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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Monday 07 October 19 11:26 BST (UK)  »
In birth order Alfred was born in Mary River, Catherine, Harry Arthur and Frances (Sissy) were all born in Ipswich and William, Mary, Elizabeth, Alice, Edward and Nell were all born in Leichardt, an inner Sydney suburb. 
After Harry and Sarah married in Maryborough he left the ship and they settled in Mary River and then moved to Ipswich.  They later moved to Sydney.
The informants of the births are in birth order Harry, Harry, Harry, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Harry, Harry, Sarah and Sarah.  Harry's occupation in birth order is listed as Labourer, Butcher, Sailor, Stoker, Fireman, Lumper?, Fireman, Fireman Aust. Gas Company, Labourer, Labourer.  Harry's birthplace is listed as London, Sydney, Parramatta, Sydney, London, London, London, London. London and London and his DOB is listed, in birth order, as 1849, 1849, 1849, 1851, 1850, 1848, 1849, 1849, 1850 and 1849. 
Sarah's maiden name in birth order is listed as Wilsher, Wilsher, Wilsher, Wilsher, Wilsher, Poole, Wilsher, Wilsher, Wilsher and Wilsher and her birthplace, in birth order, is listed as Chelmsford, Chemsford, Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Essex, Essex, Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Chelmsford and Chelmsford.  Her DOB is, in birth order, 1852, 1854, 1856, 1855, 1855, 1854, 1855, 1855, 1856 and 1856.
On the children's birth certificates their marriage date is listed, in birth order, as 1874, 1874, 1874, 1874, 1875, 1875, 1874, 1874, 1874 and 1874.
The witnesses to Harry and Sarah's wedding are Thomas Grey Venner? and Marie Ellen Cass?, none of whom are family names that I have come across.  Sarah is listed as housemaid and Harry as sailor on their marriage certificate.  Harry's birthplace is London, England and Sarah's Chelmsford, Essex, England.  Their ages are listed as 1849 for Harry and 1856 for Sarah.
The St. James passenger list comes from, both in actual (photocopy) and printed forms, the Maryborough Heritage Register and the names of the crew (photocopy)comes from the Qld. State Library as the Maryborough Historical Society only had a copy of the passenger list.
Harry died June 1925 so that notice is of his death.  They lived in Ryan Street, Lilyfield and my mother lived further down in Ryan Street.
I think they married on the ship and it was confirmed by a land wedding the day after the arrival of the St. James.
If Sarah is the illegitimate Sarah Carpenter Poole then she was living with her grandmother on the 1861 census as her mother was just about to give birth to her third legitimate child with Henry Wilsher.
Sarah in 1871 could have been housemaid to a retired farmer, who died in early 1874.  It seems that part of her maybe extended family (DNA matches to my mother) arrived in Moreton Bay in January 1874 and she followed them as there would not have been time for a letter from them back to her to come to Australia to reach her before she boarded the St. James.  Presumably getting passage on an immigrant ship took at least a few weeks to organise.  She could also have been housemaid in another house and I have copies of both census records.  These records both spell her name correctly as Willsher.
Harry's death certificate lists him as Harry Henry Bradbury, which was officially changed to Harry Arthur Bradbury.  Marriage Date/Place, Fathers first and last names and occupation are unknown, as is mother's first and maiden name.  His birthplace is listed at England and age 76 (b. 1849).  He lived 9 years in Qld and 40 years in NSW (arrival in Qld 1875) and he married Eliza Wilshier at age 26 (1875). Occupationh Old Age Pensioner previously Gas Works labourer.
Sarah's death certificate lists her as Sarah Mary, marriage date unknown place Queensland but date unknown.  Father's first and last name and occupation are unknown .  Mother's first name is Elizabeth, maiden name unknown and born Essex.  Her age at death 82 (b. 1854). She lived 62 years in Qld and NSW (arrival 1875) and she married Harry Arthur Bradbury at age unknown.
Both deaths were registered by son Arthur (Harry Arthur).
As you can see there is lots of confusing and conflicting information in all those certificates.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 13:14 BST (UK)  »
Harry did not give any daughter the name Bridget.  I have his death certificate and there are lots of unknowns on it so it is of no help at all.  I agree that the clerks could well have misheard of presumed information.  London was probably a standard answer for English people anyway so I am not betting that he actually was born in London but I do think he was English

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:52 BST (UK)  »
Harry Bradbury is the informant in some of his childrens' birth records which state he was born in London and also that he was born in Sydney and Parramatta so he himself has recorded different information, not just his wife whereas Sarah Ann alternatively calls herself Sarah Ann and Sarah Mary and has Harry being born in London in all the certificates she was informant for.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:39 BST (UK)  »
I have compiled a spreadsheet of all the information I have about Harry Bradbury and Sarah Wilsher but it is too large to post.  In 7 out of 10 of his childrens' birth records his birthplace is shown as London. 

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:27 BST (UK)  »
I have no reason to believe Harry Bradbury was born in Australia and his ship record and marriage record have him as being English.  I think he was just a difficult man

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:26 BST (UK)  »
I believe that the witness in the Trove article is my Harry Bradbury as he lived only a couple of streets away from where the incident took place and he had around the right number of grandchildren.  I also found an article where a married man abandoned his family in Ipswich and was arrested in Brisbane.  The charges were dropped by the wife and shortly thereafter the family moved to Sydney.  I donít believe the court records exist any longer but it is a coincidence that those events happened so close together.  Sarah Ann Wilsher was a strict catholic and could have been ashamed of what her husband had done, which could have triggered the move away from Ipswich.  My mother remembered her quite well so have some first hand information about her.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:19 BST (UK)  »
I believe Sarah Ann Wilsher from Chelmsford Essex may have Poole family who emigrated to Queensland around the same time so there may be Poole marriages as she states her mother was Elizabeth Poole and her father Henry Wilsher, market gardener.  I also canít find that Henry Wilsher and Elizabeth Poole has a daughter called Sarah Ann and they married after she was born then had several children.  I have been  advised by an Ancestry English member that Elizabeth Poole had an illigitimate daughter, born around the right time, before she married Henry Wilsher called Sarah Carpenter Poole and I am presently following that up as Sarah Wilsher is another brick wall for me.  There was a William and Elizabeth Wilsher from Chelmsford who had a daughter Sarah born around the right time so wonder if Sarah lied about her parents.  She appeared to be underage when she and Harry Bradbury married.  I have DNA matches to Pooles and Wilshers from the Chelmsford area so am confident that I am on the right track but there seems to be lots of Wilsher and Poole families in that area, especially from Writtle (close to Chelmsford) so it is hard to find the right family

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 10:08 BST (UK)  »
I have his marriage certificate and all the kids birth certificates.  He did not jump ship but was noted on the St. James passenger list besides Sarah Wilsherís entry as marrying her.  He lists his parents on the marriage certificate as Michael Bradbury, sailor and Bridget Murphy.  I am unable to find any information about him before he arrived in Australia.  I have searched English records for births, marriage of parents, census records, etc. - all the usual places I can think of.  It is possible he was born overseas if his father was a sailor and I have searched what records I can for overseas births.  I have a Trove account of a court case he was involved in from Australia where he states he is a British

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Harry Bradbury
« on: Saturday 05 October 19 08:54 BST (UK)  »
All the information I have is what I have posted.  I can't find his birth or his parents so am stumped as to where he really came from and his lineage.  He had numerous children and his information varies a little with each child's registration details, as often happens.  On one registration he says he was born in Sydney and on another he says he was born in Parramatta, both of which are clearly wrong.  In others he just says London, which is probably wrong too.  I have lots of information about him after he arrived in Australia but zilch before then.  Even his details as a sailor on the St. James states he is English and that is all. 

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