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Donegal / Re: Looking for the Church of Ireland in Burt
« on: Friday 18 June 21 16:33 BST (UK)  »
This Restaurant is an absolute hidden gem. Michelin star standard food served in the unique surrounding of a 18th century refurbished church. ... (listed in DONEGAL RESOURCES-

Tyrone / Re: John Sayers (1850-1892) parents info
« on: Friday 18 June 21 10:23 BST (UK)  »
The one issue I do have is that he doesn't mention a son John in America even tho he specifically mentions the married daughters who have already had their share.  And who is John Sayers who is the informant on the death in 1892?  Possible that John in the US is the son of William noted as the witness to John Sr.'s marriage.  He does name his only son as William.

I said it was a possible family tree because I'm not convinced either but possibly related in some way.

It is son Joseph Sayers who was informant on death of John Sayers in 1892.

1st Derry Presbyterian Church is in Templemore Parish, County Londonderry.

PRONI holds the microfilm of the records (not online). Coleraine Library should also have a copy of the microfilms (my list isn't handy) but access again is not online.

You should be able to pay by credit card-

Several mentions of Kingsway Hospital in 1970s here- not sure if any of them are the event you are looking for-

Tyrone / Re: John Sayers (1850-1892) parents info
« on: Thursday 17 June 21 23:09 BST (UK)  »
Possible (partial) family tree?
Joseph Sayers, farmer
1. John Sayers (c1808-1892 Fairview) ? m.(1845) Jane Arbuckle (c1830?-1885 Barrow)
The Will of John Sayers late of Fairview County Tyrone Farmer who died 3 November 1892 at same place was proved at Londonderry by Joseph Sayers of Fairview Farmer one of the Executors. Will dated 1890 mentions son Joseph, daughters Sarah Jane, Isabella, Susannah, Mary, Elizabeth
     a. Joseph Sayers (c1842-1911 Fairview)
(informant at death of John Sayers 1892) (Reformed Presbyterian)
     b. Sarah Jane Sayers m. David McClure (d.bef.1890), Cloghole
     c. Isabella Sayers m. Robert McCrea, Eden
          i. Robert McCrea (c1887-aft.1911)
     d. Susannah/Susan Sayers (c1852/c1846-1927)
Sayers Susan of Fairview Bready county Tyrone spinster died 17 June 1927 Probate Londonderry 28 October to John James McCrea farmer. Effects 203 0s. 4d.
     e. Mary Sayers (c1856-aft.1901)
     f. Elizabeth/Bessie/Eliza Sayers (c1858-1933). ? 1911- Drumganty
Sayers Elizabeth of Ballybeeny Bready Post Office county Tyrone spinster died 23 February 1933 Probate Londonderry 7 June to John James McCrea farmer. Effects 185 0s. 2d.
2. ? William Sayers (witness at marriage of John Sayers in 1845)

Tyrone / Re: John Sayers (1850-1892) parents info
« on: Thursday 17 June 21 20:57 BST (UK)  »
I have found an online tree indicating that they were married in Philadelphia.  Both children were baptized in the Presbyterian Church so there's a clue.

Son William Harvey was actually baptised in the 4th Reformed Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia so the family were more likely to be Reformed Presbyterian rather than Presbyterian in Ireland.

Reformed Presbyterian also fits with this family-

Thanks so much to both of you for your estimated time period. I'd love it we could narrow down the years, and find any hints as to whether this photo was taken in Belfast or Dundee (the two most probable locations for the photo).

Difficult to pinpoint a location of a studio photograph without any details of photographer on it (either on front or back)

Dublin / Re: Birth Certificate
« on: Thursday 17 June 21 16:08 BST (UK)  »
This one? unless you need it for legal purposes you can just view online.

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