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Somerset / Re: surname Larkkon/larkkom/larkon/Larkham ?
« on: Tuesday 04 April 17 14:02 BST (UK)  »
i found him through descendants of his wifes first marriage, they very thoughtfully included his uncommon name in there forenames.I have him wed in Bristol  in 1835 with 2 step daughters and son by wife Sarah, who must have been a looker as the old boy was 2nd of 3 marriages for her.
 He croaked in 1854. now gotta find his parents.
Ta for the thoughts.

Somerset / surname Larkkon/larkkom/larkon/Larkham ?
« on: Tuesday 04 April 17 11:06 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone encountered this name in Somerset, Ive a Thomas Lar**** born 1804 in Bristol and died in Bristol 1854. but cant get a lead on his parents. Larkenn larkin larcombe etc.
 I have this  From Trish1120. Bless her little cotton socks!
1851 he is born c 1804 Bristol****
Thomas Larkenn, 47
Ellen Larkenn, 44
Eliza Corry, 25
Hobert Larkenn, 14
Sarah A Bale, 6
Eliza Cooey, 6mths

Married Eleanor THOMAS  11 June 1835, Bristol

1841 Census
Thomas Larkom   35
Elenor Larkom   30
Eliza Thomas   14
Maria Thomas   13
Son Robert is nearby with the Roods.?

Family History Beginners Board / Larkkom/larkkon/larkon etc
« on: Tuesday 04 April 17 09:49 BST (UK)  »
    Please disregard this enquiry
 I have succeded in locating this Family and no longer need to put you good folk to all the trouble of covering the same ground. Thanks to all.

Having little luck finding anything on this family name in Birmingham/walsall/ bristol circa 1804/1890, has anyone encountered them ?

Got a Thomas Larkkon born 1804 in Somerset,probably died in Bristol/walsall/ Birmingham area between 1836 when his son Robert Joseph L was born and late 1850s when wife elen/eleanor remarries. cant find anything referring to his death.

The Common Room / music hall performer, Birmigham,Walsall?
« on: Monday 03 April 17 10:03 BST (UK)  »
Was told as a child that my Grandad was involved in music hall performances in Walssall Rushall areas, any way that I might find record of such.

Warwickshire / Re: Larkham and Roberts in Rushall abt 1890.
« on: Thursday 30 March 17 14:08 BST (UK)  »
 My flameing oath Brother, I'd give m left knut for a session down there, not caressed a Lion Red for 5 years and I'd bypass pass all other brews to to get at one any day.
The Larkkom crew cant make up their minds how to spell the name but I'll dig em up somehow.
Kia Kaha ! and all that.

Warwickshire / Re: Larkham and Roberts in Rushall abt 1890.
« on: Wednesday 29 March 17 14:01 BST (UK)  »
Ive spent days running in circles trying to get a lead on these rascals, If i could Kiss ya I would !
 On behalf of my dear departed Gran and Mum I thank you. Grab a pint at the Royal exchange and I'll square next time I'm passing.
Richard. in Nha Trang Vietnam.

Warwickshire / Larkham and Roberts in Rushall abt 1890.
« on: Wednesday 29 March 17 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Im seeking my Late Grans family in Rushall area. all that I know is that she ;Amelia Roberts born 6 April 1890.died 16 Dec.1969,Ponsonby Auckland, NZ .Daughter of Amelia Larkham and John Roberts. I have vague recall of mention of a pub or guest house in the family but thats a distant childhood memory and could be way off the mark.
Any one have any knowledge of this couple?
  In Hope, Richard

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