thanks Rosie that's them .... I thought for a long time Joseph was a Tailer ... turns out he was a Jailer ... the boys surname also seems to be Eeles.  I think father is David if we could just work out who their mother is it migh confirm for me if Martha Wade is née Grubb.

Appreciate fresh eyes


Berkshire Lookup Requests / Re: My Newbury/Berskshire family
« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 07:57 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Heather :-) I do very much appreciate it's a lot to get your head around I was trying to explain it to my husband after a minute his eyes just glazed over ... I had lost him. 

I had completely forgotten about the Oakingham/Wokingham change.  As I'm in Australia I'm already lost as it is :-)

With my Gloucestershire family I can view the records online myself so can do quite a bit but am lost with the Berkshire side.

Thanks for your reply

Berkshire Lookup Requests / My Newbury/Berkshire family
« on: Tuesday 07 February 17 06:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all this is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing this right.

I have a bit of family mystery I'm trying to solve so thought I would try get some help.  I'm sorry if this will be lengthy but it's hard to explain.

I've been building my family tree for almost a year and have managed to work out a good deal of it there will always be blanks as my paternal great grandparents were both illegitimate.

My great grandmother was Daisy Isabel Wade and she was mostly raised by her grandparents Frederick and Harriet Wade.  I pretty much have them all sorted.  Frederick's parents were Joseph and Martha Wade,  on all of Frederick's military papers and census records he says he was born at Oakingham near Reading, but to date I've found no baptism for him or his younger sister Isabella Wade.  In 1841 they are in Newbury and his mother Martha is listed as being from Newbury where as Jospeh and the two children are not.  They were quite tricky to trace as Jospeh was also military and after this census is only found in Dublin and is buried in the Arbor Hill Military cemetery as he was prison guard.  I know by Frederick's marriage to Harriet his father was a colour Sargent as was he.  But I've no idea where Jospeh came from prior to that 1841 record or who Martha was.  However I did find a marriage on find my past in 1831 for a Joseph Wade widower and Martha Grubb in Newbury, Frederick was born in 1832 so I thought this could well be them. 

What has also been a bit of a mystery is that on the 1841 census living with the Wades are two young boys Edwin and Ernest Eeles (it's been transcribed incorrectly) I did find the family they belong too in 1851 with father David listed then as widower, so I though that perhaps the Wades may have just been helping out with the boys, but the mystery deepened yesterday when I decided to see who Martha Grubb born around 1808 Newbury was and it seems she was born to John and Mary Grubb née Paradise in Newbury.  So then I took at look at Mary Grubb who in 1841 is living with her son in Newbury and she is a widow, then too my surprise there are two young girls living with her Ellen and Emma Eeles.  On further searching I'm wondering if Ellen is actually Ellen Parsons her  granddaughter as they are off memory on the same census and then Mary is listed with the Parson on 1851 census.  I then traced Emma Eeles and found her with her brother and father on the 1851 census and just to make it interesting I found her in two future census living with Stephen and Ann Knight Newbury, she is listed as cousin.  I looked at Ann Knight first and it seems her maiden name was Paradise so possibly a niece of Mary Grubb?  And just to add another twist she marries Stephen Knight in 1905 after her cousin Ann dies.  On the census it says Stephen Knight was at one point Mayor of Newbury?

As I can't find much more on Mary Grubb née Paradise I'm at a bit of a dead end, although there may be one more clue for Mary on the 1861 census she is visiting a Thomas Puri, so when I did a quick search on him it comes up Roseanna Purs from Wiltshire who marries a John Grubb!  So I'm wondering now if Thomas is Thomas Purs instead of Puri and maybe a sibling to Roseanna and that Mary is related to him through marriage into the Grub family?

So you can see how twisted this story has become but if the Eeles children's mother was perhaps either a Grubb or Paradise then at least I would be more certain that Joseph Wades wife Martha is in fact Martha Grubb.

Hope I haven't totally confused everyone. 

Interestingly when Frederick Mayo Wade finishes his military career he ends up in Wiltshire living with Daisy's mother Isabella.  So Wiltshire appears again.

As I can't find any baptism if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Deb Rennie née Clark
Daisy marries Edward Clark from Stroud and they migrated to Australia with the first 7 of their 9 children after the First World War.

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