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I have sent a PM as well. Thank you so much for your help!

I have a mystery in my tree. I have a couple George Rogers jr May16 1793 Sevier co TN- circa 1848 Ripley Tippah co Mississippi was married to Elizabeth ?? (Tippet is what you see most often in family trees but my relative their granddaughter wrote that she was a Boone (cousin or half-cousin to Daniel Boone) there is also 1 other name that sometimes appears as her maiden name.) I am hoping to find proof of which name is correct for her. Here are more details about their family:
George and Elizabeth married in Kentucky in 1813. Their son William Riely Rogers was born in 1814 (I think), next son Hiram K I believe was born 1816-1883, George Washington Rogers 1818 (I may have guessed these birth dates based on the one I know and birth order that I know), Rev. John Commodore Rogers 1820, James Madison Rogers June 25 1822 I know he was still alive in 1853, my relative Major Jefferson Carroll Rogers March 24 1824 Lawrence TN-Feb 27 1885 Milam Co Texas (I have a letter from his Mom Elizabeth written 1854 that mentions most of the siblings above as still living), Cornelius Asbury Rogers b 1814 or 1826 (sorry I seem to have conflicting info) he is also still alive in 1854, Thomas Franklin Rogers, Jane Rogers, Eliza Rogers, Lavina (Lavinia) Rogers Cartwright /Jones,  Emily Catherine Rogers Wray.
     Elizabeth the mother died in Tippah Mississippi in 1854.
Thank you so much for any help I can get on this one. I would love to be able to have a source document that has her maiden name on it.

Fermanagh / Re: Wilson-Marriage Record Look up-Enniskillen
« on: Monday 11 March 19 16:22 GMT (UK)  »
Wow! You are all incredible. I see now the mistakes I've made with dates (face palm). I must've estimated them at some point and not updated as I found more info. I also see that I should have given you every bit of info I have on their families.
So Thomas Wilson and wife 1 Margaret Jane (I now think she is Livingstone based on what you all have sent me) I think this wife died around 1873. Had 7 children: Angel who died in 1916 (not sure of birth date) and she had no children. Then Mary Ann Wilson who married Jonathon Pollock, next was Alexander Wilson who I believe had a daughter Gertie who married a Kerr, then Robert Wilson, next my relative Margaret Jane Wilson Feb 11 1865-May 3 1930 who married William Gilbert in Dublin (Son of Thomas Gilbert and Mary Moore), George Wilson who moved to the USA and finally Elizabeth Wilson.
          Thomas Wilson then remarried Jane Carrothers. They had the following 7 children: Lettie Wilson Grimoson, Rebecca Wilson married Jack Beresford (had children Harold, William, Edith, Mable), Thomas William Wilson July 8 1877 Enniskillen- Dec 26 1958 New Jersey, Catherine Wilson married Thomas Beresford had daughter Bertha (Jack and Thomas are brothers), Charlotte Wilson, William Wilson, Ben Wilson died after 1959 (was living in 1959 in Port Stewart)

I have found someone I believe to be related online whose parent's last names were Howe (father) and Brown (mother) and through her mother's side had the Wilson cousins that owned or ran the post office in Enniskillen. Trying to figure out how her Wilson's connect to mine.

Fermanagh / Wilson-Marriage Record Look up-Enniskillen
« on: Monday 11 March 19 12:13 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for two marriage certificates for Thomas Wilson born 1842 died 1901. I believe he was a Methodist. Lived at 35 Townhall Street Enniskillen Ireland in April of 1887. Listed his occupation as Farmer. His first wife was Margaret Jane (maybe O'Brien?) they had 7 Children first one, Angel born in 1850 last one born around 1867-9. Then he married a Jane Carrothers (sp?). They also had 7 children. First child Lettie born 1875.
    In particular, I am hoping to find the maiden name of Margaret Jane and any identifying info for her parents etc.
     On another note (and I might need to make this a new post) this is my first time posting here. I think there was a family of Wilsons that owned or ran the Post Office in Enniskillen (two of the sons fought in WWI). They might be cousins to the above. Any info at all you could tell me about them would be appreciated.
Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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