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Lincolnshire / Re: Fisher/Arnold family Market Deeping
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
So you are actually researching the Fisher line.  If Jack (or was he born as John?) & Mary are now deceased what exactly are you looking for?

If you are looking for living descendants - we can’t help as Rootschat has a “no living persons” policy.

You can use freebmd to look for marriages for them and to look for children born to those marriages

As your gran is still alive - is she not able to give you that info?

Your gran will know her parents names and mothers maiden name so you can use freebmd to find their marriage and then trace her ancestry via the census info which can be found on

Sorry for the confusion I’m trying to find out about my nans uncles who served in WW1 Charlie’s family more so as Herbert was killed in action and is buried at Hannescamps


Lincolnshire / Re: Fisher/Arnold family Market Deeping
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 17:02 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry - haven’t a clue why I typed Grimsby.  His birth was registered in Spalding ::)
Yes Spalding is right. My nan had a brother Jack and a sister Mary both have since passed, it’s this part of the family I know nothing about.

Lincolnshire / Re: Fisher/Arnold family Market Deeping
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
The Arnold/Fisher marriage was 1946.  What year was Jean born and was she born in Lincolnshire?

Your grandfather was born 1920 Grimsby

What year was John J Fisher born and who did he marry?

You can look up your grans birth reg on freebmd which will give her mothers maiden name


Just realised you have used present tense for your gran so endorse Rosie’s comments below

Yes married in June 1946 but grandfather wasn’t born in Grimsby. John James married Annie Richmond.

Lincolnshire / Fisher/Arnold family Market Deeping
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 16:00 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for information or relatives of Fisher and Arnold family originating from Market Deeping. John James and his brothers Charles William and Herbert were in WW1 unfortunately Herbert never made it home. Any info would help with our family tree.

World War One / Re: Help Identifying WW1 soldier
« on: Tuesday 13 November 18 13:49 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry to intrude on the conversation but my nan who’s father was John James, and Charles and Herbert were her uncles. She has/had a sister and brother. Any info would be gratefully received. I have some information on their WW1 service

Moderator comment: edited to remove the names of potentially living people

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