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This could be the birth of the daughter Margaret.
Margaret Anne RIDDLE
Born 1853.
 Father Alexander RIDDLE.
Mother Jane MIHEL (sic)
Reg 720


720/1853 RIDDLE Margaret Jane parents MIHELL Jane and Alexander at MELB


Boroondara General Cemetery
RIDDELL Alexander 23-Mar-1907 77 C/E C 2805

Buried alone.


2267/1902 RIDDELL Jane father MIHILL Thos at Lgatha aged 74
Leongatha Cemetery - ANG E 030
RIDDLE Jane 69 22-March-1902
Note: There is a photo of the headstone:

Marriage, as per name in Alexander’s death notice:

5318/1883 ROBERTS William James to RIDDEL Margaret Jane

Alexander’s probate states the Margaret is a widow. Likely death of husband William James, 1st column:

Boroondara General Cemetery - C/E A 0743
ROBERTS William James 14-Dec-1894   47
ROBERTS Ann Amelia 24-Jun-1901 75
ROBERTS Robert James 08-Jan-1909 91


7068/1935 ROBERTS Margaret parents JANE and ALEXANDER RIDDLE at CHELTENHAM aged 81


Australia / Re: Una Grace Guest
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 09:16 GMT (UK)  »
I am thinking this may be her in NSW, with incorrect mother recorded, given that Alma, Rita and Vernon were living in Sydney:

139/1943 READ Richard Henry to STARK Grace

8275/1981 READ Una Grace parents WILLIAM and EILEEN

READ Una Grace Death notice 18APR1981 Death formerly of Fitzroy, Victoria Sydney Morning Herald 20APR1981

Death notice, type 11 into small, white box:

14851/1949 READ Richard Henry parents RICHARD and ELIZABETH MARY SYDNEY

Richard, death and funeral notices, 2nd and 7th columns:

Richard, In Memoriam, 4th column:

Buried with his sister:
Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park - A5 - Anglican FM 5, Position 1029
READ Richard Henry
READ Constance Emily

16122/1983 TRIGGS Rita Lillian DIED VAUCLUSE 074

15586/1987 TRIGGS Ronald James Erskine parents FRANCIS and ANNIE

TRIGGS Rita Lillian Death notice 19JUL1983 Death late of Vaucluse, formerly of Bondi Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 20JUL1983

798/1964 BUCKLEY Alma Florence parents WILLIAM and EMILY SYDNEY

BUCKLEY Alma Florence Death notice 15FEB1964 Death late of Bellevue Hill Sydney Morning Herald 18FEB1964


Australia / Re: Una Grace Guest
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 08:00 GMT (UK)  »
In Memoriam for her mother, 1928, Grace is there with no husband or children mentioned, yet those of her siblings are.

2nd column:

Then, in 1930, she isn’t mentioned at all, 4th column:

I’ve had no luck finding other references to her.

She is not buried with folks, or brother William at Fawkner Cemetery. Not buried with sister Ruby, at Burwood Cemetery. Not with sister Eileen, at Springvale cemetery.

I found Vernon in my searches. There are some interesting mentions of him on Trove. Death in QLD:

Vernon Clarence Guest
Event date: 02/09/1989
Event type: Death registration
Date of birth: 1906
Registration details: 1989/7955
Mother: -
Father/parent: - Guest

GUEST Vernon Clarence Funeral notice 02SEP1989 Death late of Chevron Island Gold Coast Bulletin 08SEP1989   
GUEST Vernon Clarence Probate notice 03SEP1989 Death late of Chevron Island, Qld Gold Coast Bulletin 15SEP1989

GUEST William George Howard Death notice 06FEB1976 Death at PANCH, late of Preston The Age (Melbourne) 07FEB1976


The Common Room / Re: Lilian Joan Rapson
« on: Friday 29 January 21 22:41 GMT (UK)  »
A transcript of the marriage should provide her details:

2092/1957 PATIENT Claude to RAPSON Lilian Joan SYDNEY

The mentioned death notice:

PATIENT Claude Death notice 27MAY1978 Death 61 at Maryborough, late of Maryborough, formerly of Welshpool, Victoria Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay) 31MAY1978


The Common Room / Re: Lilian Joan Rapson
« on: Friday 29 January 21 22:37 GMT (UK)  »
The person with that birthdate in 1939 has the middle initial of ‘I’, I think.
I don’t understand re ‘inmate’ but she is married.

This marriage is likely to be the one:
1922 Steyning, Sussex
Samuel J T Rapson
Lilian I Grice

There is a death in Brighton in 1997 x Lillian Isabella Rapson.

Jun 1967 BRIGHTON 5H 146


A few ancestry trees are quoting that Joseph died 1951 Doncaster but none seem to have a source record  :-\

Also a suggestion on another that he changed his name to Fergusson.  :-\ (no further info)


Jun 1951 Rother V. 2c 637
FERGUSON Joseph 69

Rother Valley to Doncaster 18.7 miles via M18; 15.9 miles vis A630.


Australia / Re: looking for info, William Barr Parsons. c1928-2000. please.
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 22:18 GMT (UK)  »

22997/1958 PARSONS William Barr to STAPLES H E (may still be living)

PARSONS William Barr Death notice 25JAN2000 Death 71 late of Birrong Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 26JAN2000

Woronora Memorial Park
William Barr Parsons 25-1-2000 27-1-2000
Mary Gilmore Gardens, FAMILY MEMORIAL, Position 79-6

No other Parsons at that site, up to 2021.


Pembrokeshire / Re: arthur albert aspland
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 02:39 GMT (UK)  »
yes i know all of that, its after he has deserted them. the newspaper cutting i attached as his address but cannot find him on any census after 1888 court case. and cannot find a death. any help greatly appreciated

Maybe you did, but you didn’t give any background on him, as in age, birthplace etc.

I checked for births to see if they got back together, as you provided zero information about him and his family, other than the clipping.

He may have changed his name seeing he was sought for maintenance payments.


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