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Lanarkshire / Re: Map of St Kentigern's Cemetery, 951 Balmore Road, Glasgow please
« on: Wednesday 09 January 19 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
The Family History section in the Mitchell Library has the burials for St Kentigern's.  Assuming you know a date of death you can visibly examine the records which are in date order and look through the days after the death.   That will give you the lair number and location.

Haha, yes having a laugh at myself for saying that !    You are right.  There is a good range of grey tones so I just assumed it was black as it was so dark. 

Thank you for having a look.   That range would definitely rule out my grandmother as being in the photo as she was born 1894.   Would that be described as a "mourning" dress worn by the lady or was black a fairly common colour ?  Reason I ask is I know her husband died in 1903 and wondered if this is a photo taken around that time.  If so that would make the girl back right about 10 years old if it was my grandmother.  I have a photo of her I can date to 1916 and there is, well at least I think so, a strong facial resemblance around the eyes, nose and mouth. 

Lanarkshire / Re: Tracing Thomas McCabe's grave in Glasgow
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 15:59 GMT (UK)  »
I appreciate this is quite an old enquiry, but have you checked the burial records for St Peter's Cemetery, Dalbeth.


Thank you for the reply.   I had always assumed my gran was the baby as she was the last born, but that dating would place this 1902 onwards.  My grandmother was born 1894, so if it is her family that would mean she is one of the older girls.  Interestingly, I had always thought there was a likeness in the girl back right, but had discounted it thinking it was an older photo ie 1894/95.    So it could be the children are cousins. 

Hmm more to contemplate.

Thanks again

I found this photo among my late mothers things.  It was in a small box along with other photos of my grand parents.  I get the impression that they was important photos to the family in that they were stored separately from others.  I have often thought there was a family resemblance to my grandmother who was a Callaghan and that one of the girls could be my grandmother as a young girl or baby.

The original is a post card and I have also included the reverse.  My research suggests the format used could be after 1907 ?   Any help greatly appreciated.

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