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Wow that looks much better.   I didn't like the reddish colour it had before.   What you've done looks much more like a sepia photo should look.
Very happy  :D .........Sashar

Hi Peter,
I've scanned again but don't think there is too much improvement.   The original is pretty faded and tattered.  I scanned the left hand side where the 2 signs are.
Is it possible to make the image into a "negative".  Just thinking that might be easier to read?

Appreciating your help.........Sashar

Thanks Peter,  Pretty hard to decipher I agree.
I know Terence SMITH worked for the Railways and around 1908-1920's the family were living at Parrakie.   They were definitely there in 1920-1924 although last 2 babies born at Pinnaroo 1920 & 1922.   Their mail was still Parrakie at that time.
I'll see how I go with another scan and send a bit later after I've eaten  :)

Thankyou again.......Sashar

Thankyou to the talented Handypandy, Mike, Yvonne & Peter - all amazing versions and so much improved on the original.
Thanks Peter for your input on the date being around 1920s. 

Does anyone know if it is possible to get an image of what is written on the sign that is on the left of the image.  Just the words at the top.  It may not be possible but thought it worth asking.

Thankyou all, a great job ...........Sashar

I realise these photo's are hard to date especially when the 3 men in this image are dressed so differently.
I think the man in the middle is Terence SMITH b.1863 died 1928.

If anyone is able to restore the photo, that would be a bonus.......thanks, Sashar

Just adding, I have several Terence SMITH's in Sth Australia, I'm trying to work out which one the image may be of..........Sashar

1. b. 1834 died 1866
2. b. 1863 died 1928
3. b.1895 as Thomas Terence died 1952
4. b. 1910 died 1984

Wow, that's amazing - thanks heaps Handypandy, great job  ;D.......Sashar

Thankyou Pat & Sarah,
Looks much better up the right way  :D

Hoping to get a date for the attached photo.......thanks, Sashar

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