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Having looked back and forth through pages I can see, trying to follow the numbers. The whole numbers do indeed seem to reference a previous entry with it's own line number within the alphabetical section you are currently in.
The fractions such as 25/1 I think must mean the previous entry will be in volume 25, entry 1 in the alphabetical section your are in.
I can't prove that though as I have no way of telling what volume is what number so I can't find the place referenced to check who is entered there and prove/disprove with a name.

I'm reading records in the St Pancras Workhouse register for entries in the 1920s and the first column is called "From no"
I can't find any info on what this column means/is for. Not every person admitted has anything in this column, some have a humber and some look like a fraction.
What is this column??

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