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So he’s William George Jones mmn O’Callan birth reg Jun qtr 1913 St Marylebone, and presumably the next child is Molly Jones mmn O’Callun, Mar qtr 1915 St Marylebone?

Simon Radford (snr) in the 1861 census is 45 born “Claydon”, Devon.

Possible baptism 1815 at Clayhidon, Devon - Simon, son of John Radford, husbandman, and Margaret.  The transcription gives a “birthdate” of 25 December 1815 but without seeing the original I can’t be sure whether that is really the birthdate or the baptism date.

Perhaps you have seen that they married as Simon Radford and Eliza Hanney, Dec qtr 1839 Taunton? As has been said, the marriage registration should contain paternal information.

Tracing the children, of whom I count 13 - mother’s maiden name varies:

Elizabeth Radford, mmn Hanning, Mar qtr 1838 Taunton (bapt as Elizabeth Hanney, d as Elizabeth Radford Hanney, Sep qtr 1838 Taunton)
Simon Radford, no mmn, Jun qtr 1839 Taunton
Susan Radford, mmn Henry, Jun qtr 1841 Taunton (possibly becomes known as Elizabeth?)
Robert Radford, mmn Hanning, Mar qtr 1843 Taunton (died aged 0, Mar qtr 1843 Taunton)
Caroline Radford, mmn Allen, Mar qtr 1844 Taunton
Louisa Radford, mmn Hannay, Jun qtr 1846 Taunton
Robert Radford, mmn Hannah, Jun qtr 1848 Taunton
Edward Radford, mmn Henney, Sep qtr 1850 Taunton
Emma Radford, mmn Hanney, Dec qtr 1852 Axbridge (possibly “Hannah” in 1861? Marries as Emma.)
Matilda Radford, mmn Anning, Dec qtr 1855 Taunton
Fanny Radford, mmn Henney, Mar qtr 1858 Axbridge
James Radford, mmn Henney, Mar qtr 1858 Axbridge
Lucy Radford, mmn Heenly, Dec qtr 1859 Axbridge

Have you traced the lodger William Hanney who is lodging with the family in 1851 (21 b Taunton) in case he is related?

You should be able to click through the links on the thread, can you not?

You would need to be signed into Ancestry, either with an individual subscription or using a library subscription or taking advantage of one of the free weekends they offer from time to time.

Excellent news :)

We know from the sleuthing of jonw65 in the workhouse records that Thomas was already a "son" of the Hastings couple by 1869, but I fear he (and they) may continue to be elusive in 1871. 

If they were on the wrong side of the law they may have deliberately adopted alias names, but a chaotic and itinerant lifestyle moving between lodgings also meant people were at risk of being accidentally missed from a census.

Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1850 Billericay marriage WHITBY/SHOEBRIDGE?
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Yes his marital status is Wdr (widower).  He's a bootmaker.  I suppose there is no reason why one couldn't combine boot/shoemaking with missionary/evangelical activities - it didn't need to be a wholesale career change from one to the other.

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