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Essex / Re: Matthew Hawkins b. abt 1686 of Colchester m. Hannah Gage in Colchester
« on: Friday 31 December 04 18:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Neko,

If you give us some more dates to go with the names, we can probably find more info for you? The best is usually to start a new topic for each brick wall in the "Essex Lookup Request" section above.

In the meantime, these may be of some use?

Essex Marriages
town,fname1 ,sname1 , fname2, sname2, Parishes, Dates
1 Castle Hed Ann WITHAND William HAWKINS    1610   
2 Navestock William Chapman Mary Hawkins   21-Oct 1639   
3 Navestock Edward Grave Mary Hawkins   09-Feb 1639   
4 Chelmsford Daniel Tile Mary Hawkins Rairy ? Rairy ? 08-Jun 1685   
5 Takeley Abraham Hawkins Elizabeth Dewbery   3rd Nove 1687   
6 Chelmsford Thomas Hawkins Jane Clary Sandow  27-Jan 1693   
7 Chelmsford John Keyes Mary Hawkins Mundon Mundon 22-May 1695   
8 Takeley Thomas Hawkins Mary Bray   28th Oct 1725   
9 Takeley William Reynolds Jane Hawkins   5th Dece 1731   
10 Gt Halling Nicholas PLAIER Elizabeth HAWKINS    1735   
11 Burnham Ann SOUTH John HAWKINS    1753   
12 Roxwell John Hawkins Mary Copsey Writtle  19-Oct 1755   
13 Castle Hedingham Gardiner HAWKINS Frances FINCH Of This Parish Of This Parish 08-Jan 1765   
14 South Weald John Hawkins Jane Clark Widow Gt Warley 02-Apr 1767   
15 South Weald Isaac Hawkins Alice Johnson   30-Sep 1772   
16 Chelmsford John Hawkins Sarah Warren Cold Norton  13-Feb 1777   
17 Chelmsford James Hawkins Frances Collard   14-Oct 1780   
18 Chelmsford Micah Hawkins Sarah Clark   Dec 1780   
19 Castle Hedingham James HAWKINS Ann DANSIE Of This Parish Of This Parish 06-Feb 1780   
20 Chelmsford John Barnbrook Ann Hawkins   23-Sep 1781   
21 Castle Hedingham Thomas HAWKINS Mary MOODY Of This Parish Of This Parish 23-Oct 1785   
22 Castle Hedingham Wakeling MOODY Sarah HAWKINS Of This Parish Of This Parish 16-Oct 1787   
23 Castle Hedingham John HAWKINS Mary Ann HURRELL Of This Parish Sible Hedingham  1792   
24 Roxwell John Suckling Mary Hawkins widow widow 09-Oct 1792   
25 Aveley William HAWKINS Dinah ROBERSON    1802   
26 Braintree Henry HUMFRIES Sarah HAWKINS    1802   
27 Halstead Thomas HAWKINS Elizabeth COOPER    1803   
28 Halstead Thomas HAWKINS Henrietta CAMPIN    1803   
29 Halstead William HAWKINS Susannah WISBY    1804   
30 Chelmsford Thomas HALLS Frances HAWKINS    1805   
31 Halstead Barnes HAWKINS Elizabeth COCKMAN    1805   
32 Cranham Isaac HAWKINS Mary SMITH    1806   
33 Chelmsford Thomas HAWKINS Ann WATKINS    1808   
34 Writtle George GOWERS Mary HAWKINS    1809   
35 Halstead John GREAVE Elizabeth HAWKINS    1809   
36 Writtle George Gowers Mary Hawkins   11-Feb 1809   
37 Belchamp W Thomas James BOLINGBROKE Elizabeth HAWKINS    1811   
38 Halstead Isaac HAWKINS Sarah SPURGEON    1813   
39 Castle Hedingham John SMITH Sarah HAWKINS Of This Parish Of This Parish 05-Aug 1813   
40 Chelmsford William BAKER Mary Ann HAWKINS    1814   
41 Woodford Thomas HAWKINS Mary WITE    1815   
42 Halstead Thomas HAWKINS Ann COOPER    1815   
43 Chelmsford Saul HARDY Sarah HAWKINS    1817   
44 Braintree George HITCHCOCK Mary HAWKINS    1817   
45 Belchamp W Mathew HAWKINS Mary MORGAN    1819   
46 Chelmsford James HAWKINS Frances COEALL    1822   
47 Burnham Abraham CLAY Elizabeth HAWKINS    1824   
48 Burnham John HAWKINS Elizabeth KETCHER    1825   
49 Castle Hedingham Edmund HARDY Rebecca HAWKINS Great Yeldham Of This Parish 14-Oct 1833   
50 Castle Hedingham Charles HAWKINS Maria FINCH Castle Hedingham Nunnery Street 08-Sep 1839 Wheelwright 
51 Castle Hedingham Joseph NEWMAN Susanna-Eliza HAWKINS Castle Hedingham Nunnery Street 24-Nov 1839 Carpenter 
52 Burnham Robert HASLER Elizabeth HAWKINS    1843   
53 Castle Hedingham Samuel JEFFERIES Maria HAWKINS Castle Hedingham Castle Hedingham 25-Jan 1851 Malster 
54 Burnham Dansey HAWKINS Elizabeth SWEETING    1854   
55 Burnham Alfred C AUGER Henrietta HAWKINS    1859   
56 Castle Hedingham Frederick Charles HAWKINS Martha ROBINSON Castle Hedingham Castle Hedingham 23-Feb 1861 Wheelwright 
57 Castle Hedingham Charles WICKS Annie Maria HAWKINS Castle Hedingham Castle Hedingham 14-May 1870 Painter 
58 Castle Hedingham Alfred STEWARD Emma HAWKINS Sible Hedingham Sible Hedingham 06-Feb 1879 Dealer 
59 Castle Hedingham Albert HAWKINS Fanny Sarah SMITH Castle Hedingham Castle Hedingham 24-Dec 1881 Wheelwright 
60 Castle Hedingham Horace Horatio Nelso HAWKINS Jane SMITH Bulmer Bulmer 24-Apr 1883 Blacksmith 
61 Castle Hedingham Christopher WARE Augusta Annie HAWKINS Leytonstone London Leytonstone London 06-Apr 1896 Grocer 
62 Castle Hedingham William James Alma SLAUGHTER Ethel HAWKINS Earls Colne Earls Colne 17-Sep 1897 Iron monger

Tot ziens,  ;)
Happy New Year,

The Common Room / Re: Do u look similer !!!
« on: Friday 31 December 04 17:18 GMT (UK)  »
Not only was I the spitting image of my grandfather (mum's side) up until my late twenties, before I put on weight, but apparently I have some of the exact mannerisms, the way I move my head and hands....
The really odd thing is that my grandad died some twenty-five years before I was born!!!  :o  :o

My great-uncle commented on it at one Christmas/New Years family party. Shame he is not alive today to repeat it!  :'(

I also happen to share the same sporting interests as my grandfathers (cricket and cycling). My grandad used to hold the 24hr world distance record in the 1920s. I have some photos from the 20s and 30s of him racing various bikes, including a penny-farthing, at the original Herne Hill track in London. I'll try and dig these out! I spent ten years living in France and Belgium racing bikes in amateur competitions, but had to give up due to injury.


The Common Room / Re: Double Christening.
« on: Friday 31 December 04 17:02 GMT (UK)  »
My father, who was the son of a priest, pointed out that the only reasons, he knows, a second baptism/christening can occur are the following:
1. The vicar is de-frocked!!!
2. Pauper's baptism then the real thing
3. Change of denomination!!!!
Say catholic to methodist or protestant....
Normally you can only be baptised once in that denomination!!

I too have a double christening, but at different churches, St Botolph without Aldgate 11/4/1827 and St Olave, Hart Street 4/3/1833, both given with the same name, parents and birth date!

My entire family clan had moved from one church to the other (change of denomination?) and re-baptise a child already covered. I know that it must be the same child as she maintains her correct age all through her life and a sibling, who is baptised at the same time, is staying with her in a much later census in 1871!  :o does happen!!!  :o


The Common Room / Re: Foreign?
« on: Friday 31 December 04 16:30 GMT (UK)  »
Having lived near Reigate for many years I can say I'd never heard of this civil parish either, but it did exist (1866 - 1894). Not very large though.;jsessionid=4ADC8DB46F001345EBA3FC94CF2E5A88?u_id=10085275


The Common Room / Re: Anyone heard of this actor ?
« on: Friday 31 December 04 16:28 GMT (UK)  »

Best place I have found so far for thespians is the Times Online! I had a free trial a while ago and found some of my acting rellies there. So I would point you in the direction of local papers etc. You might even try:


The Common Room / Re: Query??????
« on: Friday 31 December 04 16:24 GMT (UK)  »
This could be due to re-marriage to repesct the new (step-) fathers name. More likely the first child had died though. Infant mortality rates depended massively on social standing (ie. wealth) and location. They were at least 50% for some of my families. I have three Susannah's on one occasion dying.....  :-[ and two Richards and Johns in the SAME family and they were reasonably wealthy land owners!   :'(

I'm guessing a bit, but what was the date? Middle names really became fashionable and inter-changable with first names after 1800.  :o If you had a very pious parent you had a biblical names which go out of fashion very fast after 1870 (Origin of Species)!

Also, it was common (at least) in my family that a middle name was used to differentiate between say John Snr. and John Jnr., so up until John Snr.died, John Jnr. could be known even on censi by his middle name first!!! As soon as father/mother dies or he gets his own house, he reverts to the name on his birth cert! Trying to follow these can be an unimaginable nightmare!


Essex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Where have they put Mottesbury Essex?
« on: Friday 31 December 04 13:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Valentine,

I have looked at the Essex 1841, 1851 and 1861 regions of Essex and can find no reference to Mottesbury. Maybe it's a tiny village or parish, or it was the name of a house, or, as you suggested a mistranscription.

Good luck,


Essex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Palmer Family , Essex Area
« on: Friday 31 December 04 12:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Candi,

Sorry to have confused you.  :o

What I meant was that if you start a new topic, similar to this, entitled, say, "HO107/1775/228 1851 lookup Chelmsford,Essex Palmer" there is a very high likelihood that someone will be able to provide a FULL census lookup, as I only have an index for Chelmsford. The FULL census will provide you with a few more details, that may prove interesting, or of use.

If you would like to see more about Palmers in Essex please have a look at Kevan 's excellent Essex and Suffolk website at:
Click on the following:
Essex & Suffolk  1841 census marriage, births and census search engine.
Then type Palmer in the surname box.

Happy New Year,  :D

Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 Census - Hatfield Peverel area
« on: Wednesday 29 December 04 19:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Linda,

Here is the list of places from Witham area in 1851:
Witham - Braxted, Gt & Lit; Coggeshall; Fairstead; Faulkbourne; Feering; Hatfield Peverel; Inworth; Kelvedon; Marks Hall; Messing; Rivenhall; Terling; Ulting; Wickham Bishops; Witham

Could the Sarah Carter be Isaac's sister Sarah Ann after she had married, or an aunt?
From 1851 Witham:

If that is them, it seems she came from Hatfield, which would fit! Seems a bit old though? LOTS of other Carter about!


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