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US Lookup Requests / Re: 1920 or 1930 census lookup please - Pennsylvania
« on: Monday 22 January 07 13:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, Just helping out here.. hope this is him !  :)
1920- Supervisor's District No. 17
Enumeration District No. 7
Sheet No. 2 B
Pennsylvania , Elk Co. Township  of Horton
 Number of Dwelling 44 Number of family 44
Line 78 - Naylor, Robert S. Head of House - age 34 male white Year of Immigration 1912 NA 1919 birthplace England both his parents born England   Was able to read Was able to write Speaks English  Ocupation Minister of Church wage worker
Line 79 - Naylor, Dorthy  wife of Head- age 34 Immigration 1912 NA could read, write and speaks English. both her parents born Eng.
Line 80- Naylor, John E. son of Head - age 10 Immigration 1912 NA went to school, could read write and speaks English both his parents born Eng.
Line 81- Naylor, Robert (middle ? N or H ?) son of Head age 5 born Pennsylvania his parents both born England
Line 82 - Naylor, George son of Head age 3 1/12 born Pennsylvania both his parents born England

Have a great day,
Smiles- LAH

The Common Room / Re: Old Hand writting, Help Needed
« on: Thursday 14 December 06 03:25 GMT (UK)  »
WOW  :o

I am sitting here in awe of the pictures on that web site.. Thank You very much for sharing that with me.
The letter that talks about the needles and sinkers not being needed , in the machine they either made or had made-  was wrote in 1824, by my 3rd great grandfather John BARRATT, from Stapleford.
my 3rd great grandmother was Hannah SCATTERGOOD, the sister to the Uncle John SCATTERGOOD ,  also talked about in that part of the letter.
They made what they called "TWIST ", I do not have a clue what that could mean, if you do have that answer it would be appreciated on my end .
They also made lace and hosiery too, which is all talked about in the letters, he had sent over to his sons in the U.S.

I hope in time to get them (all 224 letters) and get them transcribed.. what they hold in personal value is great..but also what they hold in HISTORY of the area - times- people.. is great too.
I am very excited to have this opportunity to get to have them, and do this transcribing. I also hope to share it all with people who are interested in the area.

I know that I will need a ton of help, I am not versed in that area at all.. new to the History of it also..and the English language- back then.. well, not as I know it here and now in the states (our slang , we call American English does not even come close to their words).

Hugs for your work, on the web page.. great job !
Thank You very much for the information offer!!
I appreciate it all.
 I sure would not know- the answers with out the wonderful  help from the kind people here in this web site.
Everyone needs to give themselfs a "thumbs up" for their quick  responce to all the cry's of help needed  on this site !!

Have a great day / night ?? !! :)

The Common Room / Re: Old Hand writting, Help Needed
« on: Wednesday 13 December 06 20:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Prue  :)

Your good, I would have never thought.. "sinkers". I wonder what that did in a machine like that.
I did think "Tinkers" also thought other words  like "Linkers" (links in a chain) ..
also words that are not words..   ;) heck- just make them up as I go  :P
As for the word "trade".. Wow.. never would I have gotten that at all , I can see it now.. it does fit better then  what I had with the word "Made" !!

This letter was one of the easier ones for me. The others are - not as good.

Your Good.. thats all I can say..
Thank You and
Bless you, for sharing your talent !
PS I will send email.. the whole letter, that always helps I think. Also what I see as I read it along with the image..but not inserted like that one is, I have it on word pad .
Thanks again Hugs to you for the help !

The Common Room / Re: Old Hand writting, Help Needed
« on: Wednesday 13 December 06 12:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Prue,

 Yes, I can scan them , send to email, but I do not know your email addy.
Here is one that I am stuck on.. just as an example of what I see, perhaps- some things I see and wrote are wrong ?

Smiles  filled with thanks, for your offer of help.

The Common Room / Old Hand writting, Help Needed
« on: Wednesday 13 December 06 06:38 GMT (UK)  »
I am wondering is anyone good at reading / and willing to help me with the old style writtings found in old letters from 1818- 1830s?

I found a mountain of them, and some are not all bad to read.. but some are.. I could really use the help here, with them bad ones.
They are from Stapleford, England , wrote by my 4th great grandfather for the most of them. Some are answers back to him from  his sons in New York.
Very interesting- to read, some talk about life in general /work / death  there in Stapleford- and the people they have contact with, also other towns- I do not read well the town / peoples last names..could use a ton of help with that alone. One talked about a air balloon , another about the son who was in study- Dr. viewing a few operations.
However I am not getting all the information that the letters tell, because - I am having a time with the style of writting.

There are 224 total, but I only have 9 at this time. I have to get more from the museum in New York. Which I plan to do before Winter break here at the school. So, I can play with them during that time more. In time I want to get them all .

Thanks - for any help I can get in reading the letters.


The Lighter Side / Re: Rude family names!
« on: Saturday 09 December 06 12:14 GMT (UK)  »
this is way to much fun and funny !!!!!!!!!
I know a person alive, who had to have his dad help him get his name off the back of his gym shirt...
"S. Hitt "
onnistly now  :o
Are we allowed this much fun on site ??


The Lighter Side / Re: Rude family names!
« on: Monday 04 December 06 02:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, what funny names..   ;D

here is my family which I do not have much on, but still in all my family..
my 3rd gr grandfather was
Moses Hadcock, he married Olive Mudge
their issues were
James Hadcock
Mary Hadcock
Ida Hadcock  :o
Olive Nancy Hadcock she married William King, my line
Susan Hadcock

After that what can a person say

Nottinghamshire / Re: STAPLEFORD Help needed please
« on: Saturday 02 December 06 14:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Valda,

You are a gem !
Thanks for the marriage and birth index record.
It is just great, to gain like this so fast, I do not know how you do it.. but Bless you for doing it.

I also have to say- I made  :-[ error, with the "Ruth Scattergood" it was not " Ruth", it was a bad reading on my part.. the name once I put my glasses on,  8) is Richard. Richd is how it is wrote in the letter.
So the cousin that ran the lace or twine machine was
"Richard Scattergood" not female at all .

 Again, Thank You for helping with this.. its so nice of you to use your time.. just to tag along the road with me here.

Nottinghamshire / Re: STAPLEFORD Help needed please
« on: Saturday 02 December 06 02:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Jane,

 Thanks very much for the information on the Baptism's for the children, especially John in 1771.
This confirms what was wrote on the family chart that has been carried down the lines, from Dr. Joe Barratt.
Also , again thanks for the help with where the line is between- Nottingham and Derbyshire, and the little burgs close to them. I am not well versed in that area at all. Just learning as I go here.

I did locate one more cousin, name in the Scattergood line... Ruth Scattergood is her name, however this letter of March 28, 1824 , does not say - who's child she was.. but in  1824 , she was working one of the lace or twine machines. I do not know if that helps or not for a guess on her age.

I do not know where Joseph and Sarah BARRATT were married at, however I am getting clues that lead me to think perhaps a place named Alfreton, Derby England - also Sarah's maiden perhaps is Clark.
Not sure if that will help at all either.
Thanks for what ever you can do with this information.
Every answer no matter , is a gain.. even a fail , is a gain.. in not having to wonder was it here or there .. I am sure you know what I mean with that.

Hugs your way !

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