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Cork / Thomas and Honora Dobbins - County Cork 1800s?
« on: Tuesday 17 September 19 03:03 BST (UK)  »
I've recently come across some information regarding my ancestors and after months of searching, I was able to break a brick wall regarding my 3 x great grandfather's parents.

On the death record for their son James their names were Thomas Dobbins and his wife Honroa Coffer. I found an immigration passport for 1846 for Honora coming to the US from County Cork but not much more. This is where I hit another brick wall. I'd guess Honroa would have been born around 1820 and Thomas could be around 1815 but these are educated guesses.

Would there be any insight or details for trying to find out more information about any connections to any additional lineage in the county? I do know records can be hard to come by the further back you go.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

United States of America / Re: James L. Dobbins Family - New York
« on: Wednesday 19 June 19 13:32 BST (UK)  »
I checked my Dobbins line from the South of Ireland. No Southern Irish and Northern Irish in those days. All ended up in Missouri. No New York.

I did keep seeing Dobbins based out in Illinois and Kansas for when I was trying to research James' father popping up in my hints, but thank you for checking!

I also spoke to my relative and they said that the only thing they were able to go off of was this manifest of James entering New York at at 13. Given his birth year it'd be between 1835 to 1840 that I have. I had also found a Census from 1900 in his hometown saying he arrived in 1848, but I also know those can be estimates. Sorry for the potato quality, had to meet the file size requirements.

United States of America / Re: James L. Dobbins Family - New York
« on: Wednesday 19 June 19 01:09 BST (UK)  »
this information is just as confusing, the parents marry in 1834 or so, but have a daughter b 1829. People dying all over the place in the US, but at least it might eliminate the Erie county connection to your family, since theirs includes a James b 1846 who died I forgot where. You'll need to click on the family members to get the whole story.

We know your James lived to adulthood, so it isn't like there were two sons named James in the one family.

Sorry for being so "flip" (old US slang), I'm on a painkiller and haven't slept well in a week because of what it was prescribed for. Probably should get some rest and take a fresh look at this in the AM.

No worries and thanks. I'll reach out to my relative and see if they had anything on their end they may have forgot mentioning and I'll also keep poking too just incase its something obvious on my end. Hope you feel better!

United States of America / Re: James L. Dobbins Family - New York
« on: Wednesday 19 June 19 00:12 BST (UK)  »
The Cortland - Fulton connection is possible, since they aren't that far apart.
Except that the Fulton man, John Dobbins was born in Cork and the Cortland man Patrick was said to be born in KIlkenny. Makes it difficult.

Understandable. I've been trying to check most of this afternoon to see if I could find any correlation or something I may have overlapped. Know it was a longshot but maybe I was overlooking something?

United States of America / Re: James L. Dobbins Family - New York
« on: Wednesday 19 June 19 00:10 BST (UK)  »
Are Sockelf and BingoBuster the same person?

Sorry for the late reply! I have seen that thread actually. They're actuslly a relative of mine and we've been collaborating and I've based some of the said post. I've offered to help work on this side since I've had more time and they've been a bit busy on their end. Probably should have mentioned I was working on someone's behalf :p

United States of America / James L. Dobbins Family - New York
« on: Tuesday 18 June 19 21:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping for some clarify, as this has been bugging me a little bit. I've been trying to cross reference and expand my family tree and found some pretty solid information regarding James' children but kind of went down a rabbit hole when I was trying to research his supposed family. I forget where, but it might have been early in building my tree, but I could have sworn I found some correlation between James and them. I kept finding relatives in Cortland / Erie, NY and built my tree off of that, but going back, there's some potential discrepancies that I'm not 100% sure if its human error, or if they people who've posted it are wrong. This was before I in-depth fact checked and added family trees if certain details lined up, so I know better now a days. Currently, I'm not sure I can find where I found the original information that led me down this road.

My question is if there's any records that line up Jame's being related to the individuals from Cortland / Erie NY. I'd rather pay for my early mistake and be wrong before building upon an incorrect tree (even though I've been getting great results from it)

James L. Dobbins (APR 1835 County Cork, Ireland) - this is vague since I wasn't able to pinpoint the exact location of his birth - 11 JUN 1909 New York, New York)

Married Mary A. Cryan (18 JUL 1837 Ballycullane, Tintern, Wexford, Ireland -  6 SEP 1914 Fulton, New York) Know her death date is accurate.

Jame's alleged parents:

Michael Dobbins  (MAY 1801 Castledermot, Kildare, Ireland) - Unknown Death
Margaret Cremin (1806 County Cork, Ireland - 29 APR 1853 New York)

The Children I've come across sometimes have James in it, others do not. I'm not sure if there were more children based on what I was seeing currently:

Patrick Kerry Dobbins (MAR 1844 County, Kilkenny, Ireland - 2 FEB 1915 Homer, Cortland, New York, United States)
Mary Dobbins (1839 Coolagarranroe, Burncourt, Co Tipperary, Ireland - Unk)
David Dobbins (1831 Coolagarranroe, Burncourt, Co Tipperary, Ireland - Unk)

Any help would be appreciated if possible:

Thank you

Thank you for the finds! And to answer your other question, I could try and reach out, but the New York Giants are no more and were sent to California to become the San Francisco Giants. I suppose I could try and see if they cataloged anything during their time in New York!


Have you looked thru


I've taken a small dive into there and grabbed a few articles, but haven't done so extensively.


The Times Record  Troy, New York 31 Dec 1958, Wed  -   Page 26


Hi Sandra. Thank you for that, I had no idea about the secret service aspect and him being an escort for the president! Excellent catch

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