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Dumfriesshire / Christina Burgess
« on: Thursday 03 May 12 23:15 BST (UK)  »
Also Christina Burgess his spouse who died at Lochmaben 19th December, 1819, aged 77 years.

You will find the complete headstone here. It give names of her deceased children:,595551.10.html

I would like to find information on Christina, who was married to George Kerr. I know nothing about her except that she was married to George and when she died.


Dumfriesshire / Samuel Jardine/Kerr
« on: Monday 16 April 12 02:56 BST (UK)  »
I have 2 Samuel Jardine births -1815 and 1818 - to Joseph Jardine and Janet Kerr.

The second one moved to Canada and died there.

What I have been unable to do is make any Samuel connection in either the Kerr or Jardine family.

Does anyone have Samuel Jardine or Kerr in their tree?

I still live in hope of finding out who Joseph Jardine's parents were.


Dumfriesshire / George Kerr of Rosebank
« on: Thursday 12 April 12 11:08 BST (UK)  »
The following is on a headstone in Lochmaben cemetery. George Kerr the joiner of Rosebank is my line.

I just want to be sure that I understand correctly. "Also George son of the above who died 20th
December, 1808 aged 72 years." Is that referring to the George of Rosebank and that this George had the wife Christina Burgess.


"To the memory of Thomas Kerr in Esbie who died January 26th, 1764 aged 75
years. Also Jannet Sandert his spouse who died May 4th 1767 aged 75 years.
Also Thomas, Robert and Elizabeth, Thomas and James all children to George
Kerr joiner in Rosebank. Also George son of the above who died 20th
December, 1808 aged 72 years. Also Christina Burgess his spouse who died at
Lochmaben 19th December, 1819 aged 77 years. Also William Kerr son of John
Kerr who died --- 1817 aged 12 years, and Jean Kerr his daughter who died
10th March 1833 aged 16 years. Also Helen Bell spouse to the said John Kerr
who died 13 January, 1833 aged 50 or 56 years. Also Jean and Christina their
daughters - Jean died at Lockerby March 1837 aged 14 years and Christina
died at Ohio, America August 1835 aged 21 years. George Bell their son also
died in America aged 31 years."

Australia Lookups completed / COMPLETED - NSW birth look-up 1912-1915
« on: Thursday 23 February 12 11:45 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for a John born to a Mary Alice Todd, who married Alexander Titterington.

It has been suggested that John is a stepson and I'm assuming he is Mary's son.


Australia Lookups completed / COMPLETED-Melbourne death notice needed
« on: Tuesday 21 February 12 10:48 GMT (UK)  »
Joan Mavis Everett died 21-1-11 and was cremated at Springvale on the 29th.

Would love help finding her death notice, please.


Australia Lookups completed / COMPLETED - PRATT SMH look-ups, please
« on: Saturday 18 February 12 01:13 GMT (UK)  »
I would be grateful if someone could do the following look-ups for me please. No hurry for them.

PRATT Phillip Arthur Death notice 12FEB1978 late of Lakemba 14FEB1978   
PRATT Phillip Arthur (Luckie) Death notice 12FEB1978 15 FEB 1978
PRATT Phillip Arthur (Lucky) Death notice   12FEB1978 48    late of Lakemba 15FEB1978

PRATT Phillip Sidney Death notice 10FEB1969   Death 76    late of Balmain 12FEB1969

Have only just this minute noticed that father and son both have 12 February in the information.


Glamorganshire / Family of Roger and Mary Morgan
« on: Saturday 10 September 11 10:45 BST (UK)  »
I have Roger and Mary on the '41 census, Llanguicke, with: Mary 13, Hannah 7, Anne 6 and Evan 2.

On the '51 with: Evan 11, Magdalen 9, Gwenllian 7 and Thomas 3

On the '61 with: Magdalen 19, Evan 21

by '71 they are alone

Any information on the children would be gratefully received.


Glamorganshire / Roger and Mary Morgan - Deaths
« on: Tuesday 06 September 11 03:09 BST (UK)  »
I have Roger and Mary on the 1871 census: Civil Parish: Llanguicke Town: Mawr Address Pontardawe

Roger 68 a collier born in Llanguicke
Mary 66 wife born in Llangyfelach

I have been unable to locate them on the 1881 census and would like to find deaths and burial places for them.

Any assistance much appreciated.


Could someone tell me if there is an inscription for the following, please?

Joseph Antees
Anglican - Section 16
Grave No.   0003093


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