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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Witness surname on 1835 marriage cert
« on: Friday 05 November 21 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please decipher the witness's name? Elizabeth ......   Pi..??
Bride was Parke; in-laws Levin and Pi...   were supposed to be married but maybe bride had a sibling.

Australia / Australia,Victoria Goodall
« on: Monday 26 July 21 09:08 BST (UK)  »
Asking for someone linked to me by DNA & shared matches, probably via 18th C Donisthorpe/Thompson/Pritchard line, about :

________Goodall, d. in Victoria, husband of Ethel Hilda Victoria Humble 1881-1919.
Their son John Terrell Goodall 1917-92 married Margaret Ellen Sherwin b 1916.
Her parents were John Horton Sherwin 1888-1960 and Margaret Amelie Hagens 1890-76

Sibling of __ Goodall may have gone to US.

Grateful for any hints that I can pass on.

Norfolk / Death date/place: Maria Harman of Albion Rd, Yarmouth Completed
« on: Monday 19 July 21 13:18 BST (UK)  »
Maria Good(s)win bap. December 15th 1822 Norwich, St John de Sepulchre
Lived in Yarmouth, beatster.
Married John William Livin(g) 1852       Widowed 28.5.1860 

Ran a lodging house at nos  42/54/56 Albion Rd. Married boarder Charles Barlow Harman 1861; widowed 1876 (suicide of CBH)
Daughter Maryan/Mary Ann Elizabeth (Blackburn of Camberwell) remarried: Gosling
Daughter Hannah Maria Stone died in 1900; Maria and granddaughter Ada Stone are in 1901 census. Ada married in 1904 in London.

I was hoping Maria might be buried in Yarmouth near her daughter or husband. I haven't found a 2nd Christian name anywhere. I did find a death for 'Marianne', in Forehoe.

One Name Studies: N to S / Peveril(l) Scarborough area
« on: Friday 14 May 21 17:39 BST (UK)  »
Looking for information on Ann (Nancy?) Peveril, wife of John Watson, of Highland Hall, Scalby. She's in the 1841 1851 census, living in Hackness with her daughter (Mary Watson) and son-in-law (Robert Turnbull 1812-91),aged 60, then 73, 'Independent'.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Wharfedale Mother and daughter Jardine deaths 1884
« on: Saturday 20 March 21 11:31 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know of Ann Jardine née Hope, b. Dumfriesshire 1803 and/or Jane Jardine, b. Knaresborough c 1840,who both died in Wharfedale,in December 1884?

Husband/father David Jardine b Dumfriesshire c 1797,General Merchant
Son/brother David Jardine b. Knaresborough 1842 became an architect in Devon.

Australia / Australia/Van Diemen's Land: Mrs Wardley 1870s
« on: Thursday 04 March 21 11:27 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know of Wardleys who had a child/relative/ward at boarding school in Hackness, Yorkshire, run by Robert Turnbull, and visited Hackness, nr Scarborough from Tasmania?

In 1877 Robert (husband of Mary Watson of Scalby) writes to inform his nieces of his Golden Wedding and mentions that he has had no reply (to his gift of £10) from Mrs Wardley in Australia, who wants to return to England. His nephew Robert Hope had emigrated to Melbourne c 1863 but had died a few years later.

Lancashire / Mary Ellen Thompson 1810-1872
« on: Saturday 13 February 21 10:01 GMT (UK)  »
Born 27.10.1810 Fleet Street London, d. 1872 West Ham
Posting under 'Lancashire' as that is where my grandfather, a descendant, lived.(Born London 1869, d. Llangollen c 1951)

My main printed information on the Thompson/Pritchard line came from N. Spence: would love to reconnect if anyone knows of him.
I have some hand-written notes by Mary Ellen's father Thomas Thompson (b.1777) on births, christenings etc.

DNA results have come up with some links to Australia (George Thompson Pritchard).

Norfolk / William and Margaret Smith
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 11:53 BST (UK)  »
 ???Can anyone help me find the right William Smith, mariner, named as father of Mary Ann Smith on her baptism cert 12th October 1821 and on her 1855 Great Yarmouth marriage cert. to John William Morris? Spouse Margaret......(Howard?Davies?)
Mary Ann was a servant colleague of Susan(na) Denton, witness at her marriage; they worked for Samuel Marsh. The other witness was William Barber.
She may have had a sister Sophia Martha (b.1824)

Norfolk Completed Look up Requests / Suffolk/Norfolk area Fuller & Morris
« on: Monday 27 July 20 13:40 BST (UK)  »
Lucy Fuller b.1768 Reedham,married William Morris of Belton (b.1778?) in 1796.Their daughter Martha was born the previous year. Lucy had an older sister, also Martha.
Lucy Morris, widowed c 1839, was living with her nephew 'John Morris' in 1841 and 1851.Does anyone know his parents? I found Martha (née Rolfe),but discounted her.
If 'John' is also 'John William', b.1822, husband of Mary Ann Smith of Yarmouth, then he is a direct ancestor.
Another William Morris (b. 1804, Hopton) married Mary Ann Fuller (b. 1801) in Raveningham on 6th December 1825 (which is a baptismal date for a John Wm Morris)and had a daughter Elizabeth c 1828 but a couple of pages on, the wife's name is Elizabeth.
There were 3 girls named Fulleretta. One became Neslen,the other, Fairhead and my gt-grandfather's sister died in infancy.

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