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I have a death certificate for John Alfred O'Donnel/l with a birth date around 1823.

It has father: Hugh O'Donnell as Private 47 foot

Mother: Eliza - no maiden name.

It says John was born 'Jersey' and arrived Australia in 1958

Where would his birth have been registered?

Where do I begin looking for his parents information, e.g. marriage?

Where was John between birth and 1958?

I don't need any information on the Australian side.

I have posted it on this board as I couldn't decide if it should be on the Isles, Military, or possibly Ireland boards.


Australia / Flora McDonald Murchie marriage to John Alfred O'Donnell. NSW or QLD?
« on: Monday 24 October 16 04:05 BST (UK)  »
Flora was born in NSW in 1837 and possibly died in Rockhampton QLD.

There is a Flora O'Donnell mentioned in a court case as wife of John O'Donnell in 1865.

She is confirmed to be an O'Donnell, 1873, as she is referred to Flora O'Donnell of Rockhampton in her mother's death notice.

However, she had remarried in 1872: C529 Thomas Griffin Flora McDonald Murchie O'Donnell

What I am after is her marriage to John, which I haven't been able to find in either on NSW or Qld BDMs.

An online source has her deceased under another surname, but there is QLDBDM simply indicates that it was a woman born in NSW, so not worth purchasing.

On children's birth/deaths it is John Alfred O'Donnell, I can't find his death.


Australia / O'Donnell of Emu Park, Qld
« on: Sunday 23 October 16 00:56 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the marriage of Henry O'Donnell to Evelyn Thomas. Before or in 1921. There is a Trove article re: Henry falling of a bridge with a 4 month old babe in his arms in 1921.

I believe I have Henry buried at Rockhampton cemetery in 1979 aged 82, thus birth 1897. Haven't found reference to Evelyn.

There are Trove reference, but they say Mr and Mrs H O'Donnell.

The reason I think Evelyn is a Thomas is that Mr and Mrs H are mentioned in the death notice of Robert Thomas which is worded in a way to suggest she is his daughter.


ADDED: Henry's death isn't showing on BDM, but he is in the cemetery and his granddaughter recalls his death.

Australia Lookups completed / COMPLETED: QLDBDM search issue
« on: Sunday 23 October 16 00:33 BST (UK)  »
I'm having problems with QLDBDM search facility.

I'm am trying to search for O'Connell. When I use the apostrophe it says, 'Last name contains an invalid character.' When I search without it, it says there are no O'Connell to be found in QLD.  ;D

This is the same for BD and M. I tried other surname with an apostrophe and same issue.

It happens on iPad and PC, so assuming it isn't an equipment problem, or user issue.  :-\


Australia / COMPLETED: George Bell Pratt - Born Qld, died Sydney
« on: Thursday 29 September 16 10:56 BST (UK)  »
I have the death of George: 1145/1948 George Bell Pratt parents Robert and Elizabeth PETERSHAM

I have found a memorium:

but can't find death or funeral notices. He died 21 February 1948. Hoping someone else may be able to find them, should they exist.


Australia / COMPLETED: NSWBDM down? Back up, now.
« on: Saturday 24 September 16 02:44 BST (UK)  »
Message I'm getting:

Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


Australia / What are the X and numbers on the NSW marriage cert?
« on: Monday 12 September 16 08:09 BST (UK)  »
On the attached certificate to the right there is a large X and what appears to me to be a reference number, 08/7743.

Alexander remarried prior to Ida's death, yet I have been unable to find a divorce in either NSW or Qld, where Alexander's second marriage took place, as did both of their deaths. His 1910 marriage had him as a widower and Ida died in 1913. Bigamy, yes?

I recall contacting Rockhampton something (court house I think) - they had resided in Rocky and Ida die there - to see if a divorce was recorded, but it wasn't.

Also contacted Family Law Courts, Sydney and they couldn't explain the X and numbers either.

Anyone in the know have a suggestion?


For anyone who would like it.

I have a downloaded copy of the death certificate for Mary, parents Alexander Roy and Mary previously Robertson MS Kells (I think).

Died April 29 1892 aged 65 at Roadside Towie

Husband John a Church Officer


I have a downloaded copy of the death certificate for Mary, parents Alexander Roy and Mary previously Robertson MS Kells (I think).

Died April 29 1892 aged 65 at Roadside Towie

Husband John a Church Officer


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