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Leicestershire / WILKINS Appleby Magna
« on: Tuesday 09 May 06 11:28 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help sort out my William WILKINs problem please.
William/Ann WILKINS have one child Ann Baptized Appleby Magna 26 Dec 1792
I think this is William and Ann ORTON who m 1792 Norton Juxta Twycross.
From Family Search I have found William s James/Mary bap 6 Jan 1766 C059711.
There is however a patron entry for William s Joseph/Sarah SMITH also 6 Jan but 1764.
As both are 6 Jan I think one entry is incorrect but which one?
There are no other ch to Joseph and Mary in C059711 and 6 for Joseph /Sarah 1760,1762,2 for 4 Oct 1769, 1772 & 1777
as you see there is a nice space for William 1764 or 1766 however no William.
Question; Is the Mary really Sarah  and is it 1764 or 1766?
The only Joseph m for 1755-1767 Leicester in Family Search is 6 Dec 1759 to Sarah SMITH Appleby Magna
If any one can help I will be very grateful

Northumberland / Re: John & George WATSON Lemington
« on: Monday 08 May 06 22:14 BST (UK)  »
Yes you've got it I really need to prove one way or other what relationship John Watson was to Mary Ann. In 1851 there is a Mary aged 8 with John and Catherine this fits with the 1861 when she is 18 Mary Ann LIDDELL from Birtly with her husband in the same house as Catherine and Catherine's 3 ch no John assuming he was on nights in the mine he reapears on 1871 and as you can see below could well be the witness to MA's marriage as a minor her guardian would have signed

District / No.   255
Marriage solemnized by Banns in the chapelry of Lamesley
in the County of   Durham
When      September 29th 1860

Name      Thomas LIDDELL      X Mary Ann WATSON
Age      full age         under age
Condition      Widower         Spinster
Rank      Collier         -
Residence   Quarry Houses      Quarry Houses
Father      Thomas LIDDELL      George WATSON
Profession   Blacksmith      Collier

Married in the   Chapel
according to   the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church
      by me R H Williamson
in the presence of   X John WATSON
(Witnesses)   X Sarah SLATER

Source.      Durham RO 12 Aug 2005

Having failed to find a b for Mary Ann I thought I'd try to find one for John WATSON who from 1851 & 1871 was b 1811 and from then see if there was a brother George.
We have found a family in Newburn with both a John(1785) and George(1785) George m an Isabel and had 5 ch a George 1810 and an Isabella-remember MA had an Isabel -but no John!! could this George have been a George John known as John not to confuse with his Dad and signed the m as he was known John while she correctly gave his "official" name   mm I'm now clutching at straws!

Northumberland / Re: John & George WATSON Lemington
« on: Monday 08 May 06 17:05 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Michael,
on 1851 John is from Lemington, I haven't sent for the Catherine GUGGAN m cert as it is so much after Mary Ann's birth Catherine is consistently from Ireland and GUGGAN has that sort of ring If John is Mary Ann's dad he must have had a previous m. We went to Durham last year and failed to find a John Watson about 1811 in Lemington The 1841 lists no fewer than 8  George WATSONs in Chester Le Street and 17 Johns which I think is the district we need. One looks possible remembering rounding there is a John m to Ann with dau Isabel Mary Ann's ch was Isabel but neither John or Ann b in county They're in Lamsley no occupation. But that still leaves the problem of why MA says f was George on her m? There are 8 deaths for Ann WATSON Chester Le St 1841-51
puzzling Trees

H0107/2042 fo 165 p56 Worcester St Clements
Sarah SMITH  Hd Wid46 b Hallow
John TAYLOR son 18 Hallow
George SMITH son 15 Hallow
Hannah SMITH Dau 9 Hallow

So it looks like Sarah was a TAYLOR before she was a SMITH
hope this helps

Warwickshire / Re: STANFIELD Birmingham
« on: Monday 08 May 06 12:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi Tati It is good of you to help In 1841 there are 2 Edward ELLARDs in Willoughby S of Thomas the butcher and s of his brother William no James Family search also has Thomas having Lydia and Edward bap same day 29 June 1837 2 other ch Elizabeth 1827 & Thomas 1830 FSearch C040641
I think he is definately Thomas son not the mysterious James! Hope so I've gone a good way back on Thomas and wife!!

Warwickshire / Re: STANFIELD Birmingham
« on: Monday 08 May 06 10:46 BST (UK)  »
She married Edward ELLARD
District / No.   Aston      No. 419
Marriage at   St Andrew's Church in the new Parish of St Andrew's Bordesley
in the County of   Warwick
When      2 July 1860

Name      Edward ELLARD   Ann Maria STANFIELD
Age      27      17
Condition      Bachelor      Spinster
Rank      Butcher      -
Residence   Bristol St.   -

Father      James ELLARD   William STANFIELD
Profession   Butcher      Caster

Married in the   Parish Church
according to   the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church   after banns

in the presence of   Thomas MILLWARD
(Witnesses)   Lydia MILLWARD

Source.      Birmingham Register Office.    16 Apr 93

1861 census
RG9/2120  fo96 p30   ed: Kings Norton, Kings Norton 12
p[t]: Kings Norton, c/mb: -, mw: -, pb: -, t:  -, h/t: -, EccD: Kings Norton
sch: 183 - -
Edward ELLARD   Head   Mar   28   Butcher   Warwick Willoughby
Ann M      Wife   Mar   18      Birmingham

Warwickshire / STANFIELD Birmingham
« on: Monday 08 May 06 09:56 BST (UK)  »
Ann Maria STANFIELD f William m 1860 St Andrews Bordesley b (calculated from 1861 &1871 census) 1843 Birmingham can't find her or a William on 1851. Any ideas how I can find her birth place and parents please?

Warwickshire / St Mathias Church B'ham Revd PATRICK
« on: Monday 08 May 06 09:27 BST (UK)  »
I have seen part of a Parish magazine cover for St Mathias with the Vicar's name Rev. PATRICK and the verger as Mr PRATT of 57 George Street. Now I have a George Guy PRATT b  1860 to Charles PRATT who was Parish Clerk at St Nicholas Warwick. George m in St Mathias in 1879 so I wonder if he was the verger in question.
Any one know how I can find out when Mr PATRICK was vicar in St Mathias? or how can I find Mr Pratt's of George street's initials

« on: Sunday 07 May 06 23:12 BST (UK)  »
I am interested in John RULE b 1731 s of John RULE &? who married Catherine BRYANT in Philack 1752 nothing is known of her before the marriage so any help would be welcome. One of their sons m Sarah REED in Gwithian 1787 again another mysterious lady!This couple had a dau Sarah who m Robert BRAY in Gwinear 1809 this time a mystery man! Does any one have any knowledge they are all direct line and I would be grateful for any help locating their births. Many thanks

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