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New Zealand Completed Requests / HARRIS Ellen Maud Marguerite
« on: Wednesday 11 March 20 00:42 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone find burial place for: 1970/43901 HARRIS Ellen Maud Marguerite   74Y

This is just to satisfy my curiosity.

I also canít find burial for: 1979/42768 Harris Walter Charles Sidney 11 March 1904

Here is a link to that which I have been dabbling in:


US Completed Requests / Cameron Morrison Tease - Marriage to Esther
« on: Saturday 21 September 19 06:50 BST (UK)  »
I have looked on Family Search and am unable to find a US marriage for the above.

I see his naturalisation document which states that he arrived in the US, 1907, on the Columbia.

I see he is buried at Evergreen, Colorado Springs and have found a widowed Esther with a son Samuel on the 1930 census.

I am trying to confirm that Cameron is the son of Samuel and Janet Tease.


US Completed Requests / Samuel Tease and Janet Morrison
« on: Thursday 19 September 19 08:04 BST (UK)  »
I am in need of assistance with Samuel Tease who married Janet Morrison in Australia in 1882.

An Internet search show's tree on Ancestry - which I am unable to access - showing the following:

Samuel S. Tease from tree Virginia-Maryland -Delaware Family Tree
Record information.
Birth   1857 New South Wales Australia
Death   date/date/year
Record information.
Spouse   Janet Morrison (1863-year)

Samuel S Tease from tree Joseph Warner Rand III Family Tree
Record information.
Birth   1857 New South Wales Australia
Marriage   dd/mm/year
Death   date/date/year
Record information.
Father   given name surname
Mother   given name
Spouse   Janet Morrison (1863-year)

Janet's is mentioned in her mother's will in 1920, but no surname is mentioned. Of course this doesn't mean that Janet was still alive. There is a death in Australia for a Samuel Tease in 1904, that may be this Samuel, but the death cert has not been purchased, as yet.

Any information that can be found would be greatly appreciated.


Australia / Janet Morrison and Samuel Tease - NSW
« on: Thursday 19 September 19 07:24 BST (UK)  »
I have the following:

Birth:14467/1863 MORRISON Jannet parents JOHN and GRACE WELLINGROVE

Marriage: 6610/1882 TEASE Samuel MORRISON Janet TAMWORTH

Death:13662/1904 TEASE Samuel parents SAMUEL and ANNIE WEST MAITLAND

Janet is mentioned in the 1920 will of her mother Grace, but no surname is given.

I'm looking for any information on Janet and Samuel. I do not need anything on Janet's parents or siblings.

I know the marriage and death certificate for the above Samuel may be useful, but thought I'd try here first.

I've had no joy on Trove.


Australia / Anyone researching only - Hubert Stanley Pratt - Sydney, NSW
« on: Wednesday 01 May 19 00:47 BST (UK)  »
I have just purchased a transcript for a daughter of the following, and it isnít connected to my tree. Iím happy to pass it on to anyone with connections to the family. As the daughter is possibly still alive - born 30-4-1943 - I canít post the details, other than she married in Wagga in 12-2-1966.

Parents are:

7453/1928 PRATT Hubert S to BUTLER Rosannah V JUNEE

Deaths: 22257/1952 PRATT Hubert Stanley parents JOHN REMINGTON and ELLEN at REDFERN

Funeral, bottom 2nd last column:

From Wagga cemetery website:

Surname: PRATT
Given Name: HUBERT
Location: RC-2B-R1-0009
Date of Death: 5-8-1952
Interment Date: 7-8-1952

Surname: PRATT
Location: S03-E-0085
Date of Birth: 24-5-1910
Date of Death: 7-7-2001
Interment Date: 10-7-2001

Please note that I do NOT have any connection to this family and do NOT require any information on them.


Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Philpot/Philpott - England to Australia 1861-1869
« on: Saturday 22 December 18 11:36 GMT (UK)  »
Iím wondering if anyone can find the following departing England, as I canít locate them arriving here in Australia.

The family: Permanas c1828, Jane Margaret c1821, Edward 1850, Francis 1852, Julia 1854, Susan Elizabeth 1856, Maria Ann 1858.


Census and Resource Discussion / Incorrect name for HEAD on the 1861
« on: Saturday 22 December 18 10:49 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone check to see if there is a different head of household than that shown on FamilySearch, please?

The headís name should be Permanas.


Census and Resource Discussion / 1841 census explanation, please.
« on: Saturday 22 December 18 10:32 GMT (UK)  »
If these two have the same -

1841 census Wiltshire
HO107/Piece 1164/Folio 3 p8

- does it mean everyone is living together?

I am in need of Josiah, the father of Permanis on the 1841, also.


Scotland / Can't find 1923 death on SP
« on: Friday 02 November 18 00:06 GMT (UK)  »
I have been scouring ScotlandsPeople for the death of Christina and it isn't showing.

Her hubby and daughter are buried next to her and their deaths have district as Dryfesdale, on SP.

Lair 180 Christina Jardine, Gibson's Cleugh, aged 79 years, interred 17 Aug 1923.

Can anyone spot it?


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