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Angus (Forfarshire) / Both in Barvie Parish? GUILD/MORGAN
« on: Tuesday 04 February 20 16:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all.

Just been looking at the OPR marriage for my 5x great-grandparents Alexander Guild and Jean Morgan in 1804. This is recorded in Dundee.

I'm puzzled by the name of the parish they were both residing in at the time. It won't be Bervie which is much further north and wouldn't imagine they would marry in Dundee if they lived there.

Could it be a corruption of Benvie perhaps?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Issue with mutual matches
« on: Monday 03 February 20 17:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all.

Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue that seems to keep happening on various DNA testing sites.

I have done tests with Ancestry, 23andMe and Living DNA. I have uploaded my DNA data to My Heritage, GEDmatch and FTDNA. My mother has tested with My Heritage recently.

I have a match who I will name as GC. We talk regularly via email and have done since last summer. At present we have not identified where we match. I have the feeling there is a NPE that is confusing matters. I initially did DNA to find my unknown 2x great grandfather. Unfortunately this hasn't succeeded at this stage.

We have quite a lot of mutual matches, many with Irish ancestry so we feel it comes from there.

There is a problem, and I don't know if this is a common problem.

I match GC with ~40cM. My mum matches GC at ~10cM

My maternal first cousin has tested with 23andMe and GC is showing as a mutual match with him. My cousin matches GC with 0.13% shared DNA which translates to approx 9.62cM. However my first cousin is not showing up as a match for GC at all.

There are other cases of this happening elsewhere, and with matches who have a decent match size with us. One matches me on GEDmatch at ~22 cM. He is a mutual and a triangulation with GC and myself. GC confirms this man is also on Ancestry and shows as a match for him there. However, on Ancestry for me this other person is nowhere to be seen. There are others like this across many sites.

I match GC on Chr 2 and 20. My mother matches GC on Chr 2 only. She does not match anyone of GC and I's mutual Chr 20 matches. GC suggests that it's possible Chr 2 is a mutual maternal match and Chr 20 is paternal. Which is possible, the majority of my ancestry on both sides are from quite condensed areas.

It's all very puzzling and feel it's hampering us solving where GC and I match.

Hello, looking for some help in deciphering the mother's name on this Scottish death certificate. Here is the info that I know;

The deceased is;
Neil Lynch, Hotel Keeper, (married to Margaret Crawford McCormack)

Date and place of death;
25th June 1877, Station Hotel, Stonehaven, Fetteresso


65 years

Father and Mother's names/profession
John Lynch, Carpenter
______ Lynch m.s. (maiden surname) ________

Cause of death
___ convulsions
3 days

Any help appreciated in deciphering his mother's first and maiden names.

Many thanks

Scotland / Where is Flora CAMERON in 1891?
« on: Saturday 16 November 19 17:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hello everyone.

I'm looking for some help in locating my 3x great-grandmother Flora Cameron m.s. Stewart in the 1891 census. I decided to put this request in the Scotland section as she may be anywhere due to the amount of travelling the family did.

Flora was born circa 1816 in Redcastle, Ross & Cromarty. She died in December 1891 at Hamilton Green, Arbroath, Angus (Forfarshire). So she will have been alive at the time the census of 1891 was taken.

Her parents as named on her DC were John Stewart and Flora Grant. I don't have any further info on her parents.

Flora Stewart marries husband Duncan Cameron in 1834 at Killearnan, Ross & Cromarty. After this date, the family were in various locations across Scotland in the subsequent censuses.

Here are the children I have for Duncan and Flora;

Fin(d)ly b. abt 1835, Inverness.
Flora b. 1837, Inverness.
Elizabeth b. abt 1845, Burntisland, Fife
Margaret b. abt 1847, Burntisland, Fife
Mary b. abt 1848, Burntisland, Fife
John b. abt 1851, Burntisland, Fife
Jane b. abt 1854, Aberdeen
Catherine b. abt 1857, Keith, Banffshire (I haven't been able to find a birth record for Catherine despite her being born post civil registration)

I have the family in the following census;


High Street, Linlithgow, West Lothian

Duncan, 30 occupation Labourer
Flora, 25

and their 2 children; Finlay and Flora.


6 Petty Road, Kinghorn, Fife.

Duncan, 40 occupation "Maltster"
Flora, 40

and their 6 children; Finlay, Flora, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary.


Village of Maryburgh, Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty

Duncan, 53 occupation "Railway Labourer"
Flora, 48

and their 5 children, Finlay, John, Margaret, Jane and Catherine.
Also a grandchild, David Robertson, 2, born Keith, Banffshire - This is daughter Flora's son.


Grange of Barry, Old Manse, Angus

Duncan, 60, an Ag Lab
Flora, 55
Jane (daughter), 18
David Robertson (grandchild), 12


15 Ernest Street, Arbroath, Angus

Duncan, 72, an Ag Lab
Flora, 61

Duncan dies in May 1882 at 15 Ernest Street, Arbroath. Confirmed as husband of Flora Stewart. Parents named as Finlay Cameron (Pendicler in Inverness) and Margaret Grant.

I can't find Flora in the 1891 census at all. I have checked the following entries on Scotland's People and I don't feel they are a good match for my Flora;

Flora Cameron, 75 - Inverness Burgh.
Head is this Flora's son; Alexander Cameron. A Bank accountant born Ardnamurchan, Inverness.

Flora Cameron, 70 - Little Scatwell, Contin, Ross & Cromarty
"unmarried" as opposed to widow. Occupation "Cook".
Also in household is sister Catherine, 60 also a Cook.
Both noted as being born in Contin, Ross & Cromarty.

Flora Cameron, 75 - Culcairn, Rosskeen, Ross & Cromarty
Head is this Flora's brother; Murdo Cameron, 59 a Crofter born "Strath..., Ross" (maybe Strathconon, hard to make out)
Sister Flora is noted as being born in the same location.

Murdo speaks English and Gaelic, Flora is noted is speaking Gaelic only. This puts me off thinking this is my Flora as she lived in West Lothian, Fife, Banffshire and Angus over her lifetime and I would've thought speaking Gaelic only would've limited her ability to interact with locals in the lowlands.

I'm quite keen to find Flora in the 1891 Census to see if she did indeed speak Gaelic given where she was born and brought up.

Any help appreciated.

Scotland / Scots Law, Bankruptcy and "Examinations"? 1880
« on: Sunday 03 November 19 17:08 GMT (UK)  »
I found a newspaper article in relation to my 2x great-grandfather; William Adam of Fisherford Farm, Fordoun Parish, Kincardineshire. It is dated September 1880.

Just looking for some general help on understanding what it means. Tried Google and just got more confused and it seemed to relate to more modern acts.

The title of the article is "SCOTCH BANKRUPTS" ** 

There are two sections in the article;

"Sequestrations" and

William Adam appears in the Examinations section. The article doesn't give any info past his name, residence and date of the "Examination". I know what sequestration is, but not examination.

Any help appreciated.

**side note, I dislike the use of the word "Scotch" to relate to Scots people, but it seemed to be in use back then as I've seen it often.

Hi everyone. I have a question.

I am aware that we are not allowed to discuss living people on these forums which is a good rule to protect privacy.

I have had my DNA tested and have discovered I match a Scottish Clan "Chief" with 25 cMs. I do not know where this match comes from because as far as I am aware I do not match anyone with those names or those I have found when researching their ancestry. I have emailed the person in question but have not had a response.

Is there a way of discussing this on here to gain more information because if I state "I match a person who is the chief of Clan X" that information is easily found online and the person identified.

Many thanks.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Pedigree collapse and DNA matching.
« on: Wednesday 18 September 19 17:42 BST (UK)  »
I have a somewhat early pedigree collapse in my ancestry. The same couple are my 4x great-grandparents on both my maternal and paternal sides. A son of the couple descends down to my father and a daughter of this couple descends down to my mother.

I am curious as to how this may muddy the waters for finding out where a match comes from? Has anyone else experienced this before? Does this majorly affect anything and is there anything I should consider?

Many thanks for any help/info.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Witness on Inverness OPR baptism please
« on: Wednesday 18 September 19 02:25 BST (UK)  »
This is for my 2x great-grandmother's baptism record.

She was Flora Cameron born 1837 in Inverness, Scotland to Duncan Cameron and Flora Stewart. 

I'm looking for help deciphering the witness' names on the far right of the image.

".... MacDonald & James .... "

Many thanks.

Hi everyone.

I have done 2 DNA tests, one with Living DNA and one with Ancestry.

I have uploaded both to GEDmatch, the Ancestry kit to My Heritage (not ready yet) and FTDNA.

There is a match that I am in touch with, but the different tests are showing vastly different numbers of cMs between us.

On GEDmatch I match G on my living DNA kit with 50.7 cMs
On GEDmatch with my Ancestry kit we match with 43.3 cMs

On Ancestry itself we match with 25 cMs.

I uploaded my Ancestry raw data to FTDNA and they state we match with 71 cMs.

Is it normal to have this amount of difference between a match on different sites?

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