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London and Middlesex / Joseph Hayes: weaver 1750s
« on: Tuesday 24 March 20 09:24 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening,

I have had some great help on Rootschat in my short time here so now I have another question to ask if I may.

I am looking for information on Joseph Hayes.  I do not know a lot about him at this stage.
I do know that he was a weaver and that he married Rebecca Peales in 1756.  He had a relative named Peter who may have been his father or a brother as this person was a witness to Joseph and Rebecca's marriage.

Joseph and Rebecca had at least four children: Mary b 1757 Joseph b 1760 Martha (1764-1765) and my ancestress Martha (1766-1851).

This is all I know.  I think that they lived in Bishopsgate but I am not sure.  I know neither when Joseph and Rebecca were born, nor when they died.

Is anyone able to assist me with these tricky, shadowy, ancestors?

With kind regards,


London and Middlesex / John Paul - Feltmaker - Stepney
« on: Saturday 21 March 20 11:00 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon everyone,

I am looking for information on an ancestor of mine named John Paul. 

He was a feltmaker living in Webb's Square Spitalfields.

His wife was named Esther Denis and they married in 1721.

I know not when either of them were born or died.

There family became silk weavers.

This is a longshot but does anyone have any information that might take me back further?  My grandmother told me that that family came from France as Huguenot refugees but that might be just a family legend.

With kind regards,


London and Middlesex / Matthias Bay: Weaver
« on: Friday 20 March 20 10:08 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening,
I am wondering if anyone is able to assist in locating Matthias Bay

A Weaver by profession, he lived in Bethnal Green.  I know when he was (1720) and that he was married twice.  I know that he had various children and I know the names of his parents (Jacob and Mary, although I do not know much about them either). 

I do not know when Matthias died nor when his wives (Ann Olive and Mary File) died.
It is said that the father came from either France or Wurttemburg but this may not be so...

Matthias may have been involved in the weaver riots but I am not sure.
Is anyone able to assist in filling in some gaps for me?

With kind regards,


Other Countries / Arrisa Melissa Segismunda Smith - India c.1777
« on: Sunday 15 March 20 09:48 GMT (UK)  »

I'm trying to locate the names and details of the parents of Arrisa Melissa Segismunda Smith who was born in India around 1777.  I know about her marriages and her children but her parents are a mystery.

Sometimes her names are spelt in different ways.  Arrisa can be Arissa and Segismunda can be Sigismunda and Sigasmunda. . .

I know that it is a long shot but given her unusual name, is anyone able to help me out?

With kind regards,


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