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The Lighter Side / Re: A case of a Big-Head ?
« on: Sunday 08 May 22 23:28 BST (UK)  »
His occupations are quite impressive. If one's career is a sponge, he squeezed every last drop out.

Kilkenny / Re: Nick Blanchfield
« on: Sunday 08 May 22 22:20 BST (UK)  »
Then there's this family, which might be Nicholas'?

1870 census - Christian, Illinois
Ellen Blanchfield (born 1843 Ohio)
N Blanchfield (born 1820 Ireland) - transcribed as "Mary" and female on Family Search
Ellen Blanchfield (born 1860 Iowa)

1860 census - Lick Creek Township, Davis, Iowa
Nicholas Blanchfield (labourer, born 1830 Ireland)
Elizabeth Blanchfield (age 15!  :o  born 1845 Ohio) 
Ellen Blanchfield (born 1860 Iowa)

I wonder if the family below are connected to Nicholas? Could Mary Blanchfield (below) be his sister-in-law? Might be worth following-up in the 1860 census, to see what her husband's name was. Looks like this family also lived in Iowa for a spell.

1870 census - Christian, Illinois
Mary Blanchfield (born 1830 Ireland)
Five young Blanchfield children in household (ages 2 to 12, born Illinois and Iowa)

Kilkenny / Re: Nick Blanchfield
« on: Sunday 08 May 22 21:15 BST (UK)  »
Is he Nicholas Blanchfield (farmer) residing in Buckhart Township, Christian, Illinois in 1880?
Wife Elizabeth (born c1841 Ohio) and daughter Ellen (born c1861 Iowa).

Marriage to Elizabeth McGee on 23 Oct 1858 (not 1856) in Sangamon, Illinois.

Which source of yours gives the "probably Kilkenny" birth?

NOTE: There's another Nicholas Blanchfield, also born Ireland circa 1825. He appears to have settled in Pennsylvania. So be careful if you find any pre-1858 immigration records. Can't assume you'll have the correct Nicholas.

Dorset / Re: Bournemouth Refuge/ Quest House/ St Thomas Lodge
« on: Sunday 08 May 22 20:00 BST (UK)  »
As per the Children's Homes site, St Thomas' Lodge (12 Charminster Rd) was a Mother and Baby Home.

Here is a newspaper report from 1903 which may be of interest.
Note: Miss Jackson of St Thomas' Lodge gets mentioned quite a bit in Bournemouth newspapers at the time. It appears she made visits to the local workhouse. Looks like she also interfaced with female defendants/prisoners, and tried to get them to enter the home.

Bournemouth Daily Echo
24 January 1903 (page 3)
"GIRL SENT TO A HOME - Alberta Graham, domestic servant, of Bournemouth. aged 15 years, who had been remanded on charge of attempting commit suicide by by drowning off Bournemouth beach, was brought up the Police court this morning, before the Mayor (Alderman Beale). Superintendent Faster said he did not wish to offer any evidence, but asked the Mayor to hand the girl over to either Miss Jackson,
of St. Thomas's Lodge, or to the lady guardian from the parish in which the girl formerly resided. In answer to the Mayor, the girl said she was quite willing to go with Miss Jackson. The Mayor, discharging the prisoner, reminded her that she was charged with a very wicked offence. She ought to feel thankful to Superintendent Foster and ..."

Thomas Johnson...married 14 Jan 1877...Fanny Wilmot

Do you have the 1877 marriage record? What are their fathers' names and occupations?

I see Ruby's baptism in Manchester:

Birth 1877
Baptised 23 Nov 1878
Parents Thomas & Fanny Johnson

Armed Forces / Re: help required
« on: Saturday 07 May 22 22:28 BST (UK)  »
The death notice/obit is also on the BNA. You can register for free, and then you can view 3 free pages.
Looks like the obit mentions she was from America. Does that sound like your ancestor?

Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser
12 November 1943 (page 3)
"Luckhurst leaves a family of six sons and three daughters. The principal mourners were Mr. H. Luckhurst (husband), Sergt. Harold Luckhurst R.A. (son), Mr. and Mrs. Backley, Mr. and Mrs. Peel (sons-m-law and daughters), Mr. and Mrs. W. Luckhurst (son and ..."

London and Middlesex / Re: Oscar Graffunder - Hackney hairdresser b 1879
« on: Saturday 07 May 22 17:44 BST (UK)  »
Could this be an address where women came to give birth if they had complex pregnancies? Or is it just a co-incidence?

Probably just a coincidence. See below. Might be Oscar, according to the details.

Islington Gazette
13 June 1904
"ESSEX-ROAD -- House and Shop, No. 16, Popham-Road. Let to hair dresser, on three years agreement, at 39. Term 15 years, at 5".

London and Middlesex / Re: Oscar Graffunder - Hackney hairdresser b 1879
« on: Saturday 07 May 22 16:50 BST (UK)  »
However, there are several newspaper articles in early June 1906 about "a woman" (unnamed) giving birth to triplets in Popham Road.

This is the woman in question. Note: Albany Cottages are on Popham Road.

Daily Mirror
05 June 1906
"Mrs. Hodges, of 84, Albany-Cottages, Essex-Road, Islington, has just given birth to triplets, two girls and a boy, and all are doing well".

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: nothers
« on: Saturday 07 May 22 01:02 BST (UK)  »
On the 1882 marriage to Tom Ackroyd, Martha Mirfield is 22, daughter of Daniel, a cloth weaver. Image on Ancestry. Her age in 1891 is 30.

YAY!!  ;D  It's all starting to make sense.

ADDED: Think Tom and Martha (plus two children) are boarders in the 1891 census (in Hunslet, I think). So if this Martha is the mum of the Nothers children, she hooked up with William Nothers pretty darn quick.  :o 
And it would explain why there's no marriage to WN.

There's a 1934 death in Leeds for a William Nothers (born 1867). I can't locate him in 1891 or 1911.
1921 census - William Nother (born 1865) in Leeds. Others in household: Maude and George.

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