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Hi Joan
Thanks for the message. Yes it was that article on Trove that led me to the conclusion that my husband's 3X great grandparents Mary GARRIGAN and William PLUNKETT were both from Sir Montague Chapman's estate at Clonmellon and they probably knew each other before they married in Adelaide July 1849.

I have done a lot more work since the early days and it seems that at least 3 brothers of Mary-- Myles, Peter and Patrick also came out to South Australia. At least Myles worked along with William on Sir Montague's estates at Para Plains and the Dry Creek area.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Chatton Mill and CHARTER(S) family
« on: Tuesday 28 August 18 08:11 BST (UK)  »
A good point about land records and taxes . Do you have any idea if these are available on-line? As I live in Australia there's no chance of visiting the local archives!!
I also wonder if there's anyone specifically interested in the old Corn Mills. I have a direct ancestor in Suffolk who was a miller and had a number of windmills. Someone pointed me to a man who had much information about windmills in Suffolk and was able to give me lots of information about the mills my ancestor owned.

Thanks for your help

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Chatton Mill and CHARTER(S) family
« on: Saturday 25 August 18 09:28 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much for all the information. Now it's time for me to try and assemble the various pieces of information you have sent me. It's so good of you to have gone to all this trouble. The wills do help one solve some things but often throw up other puzzles.

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Chatton Mill and CHARTER(S) family
« on: Friday 24 August 18 02:27 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much for those dates. I'll now set about trying to fit them in to what I already know but that's a bit sketchy.
Your help was much appreciated.

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Chatton Mill and CHARTER(S) family
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 09:18 BST (UK)  »
I am wondering if anyone  has information about the CHARTER(S) family who seem to have been millers at Chatton Mill from the seventeenth century? My 5X great grandfather was John Charters who married Dorothy Wallace 1721 in Chatton.
I am trying to find out his father or indeed grandfather.

During my searches I have found a will for Thomas Charters 1705 where he leaves "half of the Corn Mill of Chatton purchased by my dearest brother James Charter" to his brother Joseph. Said Thomas leaves property to his sister Margaret Charter, and his sister's daughter Margaret HUTSON and her son John Hutson. He also leaves his brother John Charters 5/- if he returns from Her Majesty's Service.

I have also found the death of Joseph's wife Anne in 1716 in Chatton.

However, without the baptism of John CHARTERS (married to Dorothy) I am unable to work out how these families fit together.

Does anyone have any information about these families, Chatton Mill or suggestions as to where I might pursue my research?

Many thanks in advance.

United States of America / Re: Marriage records Massachusetts 1950s
« on: Thursday 27 April 17 01:03 BST (UK)  »
Thanks so much Sandra and Shelleyesq
The obituary for Cynthia is so helpful with all those names and also the conundrum of her sons having a different last name to hers!! I guess there must be a second marriage. Have already got one address for my Aunt so mission sort of achieved. Now I'll have to help her write the letter which I think will be easier than a phone call. It also seems that the wives of the 2 brothers were alive last year so there's another avenue

You people out there are amazing.
Thanks from this side of the globe.

United States of America / Re: Marriage records Massachusetts 1950s
« on: Wednesday 26 April 17 02:29 BST (UK)  »
That is wonderful. Now I have some names to go on particularly the name of the female cousin who my Aunt visited in the US in 1947!!

You have been so helpful and wwill have made my Aunt's day when I go round to see her this morning!!

Thanks DB


United States of America / Re: Marriage records Massachusetts 1950s
« on: Wednesday 26 April 17 02:00 BST (UK)  »
Thanks so much for your reply Sandra.
The details I have are as follows:

Donald Geoffrey Hamlin born 20 Oct 1922 died 1 May 2004

Robert William Hamlin born 26 Mar 1929 died 22 May 2010

Unnamed female (as she may still be alive) born 1932 Norfolk Massachusetts

If anyone can provide me with any information I would be very grateful. I'd like to think that the families were "reunited" before my Aunt dies.

Thanking all

United States of America / Marriage records Massachusetts 1950s
« on: Tuesday 25 April 17 09:48 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone
I am trying to find  family members for my husband's aunt who is 84 and who has lost touch with her first cousins who lived in Norwood Massachusetts. I know their names and the 2 boys I can find are already dead. I have access to the Massachusetts Marriage Index for the years 1950-52 but cannot seem to find a way to discover their spouses and thereby find possible children of these marriages. I also need the spouse to find out if my Aunt's female cousin has died (the same age as her!)

Can anyone please advise me of ways I could find out this information. I live in Australia so obviously rely on Internet access.

Thanking you for any suggestions

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