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Northumberland / James Smith Alnwick 1891.b.Buckinghamshire 1827.
« on: Sunday 05 April 20 19:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi folk's I wondered if once again the you could help.James Smith born Buckinghamshire c1827
is living in Alnwick in the 91 census army pensioner with wife Hannah and sons William and George.
We think he may be the brother of my GTx2 grandfather John Ford Smith b.1825 Bucks who lived
in Gateshead/Newcastle 1851-1903.My brother has found James I think in the 1851 census as a soldier hence what we believe is the connection,as I'm restricted to Familysearch I cannot find any
other information however I input birthplace and dates on marriage,births census etc any help would be appreciated.Regards Steve.

Durham / Watson family Seaham 1860's
« on: Thursday 27 February 20 13:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Folks,I was wondering if there were any online directories for Seaham for the 1860's? My
GTx2 Grandfather Robert Watson was in Chester-le-street in the 1851 and 61 census by 71
the family are in Gateshead with two daughters born in Seaham in the mid 1860's,over the
years his occupations centre around accountancy so there may be a directory entry,any help

Northumberland / Thomas Fraser Northumberland/Durham.
« on: Tuesday 18 February 20 07:42 GMT (UK)  »
Morning folks,I was looking back over an old post that the good folks here helped me out with
and Thomas Fraser(Frazier?) it seems would be my Gtx3 Grandfather as explained in the post
I,m really only restricted to familysearch which shows nothing at all that helps I just wondered
if anyone could dig up any information at all on Thomas and Margaret their marriage births etc.
Regards Steve.

Cambridgeshire / Wayman Family Littleport.
« on: Friday 13 September 19 22:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Folks,my GTx2 Grandfather was Elijah Wayman born I think c1838 around Ely.I think they
are in the 1841 census in Littleport so his Father appears to be James Mother Mary and sister
Sarah and it looks like possibly a workhouse.He ended up in Newcastle in the 1871 Census but
died 1878 although he seems to be registered as Edward and my Gt Grandmother had him as
such on both her marriage certs.I cant find him in the 51 census there is an Elijah Wayman in the
1861 census in the army.I have no trace of the rest of the Family at all,wondered if anyone can
help especially with Mary's maiden name.
TIA Steve.

Armed Forces / Pre WW1 soldier information.
« on: Thursday 29 August 19 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi folks,my wifes Gt Grandfather died in India in 1916 with the 2nd Garrison Bn Northumberland
Fusilier's.The folks over on GWF especially one of the members with a special knowledge of the
regiment although his records were lost did find he had originally served with the 2nd Bn and was
wounded/sick in May 1915 (he was awarded the 14/15 star).His name was George Rose 7812 and
as I told them we have been unable to trace him in the 91 or 01 Census there was a strong belief
he was possibly a pre war regular just wondered if there's any route to go down to see if this is
the case?I also think as he did not marry till aged 31 this may also be a clue to an army career.
TIA Steve.

Durham / Saltwell burial records.
« on: Friday 12 July 19 12:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi folks,going back donkeys years before the online boom in family history I got the information
from Gateshead Council of the burial place of My Gt Grandfather William Abbey Smith in Saltwell
Cemetery,fast forward to last year and fellow  Rootschatter's  helped solve the correct name
and date of death of his youngest son Ernest Stanley Smith and after following the online link here
to the records lo and behold he was in the same plot as his father! If only twenty years earlier
the very helpful lady at the council had written all the others buried there a twenty year search
would not have been needed.She did write down the others in Gt Grandmothers plot(their son
and his wife),I was wondering is there anywhere the plot number could be searched to see if a third
person is buried there if so would it be another trip to the council offices I ask because I'm missing
only one member of the family John Henry Smith Born C.1886 who disappears after the 1901 census,family folklore tells of someone killed falling off a roof while planting a flag at the end of the
Boer war!

England / Surname Anselmi
« on: Friday 17 May 19 23:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi Folk's,I'm fortunate to have a dozen or so photos of my Dad's time in the army 1944 to 46,some group shot's have his comrade's names written on the back most fairly common British in origin but a couple have a Steve Anselmi named.I thought it an unusual name obviously Italian in origin but nothing matches in free Bmd maybe to see where he originated from.Any thought's?

Durham Lookup Requests / Heworth St Mary Cemetery look up please.
« on: Sunday 17 March 19 00:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Folk's I posted in the main Durham forum and realise now this was the proper place,just
wondered if anyone was able to access the burial record's for this church if it was possible
to see if a George Smith(D.aged 1 Sept Qtr 1926) was a burial,I think he was the last child
of Robert Smith and Sophia (nee Kirton) my Grandparent's,they lived in Felling but no burial
in Gateshead East Cemetery.
Many thank's Steve Smith.

Durham / George smith Gateshead B.1925.D.1926.Heworth Burial?
« on: Thursday 14 March 19 23:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Folk's,I was passing time on free BMD tonight and really looking at stuff I already knew but
looking at birth's in Gateshead for Smith with mother's maiden name Kirton(my Grandad and
Grandma) I looked further than my Dad's birth(Edward Stanley 1923) I found a George 1925
died 1926,this was a bit of a co-incidence as George was the name of Grandad's youngest
brother and I seem to recall talk of a lost sibling from Dad many moon's ago.I checked the
burial's for Gateshead east as the family lived at Catherine Street Felling then Railway terrace
opposite the Cemetery but no Burial,just wondered if anyone was visiting the record's for Heworth
if a quick look was possible as the other likely burial place.
Many thank's Steve Smith.
Sorry should say death Sept.qtr of 1926

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