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Thanks Trish and Shaun, that's great. Samuel is my educated guess, so its good to know I'm not alone.

It looks like Samuel has at least two marriages to Jane and Mary. I'll check out and see if he left a will.

Thanks again,


Hi all,
Iíve got a 5 x GG (Joshua Wormleighton) who I canít find any evidence of his birth. According to the 1841 census he was born in Guilsborough in 1786, but Iím really struggling to find anything and would really like to try and find his parents. I can take an educated guess as to who his father is, but Iíd rather find some actual evidence.
Having exhausted the online route, Iím assuming the records office is the next logical place for the Parish records but thought I'd put it out on here to see if anyone can help.

Many thanks,


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