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Not sure if I can be of any help although my grandmother is Doris ivy Goode as stated she did pass away in 2016 but would like to chat and find out the dna connection. :)
Hello, that would be great, thank you for reaching out. I am still searching on behalf of my FIL. There is a DNA connection on My Heritage to O'shea which pointed me after a lot of searching to Goode. The name has come up in searches for my FIL. He is looking both for his biological Mother and Father although we know that would be difficult as there is no father listed on his birth certificate. Nicole

I've found a death for a Mary Brown died 1992 East Retford, Nottinghamshire

DOB is given as 12 7 1922

Could this have been Mary Goode?

This seems like a very likely match. I will explore this further. I was so hoping that against all odds that she may still be alive.

I would definitely try the adoption route again.

William Arthur and Sarah Grundy had a son William Royston Grundy b.27/4/1918 died 1990 Chichester, West Sussex.   Looks like he married in 1940 Nottingham.   So, if you have identified the right Mary, the married man she had an affair with (if indeed she did) would no doubt be this son rather than William Arthur.

When the birth record of Mary was amended in 1928 she has been listed as plain Mary Goode.   A lady with this name married a Mr. Brown in Sept.1956 Nottingham.  Has this line been pursued in case she was the daughter of Henry and Leah?

William Arthur Grundy is Kathleen Grundy's uncle, her fathers brother.

I will certainly look at this. Yes it very well is possible! Thank you

There is a closed record with Henry and Leah on the 1939.  This usually implies that this person is living.  Is this Mary or someone else?

No, it means that they were born less than 100 years ago.

I've just noticed that Mary has the second initial of P on her birth record.  Do you know what it stands for?

Probably 'PARKIN'?

Nicole, can you explain how you have made the connection between Mary GRUNDY and Mary PARKIN/GOODE born 1922? 

On my FIL birth cert his mother is named at Mary Grundy & her mother Parkin. No father listed.
He was born in 1949, Worksop

Where on the cert do you see Mary's mother named as PARKIN?

Debra  :)

Sorry my error only Mary Grundy is on his birth cert.
Connection being very tenuous to Mary Parkin only in that he has a DNA match to H A Goode - Mary Parkins Father and that living opposite the Goodes at Beech Avenue, Notts was William Arthur Grundy and Sarah Alford/Halford. We can only assume that Mary used Grundy on FIL birth cert as a pointer to his father. Unfortunately he father is not listed on his birth cert - would have been useful.


The child was born in SQ 1948 Worksop.  Why do you think it is 1949?

My error- he was born 1948.

I donít understand why the grandmother is on the birth certificate and why there is no Christian name

On my FIL birth cert his mother is named at Mary Grundy & her mother Parkin. No father listed.
He was born in 1949, Worksop

I am sorry, I have just called him and confirmed: DOB 1948 my mistake
on his birth cert is just Mary Grundy and he was born in Worksop

'He had originally asked for his adoption records from the Nottingham office but he was told that these records had been destroyed in a fire??'

Has he reapplied, just to check that they have definitely been destroyed.  (Or did the company genealogist check?)

I don't think he has reapplied, I will ask. The company genealogist actually said that they can't continue any further! That is why I have taken up the research.

So if the assumptions are correct Mary had an affair with a married man.

Marriages Jun 1917   
Grundy    William A    Halford    Nottingham    7b   538   
Halford    Sarah J    Grundy    Nottingham    7b   538

Put herself down as Grundy as a pointer to the father of her child.  Parkin would be a pointer to her mother.

By the way do you know what Mary's second name is?  Begins with P.

Yes you're right, this is our assumption too! I think the P may be her original Parkin on birth cert? possibly when changed to Goode if that makes sense.

Thank you all for your interest and help with this. I am very grateful.

All the information I have is from my FIL.

He had originally asked for his adoption records from the Nottingham office but he was told that these records had been destroyed in a fire?? He then went on to ask a family member also interested in this side of the family and doing some research & another genealogist from a company if they could find out more information.

The following is from this gathered information.

Given the DNA match to a Henry Albert Goode and address of Beech Avenue, Nottingham - a guess was made that this Mary Parkin was/is his mother - Mary Grundy.

There was a William Arthur Grundy
Dec 12 1885
May 20 1954
Sarah Jane Grundy (born Alford/Halford)
Jan 7 1887
May 18 1945

Who lived almost opposite H A Goode & Leah Goode at Beech Avenue

It is thought that perhaps Mary Parkin/Goode had a illigetimate child from this part of the Grundy family and named herself as Grundy on his birth certificate to point towards the 'father' of her child - my FIL. Hence her name on his birth certificate not being her actual name.

We have looked for a Mary Grundy who could possibly be his mother everywhere but to no avail.

It is almost like she doesn't exist & perhaps she doesn't under that name.

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