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Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Re: Unknown coats of arms
« on: Thursday 19 December 19 14:25 GMT (UK)  »
Is that a knight's helmet on top of the coat of arms?
And the bottom left is a tree?
Does the five roundel in the top right hand corner means five holy wounds? Or anything to do with Portugal? (I see the same pattern in the coat of arms of Portugal but Chas said this is from Spanish, not Portugal.)
And I really can't see the pattern in the upper left. Does this help in finding information and history about this coat of arms?

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Unknown coats of arms
« on: Wednesday 18 December 19 19:09 GMT (UK)  »

I saw this oats of arms seal on the Internet. Who knows anything about it? Thank you!

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