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Kincardineshire / Robert EWEN/EWAN/EWING born at sea or in St Cyrus?
« on: Wednesday 22 May 19 17:59 BST (UK)  »
My 4x great-grandfather is a Robert Ewen. He was born approx 1810 either in St Cyrus or at sea (further explanation further down) and married Elizabeth Angus 1832 at Glenbervie, Kincardinshire. She was born Fordoun about 1811.

He died in 1863 aged 55 at Hardgate, Johnshaven and he was a linen weaver. His parents are named as Robert Ewen, a Soldier, deceased and Mary Mitchell, deceased. The informant was his son John Ewen, present.

In 1841 he's aged 30 living in Johnshaven a Linen HLW, born Kincardineshire.
In 1851 he's named as Robert Ewin aged 42, Fore Street, Johnshaven Linen HLW, born St Cyrus.
In 1861 he's aged 42 (this is an error he will be 52, but it is the same family because his wife is there with one of their children and a grandchild) a Hawker of Goods, Johnshaven.

Except, in 1861 he is noted as being "Born at Sea" rather than St Cyrus in the 1851 census.

I can't seem to find any info out about his parents Robert and Mary or anything regarding his birth. I know his Robert Snr was a soldier, but there is no info I can find regarding him, or any possible Robert Ewen in records.

If he was born at sea, is there some sort of database?

Any help appreciated. It may be a dead end, but you never know.

Hello everyone.

I believe the gentleman in this article to be my 6x great-grandfather. My 4x great-grandfather (so his possible grandson) is also a Leonard Small, born 1773 at Tarvie, Moulin to Patrick Small and Margaret Robertson.

I don't know what the article is referring too, it features in the Caledonian Mercury and is dated 15th November 1744. Lots of legalese here.

Any help much appreciated.

Edit: Also, who is "Spalding of Affintully", and where is Affintully, google not helping there.

Aberdeenshire / What is this street name in Aberdeen? ANDERSON/KNIGHT
« on: Tuesday 14 May 19 22:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I'm looking for some help in deciphering this street name in Aberdeen.

It is on the DC of my 2x great-grandmother, Margaret (Maggie) Ann Anderson, she was married to a James Knight and died 1898 at the Royal Infirmary of Aberdeen.

The street looks like "Hard....". I know there is a Hardgate in Aberdeen but this doesn't appear to be it. Margaret is in Durris, Kincardinshire in the 1891 census so this doesn't yield any clues.


Hello everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone could help me decipher what parish Elizabeth Mair is from in this record. Alexander Ferrier & Elizabeth Mair married 1807 in Gamrie.

Here is the corresponding index on FS

Many thanks.

Hi everyone.

My 4x great-grandfather is a Colin McArthur born approx 1780, Inverness-shire, Scotland. He was in the military, the 42nd Regiment of foot (modern day Black Watch).
Colin has a child in 1811, an Alexander McArthur at Musselburgh, Scotland with Elizabeth Neil, his wife.
In 1841, Colin and Betsy are living in Elgin, Scotland and Betsy's place of birth is noted as being "England". Betsy dies before 1851, this is before civil registration in Scotland (1855) so have no further info.

From doing research on Colin's military history, I know that he fought at Walcheren and that those who served there were stationed at Canterbury from September 1809, until July 1810 then they were removed to Musselburgh, Scotland (which matches with the birth of his son there in 1811).

The most logical conclusion I can come up with is that he met Elizabeth/Betsy Neil whilst at Canterbury.

Is there any sort of database or index I could search to find their marriage?
Many thanks.

Kincardineshire / Who were William Beattie's parents? Benholm.
« on: Tuesday 07 May 19 17:18 BST (UK)  »
William Beattie is my 4x great-grandfather. Here are some other threads (not mine) regarding some descendants.

His wife is an Isobel Kennedy. There is no OPR record I can find, but they would've married approx 1806.

I've been going over this branch again and there seems to be some unconfirmed info on William re his parents. Some trees have them named as an Alexander Beattie and Isobel Taylor. However, I cannot verify this. There is a William Beattie born Benholm in 1777 to this couple.

William dies in 1854, just before civil registration. I have his Will which confirms his wife as Isobel Kennedy.

In 1841 he is living at Brawliemuir, Benholm with three of his children, Charles, Mary and Robert.
In 1851 they are still at Brawliemuir. His place of birth is stated as being Dunnotter. He is 78 years old here so born circa 1773.

Isobel's father John Kennedy is also still living at Brawliemuir in 1851 but in a separate household.

After William's death the tenancy is passed to my 3x great-grandfather (his son, Charles Beattie).

I have the following children for William and Isobel;

John 1807, Kinneff & Catterline.
{big gap here?}
Helen 1813, Benholm
Elisabeth 1816, Benholm
David 1817, Benholm
Charles 1819, Benholm
James 1822, Benholm
Mary 1825, Benholm
George 1826, Benholm
Robert 1828, Benholm
Colin 1830, Benholm

EDIT: He also has a daughter named in his Will called "Penelope" wife of Andrew Mowat.

Many thanks!

Angus (Forfarshire) / SOLVED Looking for a place in Inverkeilor Parish.
« on: Tuesday 19 March 19 23:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help in pinpointing a location in Inverkeilor.

In 1792, an Elizabeth Stron(n)er was born to parents William Stron(n)er and Agnes Fin(d)lay. The place of abode is named as "Fintray".

I've done a search online and can't seem to find any reference to this place (historical also). I've lived in Angus all my days and currently live beside Inverkeilor now and it's not familiar at all. It's perhaps no longer in existence, but any help is appreciated in pinpointing this place.

Many thanks.

Scotland / When will a 1919 birth record become available on Scotland's People?
« on: Saturday 15 December 18 16:29 GMT (UK)  »
Looking to know when a 1919 birth record will become available next year? Would it be as of the 1st January, the 'birthday' of the individual or some other date next year?

Many thanks.

Hello everyone. I would be grateful for some help with this gentleman.

Here is a link to a previous thread about my Small ancestors;  Leonard is mentioned in the later pages of that thread.

My 3x G-Grandfather is Leonard Small b.1827, Airlie, Angus to Leonard Small & Isabella Hardy.

Leonard Jnr marries Ann(e) Mackay in 1853, Glenisla or Airlie, Angus. I have the following children for them;

William b.1853, Airlie
John b.1855, Airlie
Mary Ann b.1856, Forfar
Charles Henderson b.1859, Rescobie
Isabella Simpson b.1861, Forfar
Leonard b.1864, Forfar
Ann b.1867, Forfar
James b.1869, Forfar

I have Leonard and wife Ann in the following censuses;


Blackhill, Airlie

He is 15 and living with his parents.


Still at Blackhill, Airlie

He is a 24 y/o farm labourer and living with his widowed father.

I cannot find him in 1861?

However, I have his wife Ann in 1861 at Gowanbank, Forfarshire.

Ann, aged 32, Married, she is a linen weaver. The following children are with her;

William aged 8 born Airlie.
John aged 6 born Airlie.
Mary Ann aged 5 born Forfar.
Charles aged 1 born Rescobie.

I find it unusual for a mother of young children at the time to have any sort of occupation, especially when she is married? Hubby Leonard is nowhere to be seen?


Leonard is still not with his wife in 1871. He is living at Burnside Mill, Forfar. The head of the household is a Thomas Adamson, 48, Linen Weaver.

Leonard is 45, Farm Servant, Married. No other 'Smalls' are in this household.

Meanwhile wife, Ann, a housewife, is living at New Road, Forfar in 1871 with the following children;

Charles, 11, born Rescobie, scholar
Leonard, 6, born Forfar
Mary, 13, born Forfar - a factory worker, winder
Ann, 4, born Forfar
James, 1, born Forfar


Can't find Leonard?

Wife Ann is at 12 St James Road, Forfar, as the head, 50, married, and a housekeeper. Children are;

Mary Ann, 24, Linen Weaver
Ann, 14, Linen Weaver
James, 11, scholar

and a boarder; Jane Simpson, 15, Linen Weaver

Leonard appears to be in the Forfar Directory of 1890 as a Factory Worker, 25 Glamis Road, Forfar.


They are finally together at Littlecauseway, Forfar

Leonard, 64, Factory Worker
Annie, 62


Bell Place, Forfar

Leonard, Widower, 74, Retired Ploughman.

Wife Ann dies 1897, Forfar.

If anyone could help track down Leonard in 1861 and 1881 I'd be very grateful. It certainly appears they weren't living together, although I know it was only a snapshot of the nights the census was taken, they had children together from 1853 - 1869. That in conjunction with wife Ann having a job as a linen weaver in 1861 with very young children in the household does raise questions for me.

Many thanks.

Side note; Not sure if any of this will be relevant, but I've found some information over time about Leonard and that he was a bagpipe player often playing at various Highland Games in the area. I've seen a painting of him that someone else had uploaded, and my own father his (2x great-grandson)  is like a carbon copy of him. So perhaps he was play away somewhere? Though, it doesn't appear to have ever been his 'profession' as such?

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