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London and Middlesex / Re: Moorby of Lambeth?
« on: Sunday 09 January 22 12:31 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks Colin there are a few variations of the surname and We have found possibilities in the Banbury region of Oxfordshire but no definite connections.
i wonder if we can assume William and Richard relate...same work ,same area both have sons Richard baptised in the same church ,.. but is this enough to say yes they relate? We have found in Banbury a William (with a brother Richard) who has a reasonably matched son William...but  we clutching at straws
The lack of a London birth may simply be the family did not have their children baptised

I think that tree has miss read the will and overlooked the reference to Nephew others with the Lambeth birth don't give a father

Worcestershire / Re: Where was Bug Hole,Dudley?
« on: Sunday 09 January 22 10:47 GMT (UK)  »
King William Pub in Pensnett Road
The King William IV was opened during the reign of that monarch. From directory entries it is known that Sarah SHARE nee WHITEHOUSE  was the victualler of the pub at 8 Pensnett Road between 1850 - 1861 although at that time it was known as The King's Head. In 1841 her first husband Samuel is listed as a coal miner but it was not uncommon for a small family house to be run as a pub by the wife while the husband pursued a different occupation. The couple probably set a bar up in their home between 1830 and 1837. Samuel died in the first quarter of 1849 and Sarah continued to run the establishment alone. The Post Office Directory of Birmingham, Staffordshire & Worcestershire 1850 has “King's Head Mrs S. SHARE Holly Hall Dudley”. Similarly Slater's Directory for 1851 has “King's Head Sarah SHARE Holly Hall”. A Samuel SHARE is listed in the same PO Directory and Sarah SHARE in the Slater's directory as shopkeeper. These are thought to be Samuel  and his wife Sarah nee WALL who lived next to the pub.

In 1851 Daniel BAKER, a constable, was lodging at the pub. Sarah and Daniel married in 1853 and Daniel was listed as the publican at 6 Bug Hole on the 1861 census. Sarah died in 1867

After Sarah and Daniel the next record so far found is an entry in the PO Directory for 1876 which has “SHARE Samuel King's Head Holly Hall.”  This is thought to be Sarah's nephew Samuel son of Joseph SHARE and Nancy. Sarah’s son Samuel had died in the first quarter of 1871, his wife Sarah nee WALL was still listed as a shop keeper in the Post Office Directory of 1876. Samuel moved to the Old Coach and Horses and his son Joseph SHARE  was managing the King William in 1881 but in 1891 Joseph was a bar man in his father’s pub. In 1891 a Joshuah MANTLE was keeping the King William, 8 Pensnett Road, no family connection with him has been found.

The Old Coach and Horses was in Stourbridge Road, Woodside, the “ Old” in its title was added to distinguish it from another Coach and Horses, also located on the Stourbridge Road. Samuel SHARE  was the publican from 1881. He is also listed there in both Kelly’s Directories for 1892 and 1896. The original pub was gutted by a fire and demolished. The existing pub was a replacement building which opened in 1965.

In Kelly's Directory of Worcestershire 1896 a Joseph SHARE is at the Seven Stars Public House, 20-21 Market Place. This may well be the same Joseph as no other has been found on the censuses for 1891 and 1901. Joseph died in 1898.

London and Middlesex / Moorby of Lambeth?
« on: Sunday 09 January 22 05:12 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to find the birth of William MOORBY about 1773 and for Richard MOORBY 1748
It is possible these were related but we would like to verify this.
Both were tiplate workers both had sons named Richard
Richard left a will when he died mentioning a nephew William but annoyingly there are blank spaces where William's addressand the name of his wife were meant to be.
Some trees on An..ry say William was born in Lambeth but give no baptism date or parents
Can anyone see a record in Lambeth to bear this outplease?

The Common Room / Re: A tricky problem needs help
« on: Thursday 18 November 21 07:25 GMT (UK)  »
Tie to update this one. Still no further forwardwith it really but I nowknow that George and Margaret Sharp went to live at Trinity Ground in Stepney London. Trinity Ground were alms housed for retired Sea Captains
RG 9/ 297 fo122 p 5   
sch:34   8 Trinity Ground
George SHARP   Head   Widr   79   Retired Master Mariner   Durham Sunderland
Margaret died Mile End District, Middlesex 1858 and George was buried 13 Feb 1862 Age: 81
Abode Trinity Ground, Stepney
Margaret was nee SUMMERS

They must have moved from Berwick between 1851 and 1858
I have written to several places to see if there is an entry register for the Alms Houses but so far have drawn a blank

The Common Room / Re: Can't find a birth registration Owen Wyn Richards
« on: Tuesday 09 November 21 11:55 GMT (UK)  »
I need to meet up with my contact again and consolidate what we have now found and ask a few more questions
Many thanks for everyones help

The Common Room / Re: Can't find a birth registration Owen Wyn Richards
« on: Monday 08 November 21 10:13 GMT (UK)  »
This is interesting born 1938 married 1962 looks good so if we can find a death for this one we could be on a winner here.will check it out a bit Many thanks I think the death record threw me out totally :o

The Common Room / Re: Can't find a birth registration Owen Wyn Richards
« on: Monday 08 November 21 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
The Owen Wyn in the North Wales Newspaper is also the one who married in 1941 to M they are on that roll in 1968 so he can't be the one who married J. i cant see why you think he is definitely the one born19 May 1912  in Chicago on though.
Mine definitely had one daughter in 1972 her birth registration shows the  surname of the mother as that of the 1962 bride and she gives her mother's first name that of that bride too so can't be the Owen in N. Wales when that owen and wife M are still together in 1968
How odd that two Owen Wyn Richards should settle in the same district of Kent at the same time.
I knowmy contact knowshe died between1985-1995 inthe Bromley district only one turned up he with the birth date 19 May 1912  all very confusing. Can a second death befoundorany proofthat this is the other chap not"mine"?

The Common Room / Re: Can't find a birth registration Owen Wyn Richards
« on: Sunday 07 November 21 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
The biggest problem I have with it all is I know he married in 1962 and the known daughter has a mother with the surname of the 1962  bride. The 1941 pair Owen and M, are shown on the electoral roll for 1964  after the marriage in 1962 to bride J AS per reply 4.

Somerset / Re: Paulton and Cholera
« on: Sunday 07 November 21 17:15 GMT (UK)  »
What do you want to know? I'll try to help

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