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Thank you all again so much for your invaluable expertise - absolutely fantastic work, and such a great help to me with moving forward :) Can't thank you enough for your time.

Hello all, this is a will from 1673 for Richard Southam of Banbury Oxfordshire. I'd be most grateful for any help, especially related to key information such as names, places or goods mentioned. It's quite lengthy, starts off quite neat but then deteriorates a bit and becomes more difficult to decipher. I've done what I can so far on my own, though some words just totally escape me. I had amazing expert help from another shorter document on here, so if anyone can work their magic on some of these lines, that would be most gratefully received. I have divided the document into separate lines and this is what I have so far:

1. In the name of God [?] Richard Southam of Banbury in the county of Oxford, yeoman being in good health and perfect
2. memory, thanks be to God for the same, calling to mind the [misfortune?] [state?] of this life and that all flesh must yield to [?] when it
3. shall [?] you to call for [?] [?] and [jealous?], this my last will and testament, in manner and form following
4. revoking and annulling by [?], all and every [?] and testament will and wills heretofore by me made and [?] either
5. by word or writing, an this to be taken for my last will and testament and none other, And first be my [?] and sorry for my sins
6. past, humbly [?] [?] for the same, [?] and commit my soul to Almighty God my saviour and redeemer [?] and by the
7. [?] of [?], [?] [?] to be [?], and to have full remission and forgiveness of all my sins and that my soul with my body
8. All the [general?] [?] of [?] shall [?] [?] with [?], and through the [?] of Christ's [passion?] shall inherit the Kingdom of [heaven?]
9. prepared for his [?] and [?]; And my body to be buried in the churchyard of Banbury, as near to my relations as possible may be
10. with [?], and now for the following of my [?] [?] God [???] to bestow upon me, [?]
11. order and [?] and [?] of the [?] [?] and [form?] following [??] that all those debts and dutys [?] as [?] of
12. [?] to any manner of [?]; or [?]. [Whatever?] shall be well and [truly ?] [Dowbouton?] and paid [?] [?] time after my [?] my [executor?] here afternamed.[Item?] [?] and [?] unto my beloved son James Southam all my goods and chattels, bonds, bills
14. ready money, household stuff of all sorts whatsoever, and in what [?] wheresoever, who can find them to be [????] wholly  [???]
15. And [?] [?] son than my only Son James Southam to put [???] a trust and confidence in;. And [??]
16. hath pledged you to [??] not in [?] of any thing [?]; my will is that [too ?], my [son?]
17. [?] James Southam, should [?] and [dispose?] my goods and chattels of what [?] my debts and funeral expenses
18. being first paid, [?] kind [?] that he in his wisdom shall [thinks?] [stand in?] most need of them
19. And for the [??] of this my [last?] will [I do make?] [??] son James Southam of [?] in the County of [?]
20. yeoman [?] this my last will and testament, in witness here of [??] the tenth day of July in the year
21. of Our Lord One thousand six hundred seventy and three, and in the five and twentieth years of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, Charles the
22. Second King of England, Scotland, [?] [Defender of the faith?]

Signed, sealed and published in the presence of .... Richard Southam

Eliza [Hawthayne?]


Thanks, all, your knowledge and expertise is fantastic and has helped enormously.Thank you all so much for your time. It's so interesting. Imagine making an inventory for such paltry items (by today's standards). I guess back then he might have been considered wealthy and these items were much coveted. Just musing if at the bottom, the 'witness' 'Nicholas' - the author might be trying to say 'Nicholas bore his mark'?

Hello, I'd be very grateful for some help to fill in the blanks of this document from (i think) 1671. It seems to be a list of goods for William Southam (lived in Banbury). This is what i have so far:

This [??] and [??] monetary of the goods of William Sotham [??] [??] the ______________
Sum for [??] ________[1?]____0____0
Sum for the bed and furniture in the chamber   -------0-------15------0
Sum for linen -------------0-------5-------0....
Sum for a table and sideboard and [thereof?] and [??] ____0_____5_____0
Sum in the [??] and [??] __________0______2_____0
Sum for [??] [lumber?]____________0_____0_____1

[Byouf?] [Eisgan Southam?]
[Mark?] [??]
Henry [Baffg?]

Any clarification would be most welcome and gratefully received - many thanks indeed.

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