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Hi Meliora
Thank you for replying. Its a long story, but briefly, William Dorn married Jane and then Anthony stepped in. William migrated to Nelson NZ, Anthony and Jane came to Australia and had 6 kids. My grandmother was one of them. Both are burried in a Sydney cemetery. We dont know what happend to William. There is no official marriage document for Anthony in Jersey, NZ or Australia.
Whatever documents you can send me could help and any advioce about what else I can do would be appreciated. Jane's mother was Jane Lewis from Devon UK and I cant find anything as it is before 1837.
Kind regards John Meyers NSW Australia

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Please tell me how to log onto this site so I can gain access to this great amount of information. I am searching for several families who were in NZ or who have new generations living there.
Looking for Dorn, lewis, Meyers, Lazarus
John Meyers
NSW Australia

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Re: Channel Islands Lookup requests
« on: Tuesday 03 July 07 04:00 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much. I must be IT negligent as I cant fathom the logic of that site. I did find the names thank you but need others such as jane Lewis, Jane Woods, William Woods, but the Jane Woods is not mine.

Maybe one day someone with similar ancestors will see my post
thanks anyway
NSW Australia

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Channel Islands Lookup requests
« on: Monday 02 July 07 04:33 BST (UK)  »
Looking for Dorn, Lewis and Woods about 1800 to 1860 in Jersey, Please help

Antrim Completed Look up Requests / Re: Finding Annie Beatrice Mooney
« on: Monday 17 July 06 07:33 BST (UK)  »
Hello Tess

more information from my wife that I did not have yesterday. I have looked at the website that you recommended and Clare will join that
Tracing Family

My Grandparents were William and Annie Beatrice Gardner (nee Mooney) both born in Antrim, Northern Ireland.  They were married at St Anne’s Parish of Belfast on 9th August 1905.   They must have moved to Australia sometime between 1905 and 1909 when my mother was born in Australia.

I have their registrations of Birth, Marriage, and death certificates.  Both died in Australia.

William Gardner (Born 1885) Parents were:  Richard Gardner and Mary Ann Hart.  Of these two I have no information at all.   Tried to find a marriage registry entry when in Northern Ireland earlier this year – but nothing.

Annie Beatrice Gardner (nee Mooney) (Born 1884) Parent’s were: Francis Mooney and Sarah Patterson.  I have no further information on these two either, although I have found that my grandmother (Annie Beatrice) was the youngest of several siblings.

Siblings in date order:   Ellen          1866
         Francis William    1869
         Charles Alexander    1872
         Philip Francis      1875
         Samuel Thomas   1878
         John Joseph      1880
Annie Beatrice      1884 (my Grandmother)

I hope this information may lead to some more contacts!!!

Clare Meyers 

Antrim Completed Look up Requests / Finding Annie Beatrice Mooney
« on: Sunday 16 July 06 08:21 BST (UK)  »
Annie Beatrice Mooney was born 1884 in Antrim and her husband William Gardner was born in Antrim in 1885. Please help finding more information about these ancestors.  They married in 1905 in St Anne's Church Belfast.
My wife is looking for parents of Annie Mooney and William Gardner.

Hello Again Brenda
Matilda's headstone says in Hebrew, Here lies the woman Mindel, daughter of Zwi.


Hello Brenda

the lack of information drives me up the wall, daily.  Henry is shown as a merchant on his application to marry, dated 29 October 1867. Matilda has nothing listed. Henry lived at Queens Street for 4 years before his marriage and Matilda lived in Hobson Street Auckland for 2.5 years. There is a note that Matilda resided in an other district, possibly 95, which was specifically shown on the application. Matilda's place of birth is shown as London and Henry is shown on 2 certificates as being born in Hobartown and Tasmania.
Does this help?
John Meyers

In November 1867, Henry Solomon Meyers married Matilda Lewis in Auckland NZ. Matilda was born on London about 1840. Have tried many websites and found many Matilda's but she was Jewish at birth and this defines my search.
Hope someone can help me find Matilda's family and maybe Henry's family as he was Jewish at birth also.
John Meyers
Port Macquarie Australia

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