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OK, I have settled on just one family -- David Jones (b 1812) and Anne Bevan (b 1817) and their five sons: John Bevan Jones (b about 1837); David Thomas Jones (b about 1851); Edward Jones (b about 1853); Pryce Jones (b about 1856); and William Jones (b about 1858). So Anne was 41 or so when William was born. John Bevan Jones moved to Wolverhampton and several others drifted there and stayed with his family as well, but William kept going and ended up in Australia.  Thanks for all your help, especially heywood.

On that evidence we have David Jones (b about 1812) and Anne Bevan/Beavan (b about 1820) as the parents of William Jones (b 1858), all at Berriew. And a different David Jones (b Berriew about 1818) and Anne Beavan/Bevan (b Berriew about 1817) as the parents of John Bevan Jones (b about 1836 in Berriew) who married Louisa Deaken in 1857 in Wednesfield in Wolverhampton. So William Jones and John Bevan Jones would probably have been related, since they were all from Berriew and William went to stay with John Bevan Jones' family in Wolverhampton. But it would appear they were not brothers. So at the time of his marriage to a 15yo bride, William would have been about 35, not 29 as he claimed. How does that sound?

I have followed heywood's advice and got the transcript of the official marriage registration for William Jones, which was not among the family documents I had. That says he was born in Wolverhampton and is 29yo on 2 Nov 1893, so born about 1864. It gives his father as David Jones (furnaceman) and his mother as Anne Bevan. We know William stayed with John Bevan Jones in Wolverhampton, who had the same parents. I thought that might have been his uncle, but perhaps it was his brother. I have John Bevan Jones' baptism at Berriew on 20 Nov 1836, and the marriage of David Jones and Anne Bevan at Berriew on 2 Mar 1835. Anne Bevan was baptised at Berriew on 11 May 1817 and David Jones was baptised there on 29 Apr 1818, if I have the right people. So when John Bevan Jones was born, his father was about 18 and his mother was about 19. If they are also the parents of William, born about 1864 (I haven't found a baptism), then Anne would have been 47 and David would have been 46, which is starting to ring a few alarm bells.
We know from the family picture album that John Bevan Jones' daughter Zillah Anne (Gillian) is described as William's sister, whereas she would have been his niece, but with only four years' difference in age. That doesn't worry me.
However, the other possibility is that the original scenario is correct, with William as an illegitimate son taking his mother's name as his own, and that William was filling in the gaps in his own parentage by borrowing names and details from his uncle when it came to filling out forms in Australia.
The other consideration is that the child born out of wedlock at Berriew is William ALEXANDER Jones, and none of the Australian material carries a middle name.
So I have made progress -- I think. If Anne Bevan was born in 1817, perhaps William was born earlier than 1864, but has shaved a few years off his age on his marriage papers -- especially as his bride is only 15. If I could find an earlier baptism, where Anne Bevan was, say, 44 rather than 47 when she gave birth to William, I would be happier. Thanks to everyone.

On his marriage certificate he says he was born in Gothenburg which Wiki tells me "is the second-largest city in Sweden, fifth-largest in the Nordic countries, and capital of the Västra Götaland County". So definitely not Croydon!

Yes, I have read the divorce file. He was actually born at Ejgde norr, Kville, Västra Götaland, Sweden. I think the Croydon reference is another part of the attempt at Anglicisation. Geoff


Australia / DEED POLL change of name Victoria to ADOLPH (ADOLF) JOHNSTON before 1890
« on: Friday 23 September 22 03:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
Is it possible to get digital copies of deed poll records from the Public Records Office of Victoria for the period before 1890? Adolph was born Adolph Carl Johannesson in Sweden in 1868. At his marriage in 1890 in Melbourne he gave his name as Adolph Johnston. I don't know for sure that he changed his name officially, he may have just decided to Anglicise his name unofficially. But if there is a deed poll record I would love to find it. The only PROV files on him that I could find was his divorce in 1927. But it seems from the PROV index that it might only have change of name records after 1904. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Geoff Turner

The link is just to Anne Jones who married William Morris. That comes from the 1859 baptism (William Alexander Jones) and 1861 census (William A Jones). He never used his middle name in Australia, to the best of my knowledge, and he is just called William Jones in his obits. The family knew him as Billy Jones. The 1893 marriage documents just use William Jones. The names of his parents are not required, just a statement that he is of legal age and free to marry etc. The clergyman signed another piece of paper saying he had legally married them. I think they are probably just the family records so I have sent away to the registry to see if there is more on those documents. We know he was 84 when he died in 1944, so 1859-60 works. One of the obits says he was born in Welshpool and went as a youth to Wolverhampton where he was in the Heath Town school choir (the John Jones family lived at Heath Town) before migrating to Australia at age 19. So that all ties in. But I get the feeling I should hold off now until I see if the BDM tells me anything new (that will be in a week or so).
Thanks for all your help. Geoff 

Yes that is the right John Jones and Louisa Deaken. They had four children including a daughter Zillah Annie (married name Gleve). We have pictures of Zillah and her family in the family photo album. I think Anne Jones who married Thomas Morris was probably the sister of John Jones, which means her father was also David Jones the miller.
I have communicated with Haze02 who has Anne Jones saying at her marriage that her father was William (decd), but of course that is the Anne Jones who married EVAN Morris.
There is a Thomas Morris who died in 1891 in Llanfyllin (where Thomas Morris was born in 1828) which could be Anne's husband. But i is hard to tell with such common names.

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