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Europe / Re: Repo Family history in Finland
« on: Sunday 31 December 17 11:18 GMT (UK)  »
the date says     99.99.9999 and that is all i get....LOL

Europe / Repo Family history in Finland
« on: Sunday 31 December 17 09:06 GMT (UK)  »
Ok.  Been a while since i have been on here. :/

I am starting my partners tree and running into roadblocks already.

The only info i have is

Ari Jouko Tapani Repo
Birth 27 JUN 1957 Finland
Death 31 DEC 2009 • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Pentti Veikko Armas Repo
Birth 21 MAR 1935 Finland
Death Unknown South Australia


Kaija Kahrina (nee Forsander)
Birth 17 JUL 1935 ? Finland
Death Living

I have since found shipping records in 1959 from London to Australia and that part is fine i can search this end easier.

I am having trouble in finding when/how they got to London?
How do i research Finland records in English...LOL

Being that my partner was estranged from his father and that side of the family i have very little to go on, especially as his father passed in 2009.

Any starting pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Cambridgeshire / Re: Collett Lookup
« on: Thursday 06 November 08 08:58 GMT (UK)  »
I looked it up by cannot see the mothers maiden name. 

Cambridgeshire / Collett Lookup
« on: Thursday 06 November 08 07:16 GMT (UK)  »
I am stuck on this person

Young Collett
born 29 June 1837
Toft, Cambridge, England.

All i know is that his fathers name is Henry. and that Young Collett was in South Australia by 1862 when he married a Martha Marshall.

Can anyone check 1851 and/or 1841 census for me thankyou.

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: census lookups
« on: Tuesday 09 January 07 07:31 GMT (UK)  »
was does elusive in 1851 mean.  Sorry i don't understand.

Antrim / Antrim birth
« on: Tuesday 09 January 07 06:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there i am new to Irish genealogy and i am trying to figure out how to locate a Rose Ann Hadden who was born in Antrim on 20 May 1840.  All i know is that she came to South Australia in 1863.  Is there any census's i can look at or birth records anywhere.  Where do i go from here. 

I would love to know as i have come across a few from Ireland.

Thank you kindly.


Surrey Completed Look up Requests / census lookups
« on: Tuesday 09 January 07 06:28 GMT (UK)  »
i am looking for James Stephenson who married Maria Elizabeth ? (known as Elizabeth sometimes)

Apparently James Stephenson died around 1864.

Known children are

James born 1838 Bermondsey, Surrey  (he married Helen Alice Overgage in 1864 Surrey).

Not sure when but he come to WA and died in 1901.  I am currently try to figure out when he came to Australia.

James was written as a builder when his son got married in 1864.

I already have the marriage GRO number for James and Helen Overgage just looking for James and Maria? and maybe other siblings.

Midlothian / census lookups - Edinburgh 1881 and 1901
« on: Sunday 07 January 07 00:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there.

Please, If anyone has access to the following could you please lookup

Andrew Millar born 1831 in the 1881 census he should be living with his wife Mary Millar (nee Laing) also born in 1831

And also only Mary Kirkwood Millar (nee Laing) in the 1901 census.  Address should be cumberland Street, Edinburgh  number should be about 81 as in 1891 they were living there and their son was in 77.

Thank you lots


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / William BYERS - where are you?
« on: Saturday 06 January 07 10:38 GMT (UK)  »
I will write down everything i know and see if he pops up somewhere????   One could only hope..... ;D

I have his sons Edwin Byers birth certificate from Nov 1846 at 24 King Street St Annes, Westminster.

Father is William Byers
Occupation Servant

He is not with his family in the 1851 census.  The wifes name does not state widow it says that she is a Butlers wife.  Edwin and his twin brothers Cameron and Walter aged 3 are living with the mother.

On the 1861 census he is still not with the family infact it still state that the wife is married but not occupation .  She has her son Edwin with her and is living with her father Thomas Peter Owen in Little compton street.  I think i have found the twins deaths there is one in 1853 and one in 1852.

If they lived in Little Compton Street, St Anne, Westminster where roughly could they have been buried?

Has Anyone had any luck finding a William Byers that is a servant/butler that sort of occupation?

How else can i find him?

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