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this is just a test post

Although looking at some census returns where ME Walls appears later I fear I may be dissapointed .

Never mind ,it's all the fun of the chase !

Jen ,that's really useful .I've ordered Margaret Ellen Walls birth certificate .Hopefully it will have the address where she was born and that might match with census /electoral roll returns for her mother's family .

sorry Walls

Thank you Jim and Jen .

I wondered if the ae signified RC faith ,and St Josephs Church is RC .

I see the record on familysearch gives dob and the name of the Church .Would you know what source was used ?

Jen - just seen your post re Wall - ah ha ,will look at that .

Sophia Wall b1869 is my great grandmother living Gateshead .
1901 census Sophia has a husband Wm Watson and a daughter Ellen Watson birth year 1895 .
There is record of Sophia's marriage to Wm Watson in 1899 .the 1901 census lists an Ellen Watson birth 1895.

I would like to find details of Ellen Watson as I assume Wm Watson was not her father .

I have a confirmation certificate 1913 at St Mary's in name of Nellie Watson and a National Identity Card 1915 for Marguerite E Watson .
A marriage certificate with Margaret Ellen Wall age 22 marrying James Harpin 1916 .Margaret has been ammended to Marguerite and initialled by registrar .The space for her father's details has a line through it .

 Marguerite Ellen's dob is given 03/05/94 ( passport ) or 15/05/94 (1939 reg.)

Marguerite Ellen Wall presumably brought up as a Watson .

But I can't find Marguerite Ellen Wall baptised or a birth registered .Or Nellie/Ellen/Margaret Ellen /Marguerite Watson.I have tried searching 1894 +/- 20 years to try to catch late registrations

The closest I can get is a birth certificate for Margaret Ellen Wall born in Darlington 14/12/1893 and registered in 1894 ,parents Ellen and John .
a baptism record for a Margarita Wall ,baptised 8 May 1895 in Gateshead ,born 1894 .Mother Sophiae Wall ,no details for father . No birth registered .

As said I have a confirmation certificate for Nellie Watson ,so presumably a baptismal record of the same should exist ?
I think the baptism records for St Mary's in Gateshead are on microfiche but not available on line and are not indexed for the years in question .

Jan-1889   Jun-1912   No   EP/Ga.SM 1/69   M42/280

Is it fairly common for a birth to remain unregistered ? Other than travelling to Durham Records Office how can I search their baptismal records ?

I'm sorry if this is too long a post ,I was trying to give all relevant details .

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