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Brilliant - thank you!

Does it look like there's a st or a th before the Ultimo?

The image is original from Scotland's People :( can't do much more with it - not matter how much I try in Photoshop I can't tease out a number.

Hello all,

I've been searching for information on Agnes Hepburn - her marriage to a weaver named John Graham occurred on 20 Jan 1817. On the marriage record, her father is named as Robert Hepburn, also a weaver. The marriage was registered in Forgandenny, Perthshire, Scotland.

So I checked Ancestry and found a match (attached) that indicates:

Birth Date:   27 Jul 1788
Baptism Date:   3 Aug 1788

I then searched Scotland's People for an Agnes Hepburn, born to a Robert Hepburn in or around Forgandenny and found a match (attached). The problem is that the record from Scotland's People doesn't have film numbers so I can't confirm that it's the same document cited by Ancestry, but the baptism date matches. I just can't make out the date of birth because of the quality of the image? I can't even say that the month of birth is July also as indicated on the Ancestry record? Any insights would be most appreciated.

Aberdeenshire / Re: MIs in Fyvie
« on: Saturday 16 November 19 02:21 GMT (UK)  »
I assume that it's this George Marr that you're interested in:

Code: [Select]"George+Marr"

Aberdeenshire / Re: MIs in Fyvie
« on: Friday 15 November 19 00:20 GMT (UK)  »
Brilliant - and yes, of course, at your convenience! I can wait :)

Aberdeenshire / Re: Bradag or Braclay
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 19:20 GMT (UK)  »
Brilliant! Thank You!

Aberdeenshire / Re: MIs in Fyvie
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 19:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Elizabeth - thanks so much for the quick response.

I've attached a snip of the Ancestry family tree I'm building. I'm looking for any documents, particularly from the Scotland's People site to support/confirm the tree I've got so far. I'm having trouble finding corroborating documentation for family members beyond William Smith Marr and Helen Bean. I'd be more than willing to share what I have as well.

I have a membership to Scotland's People but am having trouble finding any documentation - for example, birth/death records for William Marr, William Smith, Ann May, George Bean, or Helen Bean.

Forgot to mention that Katy and I did an Ancestry DNA test and that's why some of the people have a blue DNA symbol in the top left corner of their image avatars.

Aberdeenshire / Bradag or Braclay
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 03:29 GMT (UK)  »
Good day all,

Need some help with the entry for Helen Bean:

Sept 21 George Bean in Braclay (or Bradag) had a daughter baptized named Helen. Alexander Bean and John Strath witnesses.

I don''t know where Braclay or Bradag is? I did find a minor reference for a Baron of Braclay but not sure where that would be in Scotland? Parish register is from Tarves - I"m assuming that it's the name of a village, farm, or???

Help please.

Aberdeenshire / Re: MIs in Fyvie
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 02:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all, first post here...

Directed at Elizabeth since I can't PM until I have 3 posts  ;D

My wife's gggg grandfather's are William Smith and William Marr as well and I"m researching using Ancestry and Scotland's People. So far - the most info I've dredged up comes from findagrave but I'm trying to verify via documentation which I can't find? Any help would be extremely helpful.

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