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Thank you but this is a different George Heath.

Thank you, even the National Archives and Scotland Yard didn't know where he is buried. I'll let you know if anything discovered.

Thank you, we have all the case details, it's just his resting place we need to locate. We will keep trying and hopefully something will come to light, much appreciated!

Good Afternoon,

My Grandfather George Edward Heath was murdered in 1944 in a very high profile case dubbed The Cleft Chin Murder. Over the years we have obtained evidence with the help of the authorities. However 1 important piece of information is still missing. Where was George put to rest. I think his funeral was on Friday 27th October 1944 somewhere in London but we cannot seem to get the answer as George's son (my dad) and myself would like to pay our respect. Any news would be wonderful, thank you, Steve Heath

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