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Armed Forces / Re: details of a desertion from 3rd Dorset R, 1900.
« on: Friday 04 August 17 11:55 BST (UK)  »
note From Jebber :
You are unlikely to find anything further unless there is any mention in the newspaper, (not very likely)  he was discharged just after in July.
 If this infers discharge after imprisonment Id say 6 months in Chowky put a dent in his ego.

Armed Forces / Re: details of a desertion from 3rd Dorset R, 1900.
« on: Friday 04 August 17 11:43 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Jim1, did the territorial gig myself,not always the most fun you could have.
Cheap beer, good scran and firearms to muck about with the only good points.

Armed Forces / Re: details of a desertion from 3rd Dorset R, 1900.
« on: Friday 04 August 17 11:37 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Jebber, this was the only reference to him that i could glean ,from hint on Ancestry, dont know that he is my Gt.uncle but age and name match. Bournemouth is a bit out of the family patch but Ill look him over anyway.
Guess he had better things do do with his time eh! Had visions of a blindfold at dawn for a moment there,

Armed Forces / details of a desertion from 3rd Dorset R, 1900.
« on: Friday 04 August 17 10:13 BST (UK)  »
How might I find some detail behind this reference to my Gt,uncle Bertie? It's about as much as I know of him!
Name:   Bertie Stanley
Age:   19
Birth Year:   Abt 1881
Birth Place:   Edgbaston, Birmingham
Desertion Date:   19 Jan 1900
Desertion Place:   Shorncliffe
Publication Date:   30 Jan 1900
Regimental Number:   3848
Military Corps:   3rd Dorset R.

Warwickshire / Re: Larkham and Roberts in Rushall abt 1890.
« on: Monday 01 May 17 13:10 BST (UK)  »
 Just more grist for the mill, Im having doubts about the Maiden name of Thomas Larkhams spouse, I went with Greenman but that seems wrong to me now. See reference to a daughter and granddaughter name Covey? Then coveneys and coxseys.

Ive came up with this listing that seems loaded with potential but more than I can unravel.

House number 2
Street Wilkes Garden
Town -
Parish St Augustine the Less
City Bristol
County Gloucestershire
Hamlet -
Parliamentary borough Bristol
Municipal ward St Augustine
Registration district Bristol
Archive reference HO107
Piece number 1951
Folio 323
Page 18..

First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Gender Age Birth year Occupation Birth place 
Thomas Larkam Head Married Male 47 1804 Labourer Coal Yd Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Larkam Wife Married Female 44 1807 - Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Covey Daughter Married Female 25 1826 - Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Larkam Son Unmarried Male 14 1837 Errand Boy Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
IGNORE Sarah A Bull Niece - Female 6 1845 Scholar Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Covey Grand Daughter - Female 0 1851 - Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Census 1861  Stepmother to Ellen Larkam,
Name:   Emma Coxsey
Age:   52
Estimated birth year:   1809
Relation:   Stepmother
Gender:   Female
Where born:   Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Civil Parish:   Toxteth Park
Ecclesiastical parish:   St Thomas
County/Island:   Lancashire
Country:   England
Name   Age
John Coveny   33 HEAD
Eliza Coveny   34 WIFE
Amelia (jane)Coveny   6 Daughter
John Coveny   4 Son  ( marries S.A Butt in 1868!
Maria Coveny   1 Daughter
Frederick Coveny   1/12 Son
Sara Ann Butt   16 Niece
Emma Coxsey   52 Stepmother
Robert Coxsey   55 Stepfather

Robert and Richard Fell die on the same day ? Can this be correct?
Richard    Fell
Year    1772
Document reference    vol.116, f.
Index reference    1771011777060072.tif/28
 Robert Fell was buried 19.10.1771 and his Will is also at York Borthwick Institute Robert
Document reference    vol.116, f.59
Index reference    1771011777060072.tif/24

I saw and ducked around some of those references, bit of a mares nest eh!
The Fells were Lead miners, lucky to have any surviving prodgeny at all!
The pub stayed in family hands . So some nice background  Per this from ,
      As well as being closely associated with lead mining, the Fells also had associations with the Cotton industry in the Aire valley. In 1787 a Robert Fell, innkeeper of the Thanet's Arms in Skipton was the trustee of a John Hartley of Airton who had purchased Airton watermill [14] . The mill was extended from 1787 to 1797 and used for spinning Cotton Twist. Isaac and John Dewhurst, of Skipton and Embsay, later acquired Airton Mill in 1825 in partnership with Christopher Bracewell of Thornton in Craven [15] . This Robert Fell was the man who later joined in partnership with Foster Horner [16] . A John Fell, who may be related, was a cardmaster in the 1803 muster rolls for Skipton [17] . Although the Fells had associations with the Cotton industry, Foster Horner seems to have been mainly associated with the lead industry.

Somerset / Re: surname Larkkon/larkkom/larkon/Larkham ?
« on: Thursday 27 April 17 12:44 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Phil, Ive been on the board at WSMFHS since you referred me there but so far no Joy, nor Pat for that matter.  ;)

Thanks again Ciderdrinker
I stumbled onto this :
 document searchable by name etc.
  Got Fells aplenty recorded there, sad to see how many wee un's were laid under.
Men were pretty determined that their sons would carry the name forward weren't they.
 The Demaine family is there also but I'll need time to sort out which ones are mine.

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