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Armed Forces / Re: Military Asylum
« on: Sunday 25 May 08 17:50 BST (UK)  »
From what I can make out the intended place of residence is "12 months in Bow"., and looking again at the records, one of them is regimental board proceeding, dated 20 Dec 1877, which someone has written accross the top of "to Bow 27/5/78" which preceedes by a few weeks his actual discharge.  I can't make out where the regimental hearing took place, its something like Kirkel.

His wife and new daughter were living at 2 Gawthorne Street, Bow in Mar 1881
RG11 489 123 53. 

I'll take a look at that link you posted, thank you so much for looking at this.

Armed Forces / Military Asylum
« on: Sunday 25 May 08 11:06 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone can give me any clues to find some more details of Gt Gt Grandfather.

He was born Henry JOHNSON 10 Jun 1847 in Westminster.  There is only one census I can see him on, 1871, where he is a sapper in the Royal Engineers stationed at Dover Castle.  He started in 10th Company, and in 1872 moved to 43rd company.

I have his service records, No 9728, enlisted June 1868, discharged June 1879, suffering Dementia (Suicidal) in a medical report dated June 1878.  I can't decipher everything it has on the report, but his condition appears to have been thought permanent, and that he wouldn't be able to support himself, and that the condition had been brought about due to the heat of the sun in India.

I have census's for his wife in 1881 (Middlesex), 1891, 1901 (Both Salford Lancs), and she listed on each of them as Married.  By Feb 1906, he is listed as deceased on his daughters marriage certificate, but he never appears on any of the census's.

I found a tree on Ancestry that included Henry, and had him dying in Military Asylum, date unknown.  I contacted the tree owner, but they didn't know where they got that information from, and I haven't found him on any other tree sites.

He isn't buried with his wife, as I have the grave record for her.

Also, unless there were some shenanigans going on (!) he had a daughter born in Middlesex Nov 1879, and a son born in Salford in 1883

I would like to find just where he was 1881, 1891, 1901, and when/where he died.

I have looked extensively thru the census's, and I can't find anything, I'm hoping that someone might know which hospital/institution its likely he would have ended up in?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Scotland / Re: William Hugh Craig
« on: Thursday 22 May 08 07:33 BST (UK)  »
Many many thanks for that, really appreciated

Scotland / William Hugh Craig
« on: Wednesday 21 May 08 18:53 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has any expiring credits on Scotlands People, would you kindly have a look for this birth?

He is William Hugh Craig, son of William Hugh CRAIG, who is listed as a detective on his 1906 marriage (in Salford Lancs), born c1885 somewhere in Scotland.

There is just one William Hugh on the site, but not much point me getting credits, as this is, so far, the only person from Scotland I have come accross.

Many thanks for looking

James Bates, Bachelor, Blacksmith, to Jane Hince, Spinster

Witnesses William Hince (Mark of). & Thomas Parry??

13th May 1905 Benjamins father James Henry Ballard (deceased) Occupation Gilder, Hannahs father Thomas Allen Labourer.  Witnesses John Allen, and Mary Ann Ballard. 

Drop me a pm with your email if you want extra details.

All the best


I emailed them months back, still waiting for a response   :'(

So now I'm going in person, I'm looking up some cathedral marriages next week, i've added it to my list, I'll let you know.

World War One / Re: Died in the First World War
« on: Thursday 01 May 08 19:35 BST (UK)  »
To KM1971, Thanks for pointing out there are two medal cards on Ancestry, I didn't check just on the initial.  I only had the one, I didn't realise there could be more than one.....

I assumed, maybe wrongly, that the medal cards on ancestry, would be the same ones on the NA.  Is that not the case?  I'm not up on my military records in the least, if they are likely to be different, I'll buy them.

It does look like ancestry have uploaded the burnt records for Galley, and he isn't on there, which is a shame, I would have liked to have known more.  Though I will check local newspapers of the time when I visit staffordshire later in the year, see if an obituary was printed somewhere.

I checked gazettes online, I can see him listed a couple of times, but no actual detail.

Thank you so much for your help on this

World War One / Re: Died in the First World War
« on: Thursday 01 May 08 15:19 BST (UK)  »
Many Many thanks to you all, I didn't expect an answer that quick!  That extra information you have found confirms it is the same person, which is wonderful.

I do have the 1881/1891/1901 census thank you.  It is family mentioned, they are fairly easy to spot as there are so few galley at all.

I will have a look for that mention in despatches.

Thank you once again for taking the time to look at this.  Much appreciated.

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