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Armagh / Andrews and Maxwell Families
« on: Friday 10 March 06 01:00 GMT (UK)  »
Thomas ANDREWS and his wife Eliza MAXWELLimmigrated to Canada abt 1847 so right in the Potato Famine. I have no idea where they were from in  Armagh.

Their tombstone in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada  states that Thomas was born in 1816 and that Eliza was born 16 June 1819 and that they were "Natives of Armagh"
So where do I look now?

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Adding a smiling circle
« on: Friday 10 March 06 00:37 GMT (UK)  »
Recently I send a email to someone on this site and included one of the round smiling faces. When a saw my message it had the smiling face but also some text after it. The text seemed to be  generated by the computer discribing the face etc.

So what did I do wrong?

Canada / Re: Canada 1911 Census lookup please.
« on: Thursday 09 March 06 05:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Neil
Did they have any children in England before they left?

I found one Handley family on the 1911 census in Alberta, but the handwriting is very hard to read. Even the transcriber could not make it out. It shows a man and wife, names hard to read and 3 children, two boys and a girl all born in England. One of the boys is John born 1902 and the girl is Elizabeth born 1907. This was In Alberta, District of Macleod, in Frank .


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: SLADE 1901 CENSUS Spitalfield
« on: Wednesday 08 March 06 15:08 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks you Nessie!! Yes that is him. George had a hard life in Canada but made tjavascript:replaceText(' :D', document.postmodify.message);
Cheesyhe best of it. Now I need to find his sister etc. Thanks again.


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / SLADE 1901 CENSUS Spitalfield
« on: Wednesday 08 March 06 03:53 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for information on George SLADE. he was born about 1898 in Spitalfield., Mile End Old Town.

 George was one of "the Home Children" that where sent to Canada. He was sent to Canada about 1910. We believe a brother and sister where sent also.
Iam looking for ages of parents, occupation of father, and the names of George's siblings if any. I think his parents were George and Elizabeth.

Thanks for any help.

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