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Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests / MI Request for Middleton
« on: Wednesday 19 April 06 02:36 BST (UK)  »
I am searching for a marriage for Abraham Scott to a lady named Mary.
The marriage would have taken place after 1841, and before 1851.
Abraham Scott was from the parish of Water, born 1819.
Mary (last unknown) was from the parish of Middleton , born about 1825.
I have only found reference to Mary in 2 things
1- Bible records of her death recorded as Dec 5, 1857 place unknown
2 - 1851 Census sub district Pocklington, Warter Mary was 26 in this census.

In 1844 Abraham and Mary had a daughter named Sara, then in 1848 they had a son named Thomas, then July of 1851 they had Emma. Not long after that they moved to Ontario Canada, having 2 more son's Jocob Smith Scott in 1853 and Isaac Scott , in 1855. Mary past on as I mentioned in 1857.

So little records to go on with her, and until I located the 1851 census- I had nothing other then her mentioning in Abrahams bible.

Mary is my Great Great Grandmother..
With out her last name- I can not trace her family lines.

I am willing to help out anyone in the states, in the things I have access to (census). Especially my home state.. which I do not think I can say on here.. but send me a message somehow.. and I will tell .

Thank You in advance for reading this message. And for all the work that you place into gathering all the things for others on here. Who so desperately seek to know who and where they come from. With out people like you, we would all be lost.
LAH in the States

US Lookup Requests / Re: William Smith Pennsylvania
« on: Tuesday 18 April 06 19:33 BST (UK)  »
 I just wondered if you would happen to know his age in the 1881 census, that you had found him in ? That would help to get his about birth year..
Thanks, LAH

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