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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: More Illegitimate Ancestors
« on: Monday 24 December 18 03:06 GMT (UK)  » Google...just found this:

"the GRO's indexes are secondary indexes" not "the original indexes held by local register offices", hence transcription errors can occur.
To find your certificates, it may be better to contact the local register offices where you think the events were originally registered.
Helpful advice I think.
There's also a link here which is worth a read:

I did once contact Sheffield RO about an entry so I could order the correct certificate.  I had to tell them the name of the mother (illegitimate child) and then they sent me the correct reference for the birth certificate I wanted - there were a lot to choose from, so this ensured I got the right one and didn't waste my money.

Okay no worries! I've already ordered the Cuttle one so I'll see what that says and hopefully it'll give me some more clues.
Thank you!

Europe / Re: Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Monday 24 December 18 03:01 GMT (UK)  »
have you tried Steve62 a very helpful fellow

I havent! Thank you for that!

I'll wait until I get William's marriage cert (with hopefully a father's name) and then I will send him a message!

Europe / Re: Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 11:02 GMT (UK)  »
Actually, on rereading the article, I now read it as that Mary is trying to say that Fanny really ISN’T a part of their family and thus neither is William.
You’re right.
It doesn’t explain though why William, with the same surname, is living with them in Huddersfield in 1841.
I know for sure that my direct ancestor William was living in Huddersfield at the time his daughter Fanny was born- 1845- (I have her birth cert in my files somewhere and it is registered in Huddersfield district and states his name and occ. as Carver and Gilder).

Europe / Re: Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 10:51 GMT (UK)  »
How do you know JB and W were brothers?

I ask because I am not getting the impression, just from reading  the newspapers, which obviously don’t tell the full story , they Ever were in business together. 

Added, JB denying any connection  (just the OCR again)

 Mr. Lombardini carver and gilder, Market place, to state that be is not the Mr Lombardini mentioned in our report ofthe above case last week, as having made an assignment in 1848. We under- stand that the gentleman referred to was Mr. W. Lombardini. H

08 November 1851 - Huddersfield Chronicle - Huddersfield, Yorkshire,

1856 JB had died and Mary’s Lombardi is running the business and now She is insolvent.

In the 1841 Census, John and William were living together, so that’s where I made that assumption.

This is the info it gives on the actual census:
John Lombardini (age 45) Carver and Gilder
wife Mary Lombardini
William Lombardini (age 35)
Maria, Agnes and Hannah as children (I imagine John and Mary’s)

This was all in one household and both Lombardini boys were noted as being born in Italy.

Also, there is a scathing article concerning a Fanny Lombardini (William’s daughter), penned by Mary (wife of John-Baptiste) that says “she is not part of my family”. I took that as to mean she was disowning her but I see it also can literally be interpreted as Fanny not being part of her family.

Europe / Re: Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 09:46 GMT (UK)  »
Dissolution of partnership between John Baptiste and Bernardo Camilo

I’ve just copied straight from the ocr, not my typos!

John Baptist Lomtiardini and Bernardo Caniillo Lombardini, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, carvers, gilders, and printsellers.

24 December 1825 - Birmingham Journal - Birmingham, Warwickshire

That's the one! Does it mention a relationship between the two as father-son?

Europe / Re: Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 09:16 GMT (UK)  »
While waiting for some experts to see your post.......this site might give you some ideas:

William's marriage certificate should show the name and occupation of his father.

Happy Christmas!

Thanks Nanny Jan!

Just ordered Will's marriage cert, hopefully that gives me some more info.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Europe / Help Needed ITALIAN Ancestry
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 08:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all!

I am incredibly new to Italian research, in fact I'm so new I have no idea where to begin!
One of my direct ancestors, William Lombardini, was (according to the UK 1841 Census) born in Italy. His age (35) at the time of the 1841 Census gives him an approx. birth date of 1806.
Funnily enough, his sibling, John-Baptiste Lombardini, was noted as being born in Switzerland at the time of the 1851 Census.
John-Baptiste and William are approximately 10 years apart in age and live in Huddersfield, England.
William marries a woman named Fanny Piercy in 1843 and John-Baptiste marries a woman named Mary Sutcliffe in 1836.

Both William and John are listed in UK and county directories through the years, as Carvers and Gilders.

I have two possible names of their father floating around in my head, one is Bermarita (told to me by another family member, but I have no proof) and a Bernardo Camillo Lombardini (however I cannot find the evidence I had for this name- it was a newspaper article saying that the brother's business had either gone downhill or closed due to the death of their father).

William died in 1869 in Yorkshire, England. John-Baptiste died in 1856 in Yorkshire, England.

What I'd love to find, is mention/evidence of William and John-Baptiste's father and mother, and possibly roots in Switzerland and Italy as well. As you see, I don't have much to go on, so any help is absolutely appreciated!

Thanks for reading, and seasons greetings!

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: More Illegitimate Ancestors
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 08:05 GMT (UK)  »
It's late and I'm a little woozy from pain killers, but my understanding is that for a birth registration where the parents are not married to each other but both are named, the GRO records the entry only once, in the surname of the father.  If the mother has never married then technically she does not have a 'maiden' surname, so her unmarried surname is not recorded at all, hence the - in the mmn field.

FreeBMD however, records the entry under both surnames.

So in this instance the GRO would only record the registration as Cuttle (father's surname) with no mmn noted.

Am I right in thinking that for an illegitimate birth the father has to be present for him to be named?

Only after 1874.

Thanks for this knowledge. I'm going to get on and order the Cuttle certificate right now.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: More Illegitimate Ancestors
« on: Sunday 23 December 18 08:02 GMT (UK)  »
You might be interested in this too.

By the way I checked my baptism transcriptions for Honley and Almondbury, but no luck.  Huddersfield FHS might be able to run a search for Annie Elizabeth's baptism for a small fee.  I only have the transcriptions I've mentioned.

I'm also not entirely sure but perhaps Annie Elizabeth wasn't baptised? Her grandfather was Italian and so there is a chance the family was Catholic. I don't know too much about this side as my grandma and great-grandma renounced all religion. Am I right in the fact that in Catholicism, illegitimate children could not be baptised?

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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