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Lancashire / Thomas Sandiford
« on: Wednesday 02 January 08 21:46 GMT (UK)  »
I'm fairly stuck trying to find more about Thomas SANDIFORD and his wife.

Thomas SANDIFORD appears on the 1841 census for Salford (transcribed as Sandford) as a publican, from Lancashire, age 50.  However, he dies in 1849, so thats all I have, apart from appearing in a Pigot & Slater directory as a beer retailer.

He has children baptised 19th Feb 1820- 25 Mar 1827 at St Katherines Blackrod, the two later children in 1830 & 1834 are baptised at Manchester Cathedral.

His wife Jane says she is from Rivington on the 51/61 census's, birthdates vary from 1797-1802 over the census's, and her death record estimates born 1791.

There is a marriage that seems likely from the IGI of Thomas SANDIFORD to Jane SALE, August 1819, in Standish.  I have the rivington parish register, and there is no possible Jane of any name at all, but the IGI has a Jane SALE born 1798 in Wigan.

I can't find any other Thomas Sandiford married to a Jane on 1841/51 census's.

I realise Standish/Wigan/Rivington/Blackrod aren't too far apart by modern standards, but is it probable back then?

I believe Standish marriages are on the VRI, which I have on order, assuming thats the right marriage.

Apart from any clues the VRI might offer, any ideas on how I find out more about Thomas? 

Many thanks

Kent / Re: Goodnestone by Sandwich, Kent
« on: Monday 17 December 07 20:25 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply.  There is a centre in Liverpool, which during the spring/summer months isn't too bad to get to, couple of hours each way on the ferry.  However, as I can't just pop in, I would ideally need to prebook whatever I wanted to see.

I don't know how the centre's work, do you request films, then they let you know when they get them in?



Kent / Goodnestone by Sandwich, Kent
« on: Saturday 08 December 07 22:44 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for a copy of the Goodnestone by Sandwich registers, I'm hoping they may contain more information than the IGI?

I've had a google, but can't find anything.  I'm looking at the Court Family in that area.  I'm starting from Lydia born 24 Aug 1783, but I've found a possible 12 siblings to her, which is of course possible, but I wonder if there is any clarification i can get from anywhere.

I'm not used to researching Kent, this is the only bit of family there.  Could anyone offer any advice, apart from visiting Kent itself? 

(i'm not idle not wanting to visit, I live on the Isle of Man so theres a bit of water in the way!!)

Staffordshire / Re: Hannah Salt
« on: Wednesday 05 December 07 20:42 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for your reply, the one I plumped arrived this week, and it has the parents I was expecting, haven't worked on it properly yet, but its looking good.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it

Lancashire / Re: Hardman Salford
« on: Sunday 25 November 07 12:55 GMT (UK)  »
I've found them, I just thought again, and one of the children from the possible family would have been alive in 1851, and there is robert, "dresser for dyer".

That should teach me a lesson that bridegrooms don't always know how old they are......

Thanks again for looking at this, I had the same thing on another family member, you search for hours and hours, try everything you can think of, then when you share it with someone else, all of a sudden, ping, you come up with something.

Now, to go back one more generation!


Lancashire / Re: Hardman Salford
« on: Sunday 25 November 07 11:37 GMT (UK)  »
I presumed it would be
RG10; Piece: 4020; Folio: 19; Page: 32
Born c 1855 in Wetton Staffordshire

There is "a" robert hardman who dies in 1861 in salford, and a fatherless Hardman family in 1861, which includes a joseph.  One child has a unusual christian name, so i'm going to get the certificate for them.  If the father matches, hopefully it will be a case of not knowing how old he was properly.

I'll post again when I get the certificate.

Thanks for looking at this.

Lancashire / Re: Hardman Salford
« on: Sunday 25 November 07 11:02 GMT (UK)  »
William Lodge, who is the brother of the bride, and caroline bonsall.  1871 there is a caroline bonsall living in greengate salford, but i've just gone through all that district number (32) and can't find.

I guess I have to presume that some detail somewhere is wrong, either the father, the christian name or the birth year is further out than you might expect.

Back to the search!

Lancashire / Hardman Salford
« on: Saturday 24 November 07 23:50 GMT (UK)  »
This possibly should be in Lookups, possibly not.

I'm stumped trying to find Gt Gt Grandfather before his marriage.

He is Joseph Hardman, he married Elizabeth Lodge Nov 28 1875, when he stated he was 20.  His address at the time was 34 Fleet St Salford (I think Salford, bit unclear).  His father was Robert who's occupation seems to read "dredder" which I guess could be dresser, or dregder.  Josephs occupation in 1875 was green grocer, but by 1881 its joiners labourer.

I can see him 1881, 1891, 1901 but I just can't find him before.  Tried obvious mispelling, leaving out christian names, everything I can think of.  Nor can I find any possibly birth records for 1854/1855, nor is there any with a middle name of joseph in case he took to using a different christian name.

All the later censuses have a birth place of Salford, Lancashire.

I've tried looking at who lived at 34 fleet st in 1871, but presuming I have the right page, RG10; Piece: 4018; Folio: 11; Page: 18, its a different family.

I've run out of ideas, does anyone have any idea what I should do next?

Yours, stumped

Staffordshire / Re: Hannah Salt
« on: Monday 19 November 07 20:44 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, I've just "definately?!" got the reference for Henrietta, which is Stoke on Trent, and I'm going to take a punt on what looks like the most likely Hannah now, and order the certificate, if its wrong, I'll get Henrietta instead.

I realise "that" Henry was still alive 1871, I just meant if hes the "right" Henry, tho the more I post on here and think about it, he must be.

It becomes so much clearer when you say it outloud doesn't it??!!

Thanks for the help

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