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The Common Room / Re: Google Maps For Graves.
« on: Tuesday 31 August 21 20:10 BST (UK)  »
Was a piece about this on R4's PM programme tonight.

Atlantic Geomatics to map and photograph 19,000 Church of England Churchyards.


The Common Room / Re: Your first 1921 census look up
« on: Thursday 22 July 21 20:28 BST (UK)  »
reply 10surely 1921 will be free to view if on a site

As I understand it initially the 1921 will be charged per view in addition to a regular subscription. FindMyPast did similar with the 1939 register when that was first released before later including it with regular memberships.

Standing by to be corrected.  ;D


The Common Room / Re: Your first 1921 census look up
« on: Sunday 18 July 21 23:10 BST (UK)  »
First stop for me will be my Grandad and his family. Hoping to pin down who his step mother was and where she was from.

By 1921 I will (should  ;D) be able to see all four of my grandparents.

Great to have something to look forward to.


The Common Room / Re: Are you a Genealogist or Family Historian?
« on: Saturday 17 July 21 23:10 BST (UK)  »
I think most of us here would say that we are both.

Back when I started all of this I did a five week course at the local library. The tutor there said that genealogy was the "nuts and bolts" of how we all fitted together with births, marriages and deaths, whilst "family history" looked at the wider picture of the lives of our forebears. How and where they lived, loved and died and the events in the world they lived in.


Hi everyone,

It's three weeks now since my Ancestry DNA results came in and I'm getting on quite well with sorting my matches into some sort of order. So far my traditional research is being confirmed and no one seems to have been 'playing away'.

The main reason for me testing was to try and prove or disprove that my 2xG Grandmother Mary Ann Thomas was the daughter of James Thomas and Caroline Kitcherside. Most evidence points to this being the case but on her marriage to my 2xG Grandfather William Holden in 1877 Mary Ann's father is given as John, not James. Earlier this year I had lots of help and advice on my Rootschat  thread about this puzzle.

My closest match is to my Dad's brother, uncle 'I' at 1932cm over 59 segments. 'I' is a Great Grandson of William and Mary Ann.

I also match to 'P' at 123cm/4 and his son 'K' at 52cm/2. 'P' and 'K' are Great Grandson and 2xG Grandson of William and Mary Ann.

Also in my Holden group is 'A' at 51cm/3, another 2xG Grandson.

Then it started to get exciting. I match 'L' at 10cm/1 and 'N' at 19cm/1 . Thrulines for both 'L' and 'N' is saying that our shared ancestors are James Kitcherside  and Frances/Fanny Street. James and Frances are showing as Grandparents of Caroline Kitcherside, potential mother of 'my' Mary Ann. Thrulines has 'L' and 'N' as fifth cousins once removed to me and third cousins to each other descended from an Aaron Adsett.

I have no shared matches with either 'L' or 'N'. Not even each other.

A google of 'N' led to a detailed website of the Adsett family history.

I have started to work a tree backwards, forwards and sideways from Aaron Adsett found on the 1841 census. So far my findings are confirming the Thrulines and Adsett website as correct. They are big families and a large proportion of them emigrate to Australia from the 1850s so lots to look at yet.

So is this my Kitcherside connection proved? Two things are bothering me:

1/ Am I going about this the right way?

2/ Should I be concerned that none of my Holden matches, known descendants of William and Mary Ann are shared matches to me with 'L' or 'N'? Or is this accounted for by the reduced chance of fifth cousins and beyond matching?

Thanks for reading to the end. Any advice or suggestions are very welcome.

Best regards, Tony.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Friday 25th June
« on: Sunday 27 June 21 22:47 BST (UK)  »
Or get a Blackbird to take up residence.  ;D

Whist having my morning coffee on the patio the other day I watched as Mrs Blackbird dealt with a huge slimy slug she had found behind a pot.

Seizing it by the tail she pulled it backwards, rolling and coating the beast in dust to neutralise the slime.

It was then an easy matter to chop it with her beak into bitesize pieces and consume!

Grisly but fascinating.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Friday 25th June
« on: Sunday 27 June 21 21:56 BST (UK)  »
Any  tips  on  slugs, whilst  I  have  been away  my  neighbour collected a whole  pickle  jar  of  slugs  for  me  to see, no  I  will  not  be pickling them !!
Any  ideas, they  ate  a  whole plant

Louisa  Maud

I sprayed the emerging shoots of my hosta with a garlic solution as described by Viktoria. I also left five peeled cloves of garlic on the surface of the soil in the pot. For the first year ever I am enjoying hole free hosta leaves. Might be a coincidence but I will definitely do the same next year.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Ancestry DNA kit
« on: Saturday 29 May 21 15:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi NooshieW

I had email acknowledging receipt of sample yesterday.  Registered kit and posted sample nearly 3 weeks ago.

So seems about normal.


Scotland / Re: Stepdad as an Uncle
« on: Friday 14 May 21 19:12 BST (UK)  »
My widowed grandfather remarried at the age of 71. We children (aged between 9 and 16) always called her 'Auntie Dot'.

As others have said children would never address adults by only their 'Christian' name. Neighbours would be Mrs Jones or Mr Smith whilst closer friends of our parents were 'Auntie' Jane or 'Uncle' John.

My Dad's Auntie Joyce was actually his cousin but, as Joyce was close in age to my Nan, all the family used the prefix 'Auntie'.


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