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Australia / Convicts returning to England
« on: Thursday 26 May 11 13:52 BST (UK)  »
How common was it for convicts to return to England once their sentence was completed.?

I have Mark Prickett/Pickett (aged 14) sentenced in March 1847 to 7 years transportation. He went on the Randolph to NSW in 1849.

He appears in the 1841 census with his parents Thomas and Frances in Southleigh (the only Mark Prickett in Oxfordshire).

I can't see him in the 1851 census but he reappears in 1861.

In 1862 Mark Pickett son of Thomas marries Rebecca Ayres in Southleigh and Mark dies in 1868 again in Southleigh.

All the ages match the Mark who was transported and I cannot find another Mark Prickett/Pickett so can I assume he returned from Australia. Are there any records which would show his leaving NSW.?


Devon Lookup Requests / Anyone visiting Devon Record Office?
« on: Sunday 15 May 11 16:06 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone visiting the Devon RO who could do a look up for me in the Devonshire Death Sentences and Executions 1735 - 1804 book there please .

I am interested in S. Woolacott who according to the London Chronicle (4 Aug 1763) was sentenced to death in Exeter in July 1763 but who does not seem to have been executed.


Radnorshire / Isaac Broadhurst - criminal
« on: Friday 15 April 11 12:01 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I can find out more details about the crimes of Isaac Broadhurst. He was sentenced to 4 years penal servitude on 25 March 1863 at Presteigne  for larceny and receiving stolen goods. He had previously been sentenced to 15 m hard labour in March 1859 for receiving stolen goods and 6m hard labour in June 1854 for theft.

I have searched the Gales newspaper site but can find not reference to any of these crimes. 

I assume he was the Isaac Broadhurst born in 1828 in Leominster in Herefordshire and whose sister Sophia was transported in 1845 but it would be nice to confirm this.

Please does anyone have a copy of  Convict Lives: Women at Cascades Female factory published by Research Tasmania, 2009.

I am interested in the chapter Five partners, five children: Sophia White written by Colette McAlpine. I am trying to find out more about Sophia's life in Tasmania and when she died.



Selkirkshire / Where did Elizabeth go
« on: Friday 14 January 11 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth Broadhurst or Park was imprisoned in Selkirk in 1870 when she gives her age as 39, birth place as Edinburgh and says she has spent most of her life in England.

The 1871 census shows her with her brother James Park in Galashiels aged 39 again born in Edinburgh.

I cannot find marriage for a Parks and a Broadhurst in either Scotland or England nor can I find Elizabeth in 1881 or any census after. I can't find a death in England or Scotland for her either.

Can anyone help find Elizabeth please.


Cheshire / Reuben Broadhurst
« on: Monday 29 November 10 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find Reuben in the 1871 census or find his birth.

His army attestation papers say he was born 1860/61 in Macclesfield. I have him on the 1881 and 1891 census, which confirm born around 1861 in Macclesfield.

His marriage certificate says his father is Reuben but I cannot find any birth record for him or any trace of either of them in 1871.

He is NOT the Reuben Broadhurst born 1865 in Stockport to Reuben and Mary. I have that one on all censuses.


Armed Forces / John Fox Life Guards
« on: Sunday 21 November 10 12:11 GMT (UK)  »
According to his discharge papers John enlisted in the Life Guards in April 1791 aged 23. His birth place is given as Haelbron, Germany.

How can I find out where he enlisted which might give me a clue as to whether he was German or British.


Derbyshire / Rebecca Broadhurst - Stony Middleton
« on: Tuesday 12 October 10 13:10 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to the Stony Middleton PRs please. Looking for Rebecca Broadhurst born/baptised about 1795 - who were her parents?


Leicestershire / What happened to Amos?
« on: Monday 20 September 10 09:37 BST (UK)  »
In June 1864 Benjamin and Ellen Broadhurst of Sycamore Lane,Leicester died within 3 days of each other leaving 5 children aged beteween 12 years and 18 months. I have found 4 of them in them 1871 census. The two youngest Benjamin (born 1859) and Ellen (born 1862) were in an orphanage in Bristol. Elizabeth (born 1855) and Mary Ann (born 1857) were in the Fosse Road Orphan Asylum in Leicester but I can find no trace of Amos James (born 1852) in 1871 or in any subsequent census nor can I find a death for him on freebmd.
Any help to find out what happened to Amos would be greatly appreciated.


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